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Steps Before Using A New Lawn Mower - Husqvarna LC18 Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
Steps before using a new lawn
Please read the operator's manual carefully.
Check that the cutting equipment is correctly fitted and
adjusted. See instructions under the heading Assembly.
Fill fuel tank with fresh, unleaded petrol and fill engine
sump with correct volume of high quality SAE30 engine
oil. See instructions under heading "Fuel Handling".
WARNING! Under no circumstances may the
design of the machine be modified without
the permission of the manufacturer. Always
use genuine accessories. Non-authorized
modifications and/or accessories can result
in serious personal injury or the death of the
operator or others.
WARNING! A lawn mower is a dangerous
tool if used carelessly or incorrectly and can
cause serious, even fatal injuries. It is
extremely important that you read and
understand the contents of this operator's
WARNING! Long-term inhalation of the
engine's exhaust fumes can represent a
health hazard.
Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product
development and therefore reserves the right to modify the
design and appearance of products without prior notice.
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Table of Contents

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