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Changing Settings (Custom Mode); Switching To Custom Mode - Yamaha 6Y8-2819V-00 Owner's Manual

Command link multifunction meter (round)
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Changing settings (custom mode)

• Trolling is affected by currents and other
operating conditions and may differ from
the actual engine speed.
• The default engine idle speed is reset
automatically when the display is switched
to the normal display. The default engine
idle speed is also reset automatically
when the engine is turned off or when the
engine speed exceeds 3,000 r/min.
• When warming up a cold engine, the troll-
ing speed cannot be decreased below the
specified engine idle speed.
• Depending on the model of the outboard
motor, some functions may not be com-
patible. For information on models which
contain the compatible functions, consult
a Yamaha dealer.
Changing settings (custom mode)

Switching to custom mode

In the custom mode, you can change the
meter function settings. Each setting func-
tion number is shown in the tachometer dis-
Turn the engine off and the engine start
switch to ON.
(4 seconds): To activate the cus-
tom mode.
(1 second): Press to switch
between the setting function numbers
and to switch to the change settings dis-
01 (resetting maintenance intervals)
02 (setting trim angle)
03 (setting corresponding engine)
Change each setting and return to the
normal display. To change the settings,
see the corresponding sections for each
setting function.
If no operations are carried out for 30 sec-
onds or more or if the engine is started, the
settings will not be applied and the display
returns to the normal display.

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