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Philips Hospitality TV
Installation Manual for
Version 1.1


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Philips Hospitality TV Installation Manual for 22HFL30x7x/10 26HFL30x7x/10 32HFL30x7x/10 42HFL30x7x/10 Version 1.1...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Requirements before starting the installation ......................2 Find out the state of the TV ............................3 Re-install TV ................................4 Installation wizard ..............................6 Channel options ..............................13 Reordering channels ............................13 Rename channels ..............................15 Hide channels ..............................15 Professional Settings ............................
  • Page 3: Requirements Before Starting The Installation

    1. Requirements before starting the installation Before starting the installation, make sure that you have everything you need at hand. Master remote control 22AV8573 Guest remote control 22AV1108A USB stick You will need the master remote control or the guest remote control to access the menus. To access the setup menu press the ‘RC5 SETUP’...
  • Page 4: Find Out The State Of The Tv

    2. Find out the state of the TV It is important to know if a TV is in ‘virgin mode’ (out of the box) or installed before. If you can see this screen below, you know that the TV is in ‘virgin mode’ and you can install the set. See chapter 4 of this manual.
  • Page 5: Re-install Tv

    3. Re-install TV If you want to start an installation from scratch you can always re-install the TV. This can be done by using the option: Re-install TV set. If Professional mode is active you can access the setup menu by pressing the ‘RC5 SETUP’ key, and then press the ‘Home/Menu’...
  • Page 6 Press “OK” to access the sub-menu, navigate to “Reinstall TV”. Press “OK” to reinstall TV set. If all is correct select “Start now” and press “OK”. After this operation the TV will power off and on and display the installation wizard. Note: All settings are at default values and no channel plan is available.
  • Page 7: Installation Wizard

    4. Installation wizard When you turn on the TV for the first time, or you have reinstalled the TV, you should see the following screen. Here you will need to select your preferred language. Please select with Up and Down arrow keys and confirm with ‘OK’...
  • Page 8 The next step is to choose between ‘Shop’ and Home’ use. If you select “SHOP” an ‘e-sticker’ banner will be displayed on the TV. This is for commercial purpose only. Now you can select the visual and hearing impaired options. If you select ‘On’, your TV will automatically turn on settings to help visual and hearing impaired people.
  • Page 9 For the channel installations, select ‘Install TV channels’ and press ‘OK’ Then you can select ‘Continue’ and press ‘OK’ again. Here you can select the type of channels you would like to install and what preference you will use.
  • Page 10 It is advisable to check the settings before starting the search. The “Frequency scan” contains two options: “Quick”: this is a fast method to search channels but it might skip some channels (depending on the network). “Full”: the scan will search on all frequencies and will store all channels available. This is the safe method if you don’t know the network parameters, but it takes more time.
  • Page 11 The Symbol Rate options are: Automatic and Manual. If you do not know the correct values for this option, please use the Automatic option. Analogue channel: If you don’t have or you don’t want to install analogue channels, you can disable the search for this type of channels.
  • Page 12 If you would like to change the picture and sound settings, you can go to “Optimize TV picture and sound” and press the “OK” button on remote control. A wizard will start to guide you through the process of setting the sound and picture on the TV set. Select “Continue”...
  • Page 13 After pressing “Done” you have completed the installation of the TV and you should see this screen. Press “OK” on the remote control to exit this wizard. Note: This wizard will not be available anymore when you start the TV the next time. The only way to re-use this wizard is to reinstall the TV set...
  • Page 14: Channel Options

    5. Channel options a. Reordering channels To reorder TV channels you need the channel plan from the Professional Settings menu. In the consumer menu you cannot rearrange channels. The Professional Settings menu can be accessed by using the Yellow remote (RC 22AV8573 Master Remote control) and pressing the MENU Button or with the TV remote press 3,1,9,7,5,3, MUTE).
  • Page 15 Select “Reorder” and Press the “OK” button on the remote control to reorder channels. Navigate to the channel that you want to move and press “OK” on the remote control to select that channel. The arrows around the channel indicate that the channel is selected and can be moved. Use the arrow keys to move the channel to the new position.
  • Page 16: Rename Channels

    b. Rename channels Select the channel, press the “Options” button on remote control and select “Rename” to change name of a channel. If you then press the “OK” button a virtual QWERTY keyboard will pop up. c. Hide channels Important: You cannot delete channels from the channel grid, but you can use the option to hide the channels.
  • Page 17: Professional Settings

    6. Professional Settings [Professional Settings] Settings especially designated for hospitality. [Professional Mode] [Off]: The TV operates as a basic (consumer) TV. [On]: All settings in the Professional Settings Setup menu are active. Only by switching on this mode the TV will act as a Hospitality TV. [Room ID] Entry field to store 4 digits to set the Room Identifier.
  • Page 18 [USB to TV] Check Cloning section [TV to USB] Check Cloning section [RF to TV] Option used for SmartInstall Note: Setup and configuration for SmartInstall is not covered by this manual [Reset] Reset all settings from Professional mode to default values. [Switch on channel] When the TV is switched on it will start up on the specified source/channel.
  • Page 19 [Maximum volume] This option specifies the maximum allowable volume level of the Selectable value from 00 until 60. [Switch on picture format] This settings allows you to set a switch on picture format. The power on function allows the TV to enter a specific mode ([On], [Standby], or [Last status]) of operation when the mains power is activated (cold start): [On]: The TV will always turn on (show startup channel) after the...
  • Page 20 When pressing “OK” button on remote control while editing line 1 or 2, a virtual keyboard will pop up on screen. Note: Maximum 20 characters per line. [Line 2] Line 2: Second line of the welcome message. [Clear] Will delete the current welcome message. [Message Time-out] Sets the period of time to display the welcome message on the screen when TV is turned on from standby.
  • Page 21 [Info key enable] Enables the possibility to see Hotel Info by pressing the Info button on the remote control. [USB to TV] This option uploads the pictures used for Hotel Info in to the TV. You should only use this when configuring the master TV. You can then clone the settings to another TV.
  • Page 22 [Auto scart] Enables auto scart switching (or break-in) in Professional mode. [On]: Enables auto scart switching or break-in. [Power On Scart]: Enables auto TV start On/Off when detecting scart break-in. (never use this feature without a connected STB) [Off]: Disables auto scart switching or break-in. [HDMI-CEC in] [Off]: Disables HDMI-CEC feature.
  • Page 23 [Enable subtitle] Enables or disables the use of subtitles in a DVB broadcast channel: [Off]: No subtitle services available [On]: Subtitle services available [Enable USB] [Off]: Disables USB multimedia function. [On]: Enables USB multimedia functions. Feature is not influencing cloning and/or software upgrade via USB.
  • Page 24 [Download program] To select channel to download clock information. Note: Correct clock information is needed to provide correct EPG data and to have MyChoice working. [Country selection] To select the original country from the channel chosen at “Download program”. [Time offset] To set the time offset.
  • Page 25 [Blank channel] The Blank channel function disables the display of video on the TV, but does not affect the audio output. Select or deselect can be done by pressing “OK” button on the remote control. Note: The channels marked with X will not display video on the TV. [Auto channel update] [ON]: Enables automatic channel update.
  • Page 26 [ThemeTV] [OFF]: Disables ThemeTV [ON]: Enables ThemeTV [Startup]: Will show the ThemeTV screen at startup MyChoice configuration: R0 – Ring 0 (All channels) R1 – Ring 1 (Free to view channels) Note: MyChoice setup is not included in this manual. ThemeTV Configuration: Edit the names for ThemeTV categories Note: ThemeTV setup is not included in this manual...
  • Page 27: Welcome Logo

    7. Welcome Logo There are 2 Philips logos displayed at startup. Second logo can be replaced by picture uploaded via USB. File format: 1280 x 720.png file. Note: below timing values are approximate indications and can differ from real situation! How to upload Welcome Logo 1.
  • Page 28: Clone

    8. Clone With cloning it is possible to copy to/from a USB device TV the configuration data and the channel list data. Place a USB Memory stick in the USB side connector of the TV. *USB device should be formatted as FAT or FAT32. Access the Professional menu by pressing the ‘RC5 SETUP’...
  • Page 29: Feature Settings

    9. Feature settings [Multi RC] This function allows that up to four televisions can be installed in a room whereas every TV will listen to its own RC. Once the TV is set, also every RC can be set to remember its connected TV: [Off] This function is not used;...
  • Page 30: Csm (consumer Setup Menu)

    CSM (Consumer Setup menu) The CSM contains data about the TV software, serial number and other details. The menu can be accessed using a standard remote control or using the master remote control. 1. Using the standard remote control: press the following key sequence “1,2,3,6,5,4” 2.

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