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Architectural Rear Grille - GE 49218 Catalog

Ge air conditioner user's manual


RAF453 (AZ Series*—2800, 800 and 5800 only)
Replacement Standard Room Cabinet
Room cabinet with wrap-around design has attractive
textured finish which matches unit sleeve. Cabinet is injection-
molded of high-impact polystyrene. Cabinet fastens to chassis
without tools or hardware. The room cabinet contains the
slide-out filters and 2-position reversible discharge louvers.
RAG60 (AZ Series*)
Stamped Aluminum Exterior Rear Grille
The standard exterior grille is made of durable aluminum to
protect chassis components and minimize air recirculation.
RAG61/62/63 (AZ Series*)

Architectural Rear Grille

Optional, one-piece molded grille and frame assembly for
improved appearance and protection. Grilles are molded of
GE Cycoloy
and have a slightly textured, colorfast surface to
blend with most walls.
RAG61 – Beige, RAG62 – Maple, RAG6 – Dark Brown
RAG67 (AZ Series*)
Aluminum Architectural Outdoor Grille
• Extruded aluminum outdoor grille for use with RAB71, RAB77,
and extended wall cases.
• Grilles are paintable to match building décor.
RAKOIM (AZ Series*—2200, 200 and 5200 only)
Optional Interface Module for Central Desk
Control or Remote Thermostat Control
The RAKOIM is required if a unit is to be installed with a Central
Desk Control or a Remote Thermostat Control. Includes screw,
and a short wire harness on the RAKOIM that is plugged into
the mating receptacle on the front of the control box.
* A-B Series: Zonelines built before 1987 – Zoneline I, II, III, and IV; AZC Series: Zonelines built from 1987 to 1992 – includes AZR Series – Zoneline 1000, 2000, 2500, 2700, 000,
4000, 5000; AZ Series: Zonelines built after 1992 – Zoneline 2100, 100, 2600, 5100 / Zoneline 2200, 200, 5200 / Zoneline 2500, 500, 5500 / Zoneline 2800, 800, 5800.