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GE 36" Built-In Bottom-Freezer Installation Instructions Manual

36" built-in bottom-freezer refrigerators
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36" Built-In Bottom-Freezer
With InstallationInstructions



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  Summary of Contents for GE 36" Built-In Bottom-Freezer

  • Page 1: Step 2A, R0 Water Line

    Installation Instructions 36" Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators Design6uide With InstallationInstructions Pub.No.49-60468 PartNo.224D1145PO01 07-06JR Monogram.*...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Product failure due to improper installation • IMPORTANT - Save t hese i nstructions is not covered under the GE Appliance Warranty. for local inspector's use. Observe all governing codes See the Owner's Manual for warranty information.
  • Page 3: The Installation Space

    Allow 15" for pan removal. • Water line can enter the opening through floor or back wall. Route GE SmartConnect kit or For a 90 ° door swing, allow 4" min. clearance to a 1/4" O.D. copper tubing...
  • Page 4: 130 ° Doorswing

    Design Guide Frameless Cabinets: The casetrim overlaps cabinetsat the top end sides, Therefore frameLess cabinetsmay require filler stripsto preventinterference with Refrigerator cabinetdoorswing.The opening must 23-7/8"From allowfor filler strips. Rearof Refrigerator Case 3/4" Trim 1/2" 1/4": Door Top View 130 ° DOOR SWING (factory setting) Scale 1:1...
  • Page 5: 90 ° Door Swing

    Design Guide Frameless Cabinets: T he case trim overlaps cabinets at the top andsides. Refrigerator Therefore,frameless cabinetsmay requirefiller --Case_im stripsto preventinterference with cabinetdoor swing. The opening must allowfor filler strips. 23-7/8" FromRearof Refri .=rator ....1/4" ..;---4 ..1/2" 3/4"...
  • Page 6: Customization Basics

    Design Guide CUSTOMIZATION BASICS: Framed Or Overlay Panels, Custom Handles and Accessory Kits Professional Style Stainless Steel Refrigerators Overlay panels Stainless steel wrapped refrigerators with beveled You may also choose to install custom overlay panels edges and professional style handles. These models from your cabinet...
  • Page 7: Paneldimensions

    Design Guide 1/4" FRAMED PANEL DIMENSIONS I ]_5/16' Trim If you choose to install framed panels, they must be Reveal Door cut to the dimensions shown. The panels will slide into the frame on the door, drawer and grille. ,,_--1/4" If the custom panel is less than...
  • Page 8: Side Panels

    Design Guide SIDE PANELS ZUG2 GRILLE PANEL DIMENSIONS Side panels must be used whenever the sides of the The ZUG2 unified grille panel kit provides for the refrigerator will be exposed. The 1/4" side panels installation of a framed or overlay grille panel. will slip into the side case trim.
  • Page 9: Installation Instructions

    TOOLS REQUIRED MATERIALS REQUIRED • Tinsnips to cut banding • 35" long 2x4 for Aalti-Tip support • Stepladder • 1/4" copper water line tubing or GE • Bucket SmartConnect Refrigerator Tubing kits • Level • Water shut-offvalve • Appliance Hand Truck •...
  • Page 10: Step 1, Remove Packaging

    Before purchasing, make sure a connection, saddle type valve complies with your local plumbing NOTE: The only GE approved plastic tubing codes, supplied in the GE SmartConnect Refrigerator Tubing kits. Do not use any other...
  • Page 11: Step 3, Install Side Panels

    Installation Instructions INSTALLANTI-TIP BRACKETS [STEP 2A] WATERLINE INSTALLATION WITH A REVERSEOSMOSIS SYSTEM WARNING: p.EcAu oNs Skip this stepwhen not usingan RO System The refrigerator is top-heavy and must be secured to prevent file possibility of tipping forward. If the water supply to the refrigerator is from a Reverse A'n'ENTION: P CAU ONS CON E...
  • Page 12: Step 6, Alternate Anti-Tip Procedure,,12

    Installation Instructions ISTEP 6-] ALTERNATE ANTI-TIP ISTEP LEVEL REFRIGERATOR PROCEDURE All models have 4-point leveling. The front supported by leveling legs, the rear is supported The refrigerator must be secured to prevent tipping. adjustable wheels. Both are accessible from the front The anti-tip brackets cannot be used on metal wall...
  • Page 13: Step9, Install Grillepanel

    Installation Instructions [STEP 81 ADJUST DOOR SWING [STEP 9] INSTALL GRILLE PANEL NOTE: This refrigerator has a 2-position door stop. • Raise the grill panel to stop position. When space does not allow the door to swing open fully to 130 °, you may change the door swing to a 90 ° opening.
  • Page 14: Step 10,Install Framedpanels

    Installation Instructions [STEP 10] INSTALL 1/4" FRAMED Right hand models shown. Use the same instructions for left hand models. PANELS IF YOU ARE INSTALLING OVERLAY PANELS, GO TO STEP 9A. Handle Trim Refrigerator Door •UseFront H oles to Secure Trim Standard suppliedhandleshown in1/4"...
  • Page 15: Step 1Oa,Install Overlay Panels

    Installation Instructions ISTEP 10A I INSTALL OVERLAY Right hand models shown. Use the same instructions for left hand models. PANELS trTrim Handle Trim Refrigerator Doer Move Forward For3/4' Panel -UseFrontHoles to Secure Handle UseRearHoles to Secure Trim Supplied handleshowninthe overlaypanelposition. Install door and drawer panels: •...
  • Page 16: Step 12,Connectpower

    Insert tube into the union fitting on the unit and tighten nut to union. • Turn on the water to check for leaks. GE SmartConnect Tubing: • Insert the molded end of the robing into the refrigerator connection. Tighten...
  • Page 17: Step 14,Install Teekick

    Installation Instructions ISTEP 141 INSTALL TOEKICK • Locate the supplied toekick (shipped taped the side of the refrigerator). Install with 2 screws provided, adjust to desired height and tighten screws. • A custom toekick can be installed to match complement the surrounding cabinetry.
  • Page 18 Notes...
  • Page 19 Notes...
  • Page 20 NOTE:While performing installations describedinthis book, safety glassesor gogglesshouldbe worn. For Monogram ®local service in your area, call 1. 800. 444.1845. NOTE: Product improvement is a continuing endeavor at General Electric. Therefore, materials, appearance specifications are subject to change without notice. Monogram: GEConsmnet &...