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  • Page 1 ® accessories Vertical Zoneline /Zoneline /Built-in models ® ®...
  • Page 2 Vertical Zoneline units ®...
  • Page 3 Vertical Zoneline units RAVRMS (AZ Series*—7500) Wall-Mounted Room Air Sensor • Wall-mounted room air sensor provides Temperature Limiting and Freeze Sentinel • Includes -meter conductor wire for hook-up to Vertical Zoneline. • Required for Motion Sensor/Door Switch applications. RAVWP6 (AZ Series*—7500) Wall Plenum •...
  • Page 4 Vertical Zoneline units ® RAVWP15 (AZ Series*—7500) Wall Plenum • Wall Plenum for installation in walls less than 15" thick. • Wall Plenum 19-/4" x 2". • Wall cutout dimensions 20" x 2-1/4". • Warm gray beige color. RAVAL1 (AZ Series*—7500) Aluminum Outdoor Grille •...
  • Page 5: Return Air Grille

    RAVRG2 (AZ Series*—7500) Return Air Grille • Return Air Grille for installation in common wall to closet. • Exterior dimensions 22-1/2" x 22-1/2". • Wall cutout dimension 20-/8" x 20-/8". • Accepts 20" x 20" x 1" field-supplied filter. • Warm gray beige color. RAK5157/5207/5307 (AZ Series*—2800, 800, 5500, 5800 and 7500 only) 265/277-Volt Universal Power Supply Kit...
  • Page 6 Zoneline units ®...
  • Page 7 RAB77A4 (All Zoneline Series) SMC Wall Case The Zoneline SMC universally designed wall case by GE utilizes a fiberglass-reinforced polyester compound to produce a durable, non-corrosive wall case for all Zoneline Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. The RAB77A4 SMC wall case accepts all Zoneline chassis models.
  • Page 8: Architectural Rear Grille

    RAG61/62/63 (AZ Series*) Architectural Rear Grille Optional, one-piece molded grille and frame assembly for improved appearance and protection. Grilles are molded of GE Cycoloy and have a slightly textured, colorfast surface to ® blend with most walls. RAG61 – Beige, RAG62 – Maple, RAG6 – Dark Brown...
  • Page 9 Zoneline units RAK40 (AZ Series*) Air Deflector Kit Kit adapts AZ chassis for use with older GE architectural grilles. The aluminum deflectors are installed to the condenser end sheet flanges to prevent condenser airflow recirculation. The kit also allows some custom (non-standard) rear grilles to be used, provided they have sufficient open area.
  • Page 10 Zoneline units ® RAK7012 (AZ Series*—2200, 2500, 200, 500, 2800 and 800 only) 8-/8" Duct Adapter for Replacement of A-B with Rounded Front AZ Chassis The RAK7012 duct adapter is designed to line up with the duct 6-1/2" extension where the original chassis was a flat-top discharge A-B Series.
  • Page 11 Zoneline units Chaseway RAK204 (AZ Series*—2200, 2500, 200 and 500 only) Standard Sub-Base The RAK204 sub-base is made of heavy-gauge steel to provide support of the wall case. It has full base enclosure with break-away side channels, simple Power cord and junction box connection to wall case, and 4-point leveling legs.
  • Page 12 Zoneline units ® RAK4157/4207/4307 (AZ Series*—2800, 800, 5500, 5800 and 7500 only) 230/208-Volt Universal Power Supply Kit • 9-pin connector with three 7" 12-gauge conductor wires. Kit No. RAK4157 RAK4207 RAK407 RAK3152/3202/3302 (AZ Series*—7500 only) 15, 20, and 30 Amp (20/208 Volts) Universal Power Supply Kit No.
  • Page 13 Zoneline units RAK4002B (AZ Series*—5500 and 5800 only) Direct Connect Junction Box (20/208 and 265/277 Volts) RAK4002 junction box kit for permanent connection of 20/208- and 265/277-volt units to building power supply. Includes multi-circuit connector harness for use on value line units.
  • Page 14: Replacement Filters

    Replacement Filters for AZ Models (20 pairs per box) The up-front filters on the GE Zoneline unit are conveniently accessed by simply pulling them up from the top of the room cabinet. By simplifying the task, filter cleaning is more likely to occur on schedule and the unit will operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Page 15 Built-in units...
  • Page 16 Kit consists of an insulated steel front cover and a black-painted ESP rear cover. When installed in a RAB46 standard wall case, the kit will protect room from the outside elements prior to installation of a GE “J” series chassis.
  • Page 17 Built-in units RAG13 Stamped Aluminum Exterior Grille “J” Series Used to replace exterior grille on old “J” wall case to maximize efficiency and capacity of new chassis. The grille is included with new wall cases RAB46, 47, or 48. RAG14E Architectural Louvered Exterior Grille for “J”...
  • Page 18 Built-in units RAK1072 Hotpoint Chassis Sleeve Adapter Kit adapts Hotpoint ACXB 10 and ACXB 11 wall case (used with ACTB chassis) to the sloped front or rounded front “J” chassis. Existing case dimensions are 25-/4" W, 16-7/8" H, 18-5/8" D. All needed gaskets and hardware, including the outdoor grille, are included.
  • Page 19 Built-in units RAA72 Replacement Filter for Rounded Front “J” Chassis • Replacement filter for use in Room Fronts with 2 Round Control Knob openings ONLY. • Washable/reusable nylon mesh filter. • Order individually or by box of 20. • Used for Standard or High Mount models. RAA72A Replacement Filter for Rounded Front “J”...
  • Page 20 Thermostats—Heat pump RAK147 (A-B, AZ, and AZR Series*) Wall-Mounted Remote Thermostat RAK147 is used with heat pump units. Units have integral low-voltage terminal board to connect with thermostat. Temperature, operation mode, and fan operation are controlled at wall-mounted thermostat. Note: 200/5200 series requires RAKOIM. RAK348T1—Wall-Mounted Thermostat (transmitter) (AZ500, 800, 5500, 5800 and 7500 series) Heat Pump Wireless Programmable Remote Thermostat...
  • Page 21 Thermostats—Electric Resistance Heat RAK163A1 (A-B, AZ, and AZR Series*) Cooling with Electric Heat Remote Thermostat RAK16A1 is used with resistance heat models. Units have integral low-voltage terminal board to connect with thermostat. Temperature, operation mode, and fan operation are controlled at wall-mounted thermostat.
  • Page 22: Order Information

    Order information Vertical Zoneline units ® Number Description RAK152 208/20V Universal power supply kit (15 Amp) RAK202 208/20V Universal power supply kit (20 Amp) RAK02 208/20V Universal power supply kit (0 Amp) RAK4157 208/20V Universal power supply kit (15 Amp) RAK4207 208/20V Universal power supply kit (20Amp) RAK407...
  • Page 23 Order information Zoneline units Number Description RAK204D15P Standard sub-base for 2800, 800, 5200, 5500 & 5800 only RAK204D20P Standard sub-base for 2800, 800, 5200, 5500 & 5800 only RAK204D0P Standard sub-base for 2800, 800, 5200, 5500 & 5800 only RAK204E15 Standard sub-base for 2200, 2500, 200 &...
  • Page 24 800.GE.CARES (800 432 2737) GE has a policy of continuous improvement of its products and reserves the right to change materials and specifications without notice. © 2007 GE Company Pub. No. 20-S067 PC49218...