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Kenwood FS450 series Quick Manual
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FS450/460 series



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Summary of Contents for Kenwood FS450 series

  • Page 1 FS450/460 series...
  • Page 4 4 Push excess cord into the back of it checked or repaired: see 'service the appliance. and customer care'. Never put the steamer, cord or plug know your Kenwood in water – you could get an electric food steamer shock. Keep the controls clean and dry.
  • Page 5 Filtered water is best as it reduces and hold down the ‘stop’ (O) button. limescale prolonging the life and to select a time efficiency of your steamer (Kenwood To select a time different to the water filters are widely available). displayed time of 45 minutes, press Don't add anything (even salt or the ‘+’...
  • Page 6: Care And Cleaning

    hints care and cleaning Condensation will drip from the Before cleaning, always switch off, upper basket into the lower basket. unplug and let everything cool. So make sure the flavours go well Never put your steamer base in together. water or let the cord or plug get wet. Liquid left over in the drip tray is good for making soup or stock.
  • Page 7: Service And Customer Care

    If the cord is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be replaced by Kenwood or an authorised Kenwood repairer. If you need help with: using your steamer servicing or repairs (in or out of guarantee) call Kenwood Customer Care on 023 9239 2333.
  • Page 8: Cooking Guides

    cooking guides These cooking times are only guidelines. Read 'food safety', page 2, and 'hints', page 3. vegetables Clean vegetables before cooking. Remove stems and peel if you like. vegetable quantity preparation minutes Asparagus 454g (1lb) Trim Beans, green 454g (1lb) Trim 15-20 Beans, runner...
  • Page 9 cooking guides continued cereals and grains When using the rice bowl, you still put water in the tank. But you can put a different liquid, such as wine or stock, inside the rice bowl to cook your rice in. You can also add seasoning, chopped onions, parsley, almonds or sliced mushrooms.
  • Page 12 Kenwood Limited, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH, UK 54062/2...

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