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Husqvarna LC 18 Operating Manual

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LC 18, LC 19, LC 19SP, LC 19A, LC 19AP
Operator's manual



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  • Page 1 LC 18, LC 19, LC 19SP, LC 19A, LC 19AP Operator's manual 2-14...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction..............2 Maintenance..............9 Safety................4 Troubleshooting............12 Assembly................ 6 Transportation, storage and disposal......13 Operation................ 8 Technical data.............. 13 Introduction Product overview 1. Handle / handlebar 12. Rear cover 2. Throttle control 13. Drive bail (LC 19SP) 3. Starter rope handle 14.
  • Page 3 Intended use Slow. Use the product to cut grass in private gardens. Do not use the product for other tasks. Noise emission complies with New South Symbols on the product Wales legislation "Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2017". WARNING: Be careful and use the product correctly.
  • Page 4: Safety

    To cut grass on slopes can be dangerous. Do not you are not sure how to operate the product in a use the product on ground that slopes more than special situation, stop and speak to your Husqvarna 15°. dealer before you continue.
  • Page 5 Disconnect the ignition cable from the spark plug Safety instructions for operation to stop the engine. b) Let an approved Husqvarna service agent adjust Personal protective equipment the throttle control. WARNING: Read the warning instructions that follow before you use the product.
  • Page 6: Assembly

    Be careful with fuel. Fuel is flammable and the fumes approved Husqvarna service agent. are explosive and can cause injuries or death. • Let an approved Husqvarna service agent do • Do not breathe in the fuel fumes, it can cause injury. servicing on the product regularly.
  • Page 7 To assemble the handle 2. Lift the rear cover. 1. Attach the lower handle with 2 screws and nuts on each side of the product. 3. Hold the grass catcher at the grass discharge channel. 2. Lift the upper handle until it aligns with the lower handle.
  • Page 8: Operation

    CAUTION: Replace the fuel filter yearly or more frequently if it is necessary. A new fuel filter is available at your Husqvarna dealer. 1. Open the fuel tank cap slowly to release the pressure. 2. Fill slowly with a fuel can. If you spill fuel, remove it with a cloth and let remaining fuel dry off.
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    To use the drive on the wheels • If the engine does not stop, disconnect the ignition cable from the spark plug. (LC 19SP) • Push the drive bail in the direction of the handlebar. • Before you pull the product rearward, disengage the To get a good result drive and push the product forward approximately 10 cm / 4 in.
  • Page 10 Maintenance Daily Weekly Monthly Clean the air filter Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder Examine the muffler * Examine the spark plug Replace the oil (the first time after 5 h use, then after each 25 h use and yearly) Replace the air filter Examine the fuel system...
  • Page 11 To replace the engine oil CAUTION: Do not use solvent or WARNING: Engine oil is very hot directly compressed air to clean the air filter. after the engine is stopped. Let the engine 5. Assemble the air filter. Make sure that the air filter become cool before you drain the engine oil.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    a) To increase the drive speed, turn the adjuster b) To decrease the drive speed, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise. screw clockwise. Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Solution The engine does not start. The throttle control is not in cor- Move the throttle control to fast position or rect position.
  • Page 13: Transportation, Storage And Disposal

    Discard the fuel at • When the product is no longer in use, send it to a an applicable disposal location Husqvarna dealer or discard it at a recycling • Safely attach the product during transportation to location.
  • Page 14 LC 18 LC 19 LC 19A LC 19AP LC 19SP Displacement, cm Speed, rpm 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900 Ignition system Spark plug Champion Champion Champion Champion Champion QC12YC QC12YC QC12YC QC12YC QC12YC Electrode gap, mm Fuel and lubrication system...
  • Page 15 928 - 001 - 17.12.2018...
  • Page 16 Original instructions 1141020-26 2018-12-17...

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