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How To Clean - GE 106644 Owner's Manual

General electric blender owner's manual
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Hints for Best Use
• Processing hot foods or liquids in the
blender may cause hot liquid to spurt
out when the cover is removed. Always
remove the filler cap of the cover
before blending hot foods or liquids.
• To add foods when blender is
operating, remove filler cap from
container cover and add ingredients
through the opening.
• If blending action stops during
blending or ingredients stick to sides
of the jar, turn blender OFF. Remove
cover and use a rubber spatula to push
mixture toward blades.

How to Clean

1. Unplug blender from electrical outlet.
2. Wipe blender base, control panel,
and cord with a damp cloth or
sponge. To remove stubborn spots,
use a mild, non-abrasive cleanser.
3. To clean jar, unscrew retaining ring
and remove cutting unit assembly
from jar.
4. Carefully remove blades and gasket
from bottom of retaining ring.
5. Carefully wash blades, retaining ring,
gasket, jar, and cover in hot, soapy
water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Do not soak. The glass jar may be
washed in an automatic dishwasher.
DO NOT wash blades, retaining ring,
gasket, plastic jar, or lid in a dishwasher.
• Do not try to mash potatoes, mix stiff
dough, whip egg whites, grind raw
meat, or extract juices from fruits and
vegetables. The blender is not made to
perform these tasks.
• Do not store food or liquids in the
blender jar.
• When blending foods, do not fill the
plastic jar above the 56-ounce line
(7 cups).
6. Reassemble cutting unit assembly
onto jar. Replace jar onto blender
7. Store blender with lid ajar to prevent
container odor.



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