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Starting And Stopping - Husqvarna LC18 Operator's Manual

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Starting and stopping

WARNING! Note the following before
Do not start a lawn mower unless the blades
and all covers are fitted correctly. Otherwise
the cutter could come loose and cause
personal injuries.
Always move the machine away from the
refuelling area before starting.
Place the machine on a flat surface. Ensure
the cutting attachment cannot come into
contact with any object.
Keep people and animals well away from the
working area.
Ensure the ignition lead sits correctly on the spark plug.
Move the throttle control to the fast position.
Grip the starter handle, slowly pull out the cord with your
right hand until you feel some resistance (the starter pawls
grip), now quickly and powerfully pull the cord. Never
twist the starter cord around your hand.
CAUTION! Do not pull the starter cord all the way out and do
not let go of the starter handle when the cord is fully extended.
This can damage the machine.
The engine is switched off by moving the throttle control to the
stop position.
If the machine for any unexpected reason does not stop when
the throttle control is moved to its stop position, disconnect
the spark plug wire from the spark plug to stop the machine.
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Table of Contents

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