KENMORE Economizer 5 153.333830 Owner's Manual

Gas water heater.
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Model No.
153.333830 30 Gal.
153.333930 40 Gal.
Read and Follow
All Safety Rules and
Before First Use of
This Product.
Savethis Manual for Future Reference.
• Safety Instructions
• Installation
• Operation
• Care and Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Parts List
For Your Safety
If the information
in these instructions are not foi-
l lowed exactly, a fire or explosion may result,
causing property
[damage, personal injury or death.
-Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liq-
uids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
: Do not try to light any appliance.
Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your
i Immediately
call your gas suppher from a ne,ghbor's phone.
Follow the gas supplier's]nstructions.
If you can not reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.
-Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer,
service agency or the gas supplier.
Improper ,nstallatlon, adlustment, alterat, on, service or malntenance J
AGE: Refer to this manual for assistance or consult the local Sears]
Service Center or gas utl ity for further reformation.
may be drawn
by air currents
of the structure to thzs apphance.
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.


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   Summary of Contents for KENMORE Economizer 5 153.333830

  • Page 1

    Owners Manual FOR POTABLEWATER HEATING ONLY NOT SUITABLEFOR SPACEHEATING. FOR USE ONLY MOBILE HOMES ECONOMIZERs5 Model No. WATER HEATER MODEL NUMBERS: 153.333830 30 Gal. • Care and Maintenance • Safety Instructions 153.333930 40 Gal. • Installation • Troubleshooting • Parts List •...

  • Page 2

    Safety Precautions A, WARNING Improper installation, adjustment, alteratiod;'3entne-e_ maintenance can cause DEATH, SERIOI_. BODILY INJURY,OR PROPERTYDAMAGE. Refer to .thism_l_r assistanceor consult your local Sears Ser_ce_Conter f_r further information. _1,WARNING WATER HEATERSEQUIPPED FOR ONE TYPE GAS ONLYr. equipped Che_ _e This water heater is f or one type gasonl_ ments for ReliefValvesandAutomaticGasShutoff Devices fur medalratlngplate nearthe gascontrol valsefor the correctga_...

  • Page 3

    Safety Precautions &WARNING &WARNING Thiswatorhoatorrm.t oot beinmlleddirec_ oocerp_n_ Ages water beZer cannotoperateproperlywithout the cor- rect amoont of air for combustio_Do not installin a canfi_d Carpeting must be protected by a metal or wood panel areasucha closet,unleas you prorideair asshovm in _e "Facts beneaththe applianceextendingbeyondthe full width and to Comidur Aboot the Locatioo"sectlo_ Never obsmuct t he depth of the applianceby at _...

  • Page 4

    Safety Precautions AWARNING ACAUTION WATER HEATERS EVENTUALLY LEAK: Installationof the Tbe water hoater with dr_ hood installedmust be properly ventedto a chimney whichmTninates outdoors,Never oper- water hearer mint be a,:omllbed in sucha mannerthat if atothe wator heataranlessit isventedto the outdoors andhas the tank or my cennectlom shouklleak,the flow of wat_ will not causedama_ to tbe se.uceee.When suchlectern can- .adequa_air supply to aroid r_lcsof i_...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    "able of Contents c___iety Precautions ... :....................... able of Contents ......................;ustomer Responsibilities ...................."oduct Specincations "_ ....................... _ ....;aterials and Basic Tools Needed .................. Materials Needed ..................................Basic Tools ...................................._stallation Instructions ......................8-18 Removing the Old Water Heater ............................... Facts to Consider About the Location ..........................

  • Page 6

    Customer Responsibilities Thank You This manual contains instructions for the installation, opera- for purchasinga Sears water heater. ° tion, and maintenance of the gas-fired water heater. It also Properly installed and maintained, it should give you years of contains warnings through out the manual that you must read trouble free service.

  • Page 7: Aterials And Basic Tools Needed, Materials Needed, Basic Tools

    Materials and Basic Tools Needed Materials Needed To simplify the installation Sears has available the installation parts shown below. You may or may not need all of these mateti- als, depending on your type of installation. WATER HEATER STAND 24"x24"xl E" FOR USE WITH WATER HEATERS INSTALLED...

  • Page 8: Removing The Old Water Heater

    Installation Instructions Removing the Old Water Heater Turn _OFF _ the gas supply to the water heater. Disconnect the vent pipe from the draft hood where they connect to the water heater. In most installations the vent pipe can be lifted off after any screw or other AWARNING attached devices are removed.

  • Page 9: Facts To Consider About The Location

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Facts to Consider About the Location Whether replacing an old water heater or putting the water INSTALLATION METHOD B: An optional enclosure incorporating a solid exterior accessdoor, when a 5 or 8 diame- heater in a new location, the following critical points must be observed.

  • Page 10

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Facts to Consider About the Location (cont'd) A WARIqlNG Minimum clearancesbetween the water heater and com- Toxicchemicals suchas usedfor treatment of.b.oi.'lers o r non-J bustibleconstructionare I" at the sidesand rear, 4" at the potable waterbeing appliances shall never be,ntreduced intoI AWARNING a potable water beatlngsystem.

  • Page 11: Securing Water Heater To Floor And Wall, Water Piping

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Securing Water Heater to Water Piping Floor and Wall AWARNING HOTTER WATERCAN SCALDtWater heatersare intended to The water heater must be secured to the floor and to the wall of the enclosure with the three mounting brackets and screws _hce hotwatt.

  • Page 12: Water Piping

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Water Piping (cont'd) WATER PIPING PRESSURE TEST • Look at the top cover of the water heater. The water outlet is marked hot. Put two or three turns of teflon tape around the This section is only for the mobile home manufacturerinstalling threaded end of the threaded-to-sweat coupling and around the water heater when the installation is to comply with H.U.D.

  • Page 13: Temperature-pressure Relief Valve

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Temperature.Pressure Relief Valve AWARNING AWARNING At the time of manufacture this water heater was provided The temperature-pressure relief valve must be manually with a combination tomperature-prassuresreliefvalvecertified operated ut least once a year. Caution shouldbe taben to by a nationally recognizedtesting laboratorythat maintains ensurethat (I) no one is in front ef or aroundthe outfot of periodicinspection of production of listedequipmentor mute- !the temper_ure-peessurereliefvalve discharge line, and (2)

  • Page 14: Filling The Water Heater, Venting

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Filling the Water Heater AWARNING A CAUTION Never usethis wator heetor unlessit B compietaiyfilled with J To insure proper venting of this gas-fired water heater, the correctvent pipediameter mustbe utilized.Any additions or weter. To proventdamageto tbe tank, the tank m_-t betiltedJ with water.

  • Page 15: Venting, Gas Piping

    (cont'd) Installation Instructions Venting (cont'd) AWARNING &WARNING Chemical vapor corrosion of the flue and vent system The applianceand its gas connection must be leak tested may occur if air for combustion containscertain chemlcai beforeplacing the appliance m operation. vapors. Spray can propellants, cleaningsolvents, refrigera- tor and air conditioner refrigerants, swimming pool chemicals, calcium and sodium chloride, waxes bleach &WARNING...

  • Page 16: Fuel Conversion Instructions

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) "Fuel" Conversion Instruc- Set the thermostat to lowest setting Step 9. tions From Natural Gas To by turning the water temperature dial clockwise, ("-'_) to its lowest Propane (L.P.) Gas temperature setting (with arrow on dial) as shown. DO NOT FORCE. &WARNING This water heater has been factory equipped to operate with the type gasindicated in the "EQUIPPED FOR"...

  • Page 17

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) "A" ( Step 20. At arm's length away,set the thermostat to desired set- KNOB ting. The mark _ HOT indicative of approx. 120°F is LP,,referred starting pint. If hotter water is desired see the Temperature Regulation section in this manual. AWARNING Hotter water...

  • Page 18: Stallation Instructions, Installation Checklist

    Installation Instructions (cont'd) Installation Checklist BEFORE LIGHTING THE PILOT: • Check the gas lines for leaks. _. Use a soapy water solution. DO NOT test for gas leaks VENT PIPE TO UL usinga match or open flame. LISTED ROOF JACK b.

  • Page 19

    Operating Instructions Lighting AWARNING BEFORE LIGHTING [PROPANE (L.R) GAS WATER HEATERS]:Propane (LR) gasisheav_ than air, Should there be a leak in the system, the gaswill settle near the ground. Basements,crawl spaces, s kirted areasunder mobile homes (evenwhenvenl_la_, dosutsand areas belowground lev_ will serve as pockets for the accumulation of this gas.

  • Page 20

    perating Instructions (cont'd) Lighting label on the water heater as it appears above the thermostat FOR YOUR SAFETY READ BEFORE LIGHTING If you do not follow these Instructions exactly, a fire or explosion WARNING may resu t causing property damage, personal njury or ose of life. A.

  • Page 21

    Operating Instructions (cont'd) Temperature Regulation Due to the nature of the t,!pical gas water heater, the water tem- Turn the water temperature dial dockwise (f"-_) to decrease _oerature in certain situauons may vary up to 30°F higher or the temperature, or counterdoc.kwise (4 f _"_) to increase the wet at the point of use such as, bathtubs, showers, sink, etc.

  • Page 22: Ervice And Adjustment, Burner Inspection, Burner Cleaning, Draining

    Service and Adjustment Tank (Sediment) Cleaning Sediment build-up on the tank bottom may create varying At least once ayear a visual inspection should be made of the amounts of noise, and if left in the tank will cause premature main burner and pilot burner. The drawing is for your reference. tank failure.

  • Page 23: Temperature-pressure Relief Valve Operation, Ervice And Adjustment, Housekeeping, Service

    Service and Adjustment (cont'd) Drain Valve Washer Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve Operation Replacement NOTE: For replacement, use a '_" x _," x %" thick washer The temperature-pressure relief valve must be manually operated at least once a y_ar. available at your nearest hardware stem For o_lering t_-place- me_t washer_ refer m the "Parts Order List_ section.

  • Page 24: Start Up Conditions .....:..7, Condensation, Thermal Expansion, Strange Sounds, Smelly Water

    Troubleshooting Guide Start Up Conditions CONDENSATION The water within the water heater tank expands as it is heated and increases the pressure, of the water system. If the relieving point of the water heaters temperature-pressure relief valve is Whenever the water heater is filled with cold water, a certain reached, the valve will relieve the excess preSSure.The tempm'a- amount of condensation will form while the burner is on.

  • Page 25: Temperature Regulation, Water Is Too Hot

    Troubleshooting Guide (cont'd) "AIR" IN HOT WATER FAUCETS WATER IS TOO HOT 1. _e temperatureadjustment dial may be set too high. See the AWARNING Temperature Adjustment" section. HYDROGEN GAS: Hydmgan gascan be producedin a hot water _ thet hasnet beon usedfer a kingperindof _ne NOTE: A period of time is oece_k_y after an adjustment has been made for the waser temperasure to t-eachthe new (generallytwo weeks or more).

  • Page 26: Leakage Checkpoints

    Troubleshooting Guide (cont'd) Leakage Checkpoints Use this guide to check a _Leaking _ water heater. Many suspect- • ACAUTION ed _Leakers" are not leaking tanks. Often the source of the water Read this manual Erst. Then before checking the water can be found and corrected.

  • Page 27


  • Page 28

    'arts Order List 2ONOMIZER 5 MOBILE HOME GAS WATER HEATERS 3DEL NUMBERS: •3.333830 30 Gal. ,3.333930 40 Gal.

  • Page 29

    Parts Order List (cont'd) ECONOMIZER 5 MOBILE HOME GAS WATER HEATERS MODEL NUMBERS: 153.333830 30 Gal. 153.333930 40 Gal. Modal Numbers KEY _ 153,333830 153.333930 PART DESCRIFI_ON PART NUMBERS Temperstule-Prrssure Ralief Valve* 9000071 9000071 42-33085 4=_-33085 9000279 9000279 Anode Rod Primary Modd Rating Platet 0270118...

  • Page 30


  • Page 31


  • Page 32

    Warranty a.Adjusting thermostat. About Your Warranty b. Lightingpilot. c. Leaksin pipes or fittings. THE PRICE OF YOUR WATERHEATER DOES NOT INCLUDE d. Improper venting A FREE CHECKUP SERVICECALL. On Water Heater Instalatlom e. Condensation Arranged By Sears,Searswarrants t he installation. ON INSTALLATIONSNOT MADE BY SEARS AUTHORIZED This manual is in non-technical hngusge.

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