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Fluke ScopeMeter 225C Getting Started Manual

Test tool
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Fluke 19xC-2x5C
Software version 8.00 onwards

Getting Started

Jun 2008, Rev. 1, 09/2009
© 2008, 2009 Fluke Corporation, All rights reserved. Printed in the Netherlands
All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.



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  • Page 1: Getting Started

    Fluke 19xC-2x5C ScopeMeter Software version 8.00 onwards Getting Started Jun 2008, Rev. 1, 09/2009 © 2008, 2009 Fluke Corporation, All rights reserved. Printed in the Netherlands All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Title Page Unpacking the Test Tool Kit ................... ii Introduction ........................1 Contacting Fluke ......................1 Safety Information: Read First..................1 Preparing for Use ......................4 Powering/Resetting the Test Tool .................. 4 How to Navigate a Menu (example) ................4 Changing the Information Language ................
  • Page 4: Unpacking The Test Tool Kit

    Users Manual (2x) (2x) Shipment box (basic version (2x) only) The -S versions also include: Optically Isolated USB (2x) Adapter/Cable ® 10. CD ROM with FlukeView Software 11. Hard Case Fluke 215C/225C Figure 1. ScopeMeter Test Tool Kit...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Safety Information: Read First This Getting Started Manual provides basic information The Fluke Models 192C, 196C, 199C, 215C and 225C on Models 192C, 196C, 199C, 215C and 225C, software ScopeMeter test tools (hereafter referred to as “test tool”) versions V08.00 and newer. Refer to the Users Manual...
  • Page 6 To avoid electrical shock or fire if a test tool input is connected to more than 42 V peak (30 • Use only the Fluke power supply, Model Vrms) or on circuits of more than 4800 VA: BC190 (Battery Charger / Power Adapter).
  • Page 7 Getting Started Safety Information: Read First • Do not insert metal objects into connectors. The terms ‘Isolated’ or ‘Electrically floating’ are used in this manual to indicate a measurement in which the test tool • Always use the test tool only in the manner input BNC or banana jack is connected to a voltage specified.
  • Page 8: Preparing For Use

    Display the input A function key labels. must be charged for 4 hours (with the test tool turned off) to reach full charge: • use only the Fluke Battery Charger/Power Adapter Show the input A) menu. Input A ( model BC190 •...
  • Page 9: Changing The Information Language

    Getting Started Changing the Information Language Changing the Information Language Using the Scope During operation of the test tool messages may appear on Connect the probe(s) as shown in figure 2. the screen (for instance if you select a recorder function). You can select the language in which messages will be displayed.
  • Page 10 Fluke 19xC-2x5C Getting Started Scope Readings and Waveforms Automatic scope measurement results are shown as Reading 1 ( ) and Reading 2 ( ) at the READING 1 READING 2 upper left and right display edge. glitch capture on or off.
  • Page 11: Multimeter

    Getting Started Multimeter Input A and Input B Settings Multimeter Connect the test leads (Figure 1, item 5) to the 4-mm safety banana jack METER input. Input A (B) on or off. Input coupling AC or DC. Figure 3. Meter connections voltage, current or temperature Probe Type: probe.
  • Page 12: Recorder Functions

    STOP Fieldbus Measurements (Bushealth) Show the recorder options. The Bushealth function is standard available in the time reference is time of day Reference: Fluke 215C-225C. ) or time from start ( Time of Day From Selecting the Bus Type Start In Scope Record: Show the function selection screen.
  • Page 13 Getting Started Fieldbus Measurements (Bushealth) Setting up the Limits Toggle between scope screen ( ) and bushealth screen ( To set up the test limits of the current bus type, do the following: Bushealth Screen From the bushealth screen select SETUP The following icons are used to indicate the bus LIMITS…...
  • Page 14: Replay

    Fluke 19xC-2x5C Getting Started Replay Zoom In scope mode, the test tool automatically stores the 100 Use the zoom function to obtain a more detailed view of a most recent screens. Use to review these screens. REPLAY waveform. From Scope mode show the...
  • Page 15: Making Cursor Measurements

    Getting Started Making Cursor Measurements Making Cursor Measurements Cursor measurements on trace if A and B are on; M if ... is on, see Mathematics Cursors allow you to make precise digital measurements ScopeReadings and Waveforms on page 6. on live, on recorded, and on saved waveforms. : Switch cursor measurements off.
  • Page 16 Fluke 19xC-2x5C Getting Started □ : the test tool waits for a Single Shot Select trigger level control: trigger. After receiving a trigger, the • at automatic triggering via input A or B waveform is displayed and the AUTO TRIG instrument is set to HOLD.
  • Page 17: Saving/Printing Screens And Setups

    Getting Started Saving/Printing Screens and Setups Saving/Printing Screens and Setups : open the (recall) menu. RECALL Recall : recall a screen RECALL FOR REFERENCE You can save screens, recordings and setups to memory, as a reference waveform. and recall them again from memory. You can print actual : recall a setup.
  • Page 18: User Options

    Fluke 19xC-2x5C Getting Started User Options Battery refresh Start a battery refresh about four times a year to keep the batteries in optimal condition. The batteries will be Display the key labels. USER fully discharged and charged again. Date adjust...