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Trouble Shooting Guide - Husqvarna LC18 Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents

Trouble shooting guide

Engine does not start
Engine does not stop
Engine runs erratic
Engine overheats
Occasional skip (hesitates)
at high speed
Idles poorly
Excessive vibration
Mower will not mulch grass Engine speed too low
Uneven cut
16 –
Possible cause(s)
Throttle control lever not in correct starting
Faulty spark plug connections or interchanged
There is no fuel in the fuel tank
Dirt in the carburettor or fuel line
Spark plug defective
Engine flooded
Stop switch/mechanism malfunction
Unit running in START position
Spark plug ignition lead loose
Blocked fuel line or stale fuel
Vent in gas cap plugged
Water or dirt in fuel system
Dirty air cleaner
Carburettor out of adjustment
Engine oil level low
Air flow restricted
Carburettor not adjusted properly
Spark plug gap too close
Spark plug fouled, faulty or gap too wide
Carburettor improperly adjusted
Dirty air filter
Cutting blade loose or unbalanced
Bent cutting blade
Wet grass
Excessively high grass
Dull blade
Wheels not positioned correctly
Dull blade
Corrective Action
Move throttle lever to FAST or START position
Connect ignition lead to spark plug
Fill tank with clean, fresh unleaded petrol
Clean carburettor and/or fuel line
Clean, adjust gap or replace
Crank engine with throttle in FAST position
Disconnect spark plug ignition lead and check
the machine at an autorized dealer.
Move throttle lever to FAST position
Connect and tighten spark plug ignition lead
Clean fuel line; fill tank with clean fresh unleaded
Clean vent
Drain fuel tank. Refill with fresh fuel
Clean air cleaner
Adjust carburettor
Fill crankcase with recommended oil
Remove blower housing and clean
Adjust carburettor
Adjust gap to 0.50 mm
Reset gap to 0.50 mm or replace spark plug
Adjust carburettor
Clean air cleaner
Tighten blade and adapter, Balance blade
Replace blade
Set throttle between 3/4 and full throttle
Do not mow when grass is wet, wait until later to
Mow once at high cutting height, then mow again
at desired height or make a narrower cutting
strip, e.g. 1/2 width
Sharpen or replace blade
Place all four wheels in same height position
Sharpen or replace blade

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Table of Contents

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