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Setting Up The Meters; Activating For The First Time; Setting The Initial Settings; Tachometer Unit - Yamaha 6Y8-2819V-00 Owner's Manual

Command link multifunction meter (round)
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Activating for the first time/Setting the initial settings

3. Setting up the meters

To install the meters and the optional sen-
sors and to connect the meters to the
engine, see the "Command Link Multifunc-
tion Meter Installation Manual."
Be sure to follow the procedures in "Activat-
ing for the first time" and "Setting the initial
settings." If the procedures are performed
incorrectly, the engine number will change,
resulting in improper operation.
Installing the meters
Connecting the meters to the engine
Installing an optional sensor

Activating for the first time


Setting the initial settings

If the procedures are performed incorrectly,
see "Service functions" in "1. Tachometer
unit" to reset all of the engine numbers.
Check the connections, and follow the setup
procedures again to set up the meters.
Activating for the first time
After installing the meters, be sure to turn
the engine start switch to ON when the
power is supplied for the first time. When
multiple outboard motors are installed, be
sure to turn the engine start switch to ON
from the port outboard motor and to wait at
least 2 seconds before turning each engine
start switch to ON.
• The engine number of the engine whose
engine start switch was first turned to ON
is stored in the ECM (Engine Control Mod-
ule) of the engine as the port engine
(engine number 1).
• To reset an engine number, see "Reset-
ting engine number" under "Service func-
tions" in "1. Tachometer unit."
Setting the initial settings
Before operating the meter, be sure to
change the default settings as described
below. For the setting procedures, see the
corresponding setting procedure for each

Tachometer unit

03 (setting corresponding engine)
Select the engines compatible to this meter.
(See page 13.)
02 (setting trim angle)
Adjust the trim angle to zero. (See page 12.)
Speed & Fuel meter unit
02 (setting fuel sensor)
Set the fuel sensor according to the fuel
tank type. (See page 26.)

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