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How To Assemble And Use - GE 106644 Owner's Manual

General electric blender owner's manual
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Before First Use: After unpacking the
blender, wash everything except the
blender base in hot, soapy water. Dry
thoroughly. Wipe the blender base with

How to Assemble and Use

IMPORTANT: Your blender jar and
cutting blades are subject to wear during
normal use. Always inspect jar for nicks,
chips, or cracks. Always inspect cutting
blades for broken, cracked, or loose
blades. If jar or cutting blades are
damaged, do not use. Call our toll-free
customer assistance number to obtain
replacement parts.
1. Make sure blender is unplugged.
Place blender base on clean, dry
surface to keep foreign particles
from being pulled up into motor
during operation.
2. Place blades in retaining ring. Fit
gasket over blades. The gasket must
lie flat. Set jar on top of gasket and
screw on retaining ring.
3. Make sure the retaining ring is
firmly screwed onto the jar. If not,
it may loosen later when motor is
turned on.
12-Speed Control Panel
a damp cloth or sponge. DO NOT
Care should be taken when handling
the cutting blades as they are very sharp.
4. Set jar into place on blender base,
making sure it is securely seated. If
not, gently rock the jar until seated.
5. Make sure the blender OFF button
has been pushed. Plug cord into
6. Put ingredients in jar; place lid
on jar. Place hand on lid when
blending thin liquids.
7. Process food or beverages. See the
"Blending Techniques" section for
speeds and processing tips.
8. ALWAYS turn blender off and wait
until blades have stopped rotating
before removing jar.
9. To remove jar after blending is
complete, lift the jar straight up.
If it is not easily removed, rock
gently and lift. Do not twist.
10. NEVER replace jar onto unit while
motor is running.
First select and push a LO or HI power
button. Then push the desired speed
button. The blender will run until you
push the OFF button. The OFF button
is also the PULSE button.The blender
runs only as long as the button is
pushed. On LO power the blender puls-
es and on HI the pulsing action is
powerful enough for crushing ice. See
"Crushing Ice."



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