q Read this manual carefully before operating this
outboard motor.


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    OWNER’S MANUAL U.S.A.Edition q Read this manual carefully before operating this LIT-18626-08-49 outboard motor. 6BP-28199-11...

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    EMU25062 ZMU01690 Read this manual carefully before operating this outboard motor. Keep this manual onboard in a waterproof bag when boating. This manual should stay with the outboard motor if it is sold.

  • Page 3: Important Manual Information

    Therefore some items may not tain maximum enjoyment from your new apply to every model. Yamaha. If you have any question about the EMU25111 operation or maintenance of your outboard motor, please consult a Yamaha dealer.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety information......1 Specifications of Battery....16 Mounting battery ......17 Outboard motor safety ....1 Multiple batteries ......17 Propeller..........1 Without a rectifier or Rectifier Rotating parts........1 Regulator ........17 Hot parts ........... 1 Propeller selection ......

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Trim tab with anode ......32 Cooling water ........55 Trim tab ........... 32 Warming up engine....... 55 Trim rod (tilt pin) ......33 Manual start and electric start Tilt lock mechanism......33 models .......... 55 Tilt support knob ......33 Checks after engine warm-up ..

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    (manual start model)..... 94 Emergency starting engine (electric start model) ..... 96 Treatment of submerged motor..97 Consumer information....98 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A. FOUR-STROKE OUTBOARD MOTOR THREE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ........ 98 IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION IF YOU USE YOUR YAMAHA OUTSIDE...

  • Page 7: Safety Information, Outboard Motor Safety, Propeller, Rotating Parts, Hot Parts, Electric Shock

    Safety information EMU33622 tor and the clamp bracket when the motor is Outboard motor safety trimmed or tilted. Keep body parts out of this Observe these precautions at all times. area at all times. Be sure no one is in this EMU36501 area before operating the power trim and tilt Propeller...

  • Page 8: Gasoline Exposure And Spills, Carbon Monoxide, Modifications, Boating Safety, Alcohol And Drugs, Personal Flotation Devices

    Personal flotation devices cording to the boat manufacturers instruc- Have an approved personal flotation device tions. Overloading or incorrect weight (PFD) on board for every occupant. Yamaha distribution can compromise the boats han-...

  • Page 9: Avoid Collisions, Weather, Accident Reporting, Boat Education And Training

    Safety information dling and lead to an accident, capsizing or boating in hazardous weather. swamping. EMU33800 Accident reporting EMU33772 Avoid collisions Boat operators are required by law to file a Scan constantly for people, objects, and oth- Boating Accident Report with their state er boats.

  • Page 10: Passenger Training, Boating Safety Publications, Laws And Regulations, Boating Organizations

    Safety information go to United States Power Squadrons 1-888-FOR-USPS (1-888-367-8777) EMU33880 Passenger training Make sure at least one other passenger is trained to operate the boat in the event of an Boat Owners Association of The United emergency. States EMU33890 1-800-336-BOAT (1-800-336-2628)

  • Page 11: Steering And Sailing Rules And Sound Signals, Rules When Encountering Vessels

    Safety information EMU33700 vessels try to avoid each other. If that is the Steering and sailing rules and sound case, both vessels become “ Give-Way ” signals vessels. Whenever two vessels on the water meet EMU25521 Rules when encountering vessels one another, one vessel has the right-of- There are three main situations that you may way;...

  • Page 12: Other Special Situations

    Safety information EMU25531 Other special situations There are three other rules you should be aware of when driving your boat around oth- er vessels. Narrow channels and bends When navigating in narrow channels, you should keep to the right when it is safe and practical to do so.

  • Page 13

    Safety information Reading buoys and other markers The waters of the United States are marked for safe navigation by the lateral system of buoyage. Simply put, buoys and markers have an arrangement of shapes, colors, numbers and lights to show which side of the buoy a boater should pass on when navigat- ing in a particular direction.

  • Page 14

    Safety information ZMU01708...

  • Page 15: General Information, Identification Numbers Record, Outboard Motor Serial Number, Key Number

    Record your outboard motor serial number in the spaces provided to assist you in ordering spare parts from your Yamaha dealer or for reference in case your outboard motor is sto- len. 1. Key number ZMU06472 1.

  • Page 16: Read Manuals And Labels, Warning Labels

    Read all labels on the outboard motor and the boat. If you need any additional information, contact your Yamaha dealer. EMU33831 Warning labels If these labels are damaged or missing, contact your Yamaha dealer for replacements. F25A, F25EA, T25A ZMU06477...

  • Page 17

    General information F25EHA, F25MHA ZMU06475...

  • Page 18

    General information ZMU05670...

  • Page 19

    General information EMU33843 Electrical hazard Symbols The following symbols mean as follows. Notice/Warning ZMU05666 Remote control lever/gear shift lever operat- ing direction, dual direction ZMU05696 Read Owner’s Manual ZMU05667 Engine start/ Engine cranking ZMU05664 Hazard caused by continuous rotation ZMU05668 ZMU05665...

  • Page 20: Specifications And Requirements, Specifications

    Specifications and requirements EMU34520 T25A 536 mm (21.1 in) Specifications Weight (AL) S: TIP: F25EA 78.0 kg (172 lb) F25EHA 80.0 kg (176 lb) “(AL)” stated in the specification data below F25MHA 77.0 kg (170 lb) represents the numerical value for the alumi- Weight (AL) L: num propeller installed.

  • Page 21

    Specifications and requirements F25EHA Electric Fuel and oil: F25MHA Manual Recommended fuel: T25A Electric Regular unleaded gasoline Starting carburetion system: Min. pump octane: Prime start Valve clearance (cold engine) IN: Fuel tank capacity: 0.15–0.25 mm (0.0059–0.0098 in) 24 L (6.34 US gal, 5.28 Valve clearance (cold engine) EX: Recommended engine oil: 0.25–0.35 mm (0.0098–0.0138 in)

  • Page 22: Installation Requirements, Boat Horsepower Rating, Mounting Motor, Remote Control Requirements, Battery Requirements, Specifications Of Battery

    Engine oil filter: working correctly and you should dis- 18.0 Nm (1.84 kgf-m, 13.3 ft-lb) continue using the outboard. Contact your Yamaha dealer. EMU33554 Installation requirements The remote control unit must be equipped EMU33563 with a start-in-gear protection device(s). This...

  • Page 23: Mounting Battery, Multiple Batteries, Without A Rectifier Or Rectifier Regulator, Propeller Selection

    Fire, explosion or sparks could result. appropriate. [EWM01820] Your Yamaha dealer can help you select the EMU36300 Multiple batteries right propeller for your boating needs. Select To connect multiple batteries, such as for...

  • Page 24: Start-in-gear Protection, Engine Oil Requirements, Fuel Requirements, Gasoline

    If knocking or ping- EMU31444 ing occurs, use a different brand of gasoline Engine oil requirements or premium unleaded fuel. Yamaha re- Recommended engine oil: comends that you use alcohol-free (see YAMALUBE 4-M FC-W oil or 4-stroke Gasohol) gasoline whenever possible.

  • Page 25: Ring Free Fuel Additive, Muddy Or Acidic Water, Anti-fouling Paint

    10% and the fuel Ring Free Fuel Additive, available from meets the minimum octane ratings. E85 is a your Yamaha dealer. Ring Free Fuel Addi- fuel containing 85% ethanol and must not be tive has repeatedly proven its ability to clean used in your outboard motor.

  • Page 26: Motor Disposal Requirements, Emergency Equipment, Emission Control Information, North American Models

    This label is attached to the clamp bracket or with clip. the swivel bracket. Spare parts, such as an extra set of spark plugs. Consult your Yamaha dealer for details. EMU25221 Emission control information EMU25230 North American models This engine conforms to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for ma- rine SI engines.

  • Page 27: Star Labels

    Specifications and requirements EMU25280 One Star—Low Emission The one-star label identifies engines that meet the Air Resources Board’s 2001 ex- haust emission standards. Engines meeting these standards have 75% lower emissions than conventional carbureted two-stroke en- gines. These engines are equivalent to the U.S.

  • Page 28

    Specifications and requirements these standards have 65% lower emissions than One Star-Low-Emission engines. ZMU01704 EMU33861 Four Stars—Super Ultra Low Emission The four-star label identifies engines that meet the Air Resources Board’s Sterndrive and Inboard marine engine 2009 exhaust emission standards. Personal Watercraft and Outboard marine engines may also comply with these standards.

  • Page 29: Components, Components Diagram

    Components EMU2579M Components diagram TIP: * May not be exactly as shown; also may not be included as standard equipment on all mod- els. F25A, F25EA, T25A ZMU06605 1. Top cowling 16. Remote control box (side mount type)* 2. Cowling lock lever 17.

  • Page 30: Fuel Tank

    Components F25EHA, F25MHA ZMU06606 1. Top cowling 21. Tilt lock lever 2. Cowling lock lever 22. Flushing device 3. Idle hole 23. Starter button* 4. Drain screw 24. Fuel tank* 5. Anti-cavitation plate EMU25802 6. Trim tab Fuel tank 7. Propeller If your model was equipped with a portable 8.

  • Page 31: Fuel Joint, Fuel Gauge, Fuel Tank Cap, Air Vent Screw, Remote Control Box

    Components ZMU02284 1. Power trim and tilt switch 1. Fuel joint 2. Remote control lever 2. Fuel gauge 3. Neutral interlock trigger 3. Fuel tank cap 4. Neutral throttle lever 4. Air vent screw 5. Main switch EMU25830 6. Engine shut-off switch Fuel joint 7.

  • Page 32: Neutral Interlock Trigger, Neutral Throttle Lever, Tiller Handle, Gear Shift Lever

    Components 6. Throttle 7. Fully open EMU26201 Neutral interlock trigger To shift out of neutral, first pull the neutral in- terlock trigger up. 1. Fully open 2. Fully closed EMU25911 Tiller handle To change direction, move the tiller handle to the left or right as necessary.

  • Page 33: Throttle Grip, Throttle Indicator

    Components moves ahead. Pushing the lever away from you puts the engine in reverse gear so that the boat moves astern. ZMU03034 ZMU06486 1. Forward “ ” 2. Neutral “ ” 3. Reverse “ ” EMU25961 Throttle indicator The fuel consumption curve on the throttle indicator shows the relative amount of fuel consumed for each throttle position.

  • Page 34: Throttle Friction Adjuster, Engine Shut-off Cord (lanyard And Clip

    Components ZMU02001 1. Throttle indicator EMU25975 Throttle friction adjuster A friction device provides adjustable resis- tance to movement of the throttle grip or the remote control lever, and can be set accord- ing to operator preference. To increase resistance, turn the adjuster clockwise.

  • Page 35: Engine Stop Button, Manual Starter Handle

    Components ing normal operation. Loss of engine power means the loss of most steering control. Also, without engine power, the boat could slow rapidly. This could cause people and objects in the boat to be thrown forward. [EWM00122] 1. Cord 2.

  • Page 36: Starter Button, Main Switch, Steering Friction Adjuster

    Components dle out until resistance is felt. From that posi- sition, the starter motor turns to start the en- tion, then pull the handle straight out quickly gine. When the key is released, it returns to crank the engine. automatically to the “ ”...

  • Page 37: Power Trim And Tilt Switch On Remote Control Or Tiller Handle

    Components EMU26143 Power trim and tilt switch on remote control or tiller handle The power trim and tilt system adjusts the outboard motor angle in relation to the tran- som. Pressing the switch “ ” (up) trims the outboard motor up, and then tilts it up. Press- ing the switch “...

  • Page 38: Trim Tab With Anode, Trim Tab

    Components down and trims it down. When the switch is right or left by applying the same amount of released, the outboard motor will stop in its force. current position. If the boat tends to veer to the left (port side), For instructions on using the power trim and turn the trim tab rear end to the port side “A”...

  • Page 39: Trim Rod (tilt Pin), Tilt Lock Mechanism, Tilt Support Knob

    Components steering control can be turned to either the EMU30440 Tilt lock mechanism right or left by applying the same amount of The tilt lock mechanism is used to prevent force. the outboard motor from lifting out of the wa- If the boat tends to veer to the left (port side), ter when in reverse gear.

  • Page 40: Tilt Support Bar, Cowling Lock Lever(s) (turn Type), Flushing Device, Alert Indicator

    Components port and fall. If the motor cannot be trail- ered in the normal running position, use an additional support device to secure it in the tilt position. EMU26332 Tilt support bar The tilt support bar keeps the outboard motor in the tilted up position.

  • Page 41

    Components ZMU06506 1. Alert indicator...

  • Page 42: Instruments And Indicators, Indicators, Low Oil Pressure-alert Indicator, Overheat-alert Indicator

    Instruments and indicators EMU36014 Indicators EMU36024 Low oil pressure-alert indicator If oil pressure drops too low, this indicator will light up. For further information, see page 37. ECM00022 NOTICE Do not continue to run the engine if the low oil pressure-alert indicator is on ZMU06508 and the engine oil level is lower.

  • Page 43: Engine Control System, Alert System, Overheat Alert, Low Oil Pressure Alert

    NOTICE Check the cooling water inlet for clogging. Do not continue to operate the engine if a alert device has activated. Consult your Yamaha dealer if the problem cannot be located and corrected. EMU2681A Overheat alert This engine has an overheat-alert device. If the engine temperature rises too high, the alert device will activate.

  • Page 44

    If the alert system has activated, stop the en- gine as soon as it is safe to do so. Check the oil level and add oil as needed. If the oil level is correct and the alert device does not switch off, consult your Yamaha dealer.

  • Page 45: Installation, Mounting The Outboard Motor

    Installation EMU26902 Installation The information presented in this section is intended as reference only. It is not possible to provide complete instructions for every possible boat and motor combination. Prop- er mounting depends in part on experience and the specific boat and motor combination. EWM01590 WARNING ZMU01760...

  • Page 46: Clamping The Outboard Motor

    Consult your Yamaha dealer or boat man- ufacturer for further information on deter- mining the proper mounting height. For instructions on setting the trim angle of...

  • Page 47

    Secure the clamp bracket to the transom using the bolts provided with the out- board (if packed). For details, consult your Yamaha dealer. WARNING! Avoid using bolts, nuts or washers other than those contained in the engine packaging. If used, they must be of at...

  • Page 48: Operation, First-time Operation, Fill Engine Oil, Breaking In Engine, Getting To Know Your Boat

    Operation EMU36381 For 10 hours for breaking in engine avoid ex- First-time operation tended idling, rough water and crowded ar- EMU36391 eas. Fill engine oil For the first hour of operation: The engine is shipped from the factory with- Run the engine at varying speeds up to out engine oil.

  • Page 49: Remove Cowling, Fuel System, Controls

    If any water is found in the fuel, or if a lift off the cowling. significant amount of debris is found, the fuel tank should be checked and cleaned by a Yamaha dealer. ZMU06085 EMU36442 Fuel system ZMU06513...

  • Page 50: Engine Shut-off Cord (lanyard)

    Operation make sure there is no hesitation in their travel. Operation should be smooth over the complete range of motion, and each le- ver should return completely to the idle po- sition. Look for loose or damaged connections of the throttle and shift cables. 1.

  • Page 51: Engine Oil, Engine, Flushing Device, Install Cowling

    Operation EMU27166 3. Upper level mark Engine oil Put the outboard motor in an upright po- EMU27153 Engine sition (not tilted). NOTICE: If the motor Check the engine and engine mounting. is not level, the oil level indicated on Look for loose or damaged fasteners. the dipstick may not be accurate.

  • Page 52: Checking Power Trim And Tilt System, Battery, Filling Fuel

    Operate each of the power trim and tilt top cowling is loose, have it repaired by your switches to check that all switches work. Yamaha dealer. Tilt the outboard motor up and check that the trim and tilt rod is pushed out completely.

  • Page 53: Operating Engine, Sending Fuel (portable Tank)

    Operation mable and explosive. Always refuel ac- trailered. cording to this procedure to reduce the Do not smoke and keep away from risk of fire and explosion. sparks, flames, static electric discharge, Gasoline is poisonous and can cause or other sources of ignition. injury or death.

  • Page 54

    Operation water near you. When the air vent screw is loosened, gasoline vapor will be released. Gaso- line is highly flammable, and its vapors are flammable and explosive. Refrain from smoking, and keep away from open flames and sparks while loosen- ing the air vent screw.

  • Page 55: Starting Engine

    Operation EMU27493 TIP: Starting engine The start-in-gear protection device prevents EWM01600 the engine from starting except when in neu- WARNING tral. Before starting the engine, make sure Attach the engine shut-off cord to a se- that the boat is tightly moored and that cure place on your clothing, or your arm you can steer clear of any obstructions.

  • Page 56

    Operation ZMU02026 ZMU06523 Open the throttle grip as shown in the il- After the engine starts, slowly return the lustration. manual starter handle to its original po- sition before releasing it. TIP: When the engine is cold, it needs to be warmed up.

  • Page 57

    Operation off cord to a secure place on your cloth- ing, or your arm or leg while operating. Do not attach the cord to clothing that could tear loose. Do not route the cord where it could become entangled, pre- venting it from functioning.

  • Page 58

    Operation keep the starter motor turning for more than 5 seconds. If the starter motor is turned continuously for more than 5 seconds, the battery will be quickly discharged, thus making it impossible to start the engine. The starter can also be damaged. If the engine will not start after 5 seconds of cranking, return the main switch to “...

  • Page 59

    Operation ZMU06522 ZMU06521 Push the starter button to start the en- TIP: gine. The start-in-gear protection device prevents the engine from starting except when in neu- tral. Attach the engine shut-off cord to a se- cure place on your clothing, or your arm or leg.

  • Page 60

    Operation warmed up. For further information, see the engine from starting except when in neu- page 55. tral. If the engine is warm and fails to start, Attach the engine shut-off cord to a se- open the throttle slightly and try to start the cure place on your clothing, or your arm engine again.

  • Page 61: Checks After Starting Engine, Cooling Water, Warming Up Engine, Manual Start And Electric Start Models

    [ECM01830] blocked. Consult your Yamaha dealer if EMU36530 Checks after engine warm-up the problem cannot be located and cor- rected.

  • Page 62: Stop Switches, Shifting

    Operation EMU36980 Move the remote control lever / gear Stop switches shift lever firmly and crisply forward (for Turn the main switch to “ ”, or press the forward gear) or backward (for reverse engine stop button and make sure the en- gear) [about 35°...

  • Page 63

    Operation After the engine is at idle speed in gear TIP: move the remote control lever / gear Tiller handle models: The gear shift lever op- shift lever firmly and crisply into the neu- erates only when the throttle grip is in the ful- tral position.

  • Page 64: Stopping Boat, Stopping Engine, Procedure

    Operation ZMU02083 EMU31742 Stopping boat EWM01510 WARNING Do not use the reverse function to slow down or stop the boat as it could cause you to lose control, be ejected, or im- pact the steering wheel or other parts of the boat.

  • Page 65: Trimming Outboard Motor, Adjusting Trim Angle For Manual Tilt Models

    Operation After stopping the engine, disconnect the boat begins to feel unstable or is hard the fuel line if there is a fuel joint on the to steer, slow down and/or readjust the outboard motor. trim angle. The trim angle of the outboard motor helps determine the position of the bow of the boat in the water.

  • Page 66

    Operation gle. Make test runs with the trim set to different Stop the engine. angles to find the position that works best for Tilt the outboard motor up and remove your boat and operating conditions. the trim rod by pressing clip. TIP: The outboard motor trim angle can be changed approximately 4 degrees by shifting...

  • Page 67: Adjusting Boat Trim

    Operation angles to find the position that works best for your boat and operating conditions. EMU27911 Adjusting boat trim When the boat is on plane, a bow-up attitude results in less drag, greater stability and effi- ciency. This is generally when the keel line of the boat is up about 3 to 5 degrees.

  • Page 68: Tilting Up And Down

    Operation EWM00221 WARNING Be sure all people are clear of the out- board motor when tilting up and down, Body parts can be crushed between the motor and the clamp bracket when the motor is trimmed or tilted. EWM00250 WARNING Bow Down Leaking fuel is a fire hazard.

  • Page 69

    Operation lock position automatically. NOTICE: Do not use the tilt support lever or knob when trailering the boat. The outboard motor could shake loose from the tilt support and fall. If the motor cannot be trailered in the normal running position, use an additional support device to secure it in the tilt position.

  • Page 70

    Operation Press the power trim and tilt switch “ ” Push the tilt support knob into the clamp (up) until the outboard motor has tilted bracket support engine. up completely. WARNING! After tilting the outboard motor, be sure to support it with the tilt support knob or tilt support lever.

  • Page 71

    Operation and tilt switch “ ” (down) to retract the trim rods. NOTICE: Be sure to retract the trim rods completely during mooring. This protects the rods from marine growth and corrosion which could damage the power trim and tilt mechanism.

  • Page 72: Shallow Water

    Operation EMU28061 EMU28125 Shallow water Procedure Place the remote control lever / gear EMU28073 Cruising in shallow water (manual tilt shift lever in neutral. models) EWM01781 WARNING Run the boat at the lowest possible speed when using the shallow water cruising system.

  • Page 73: Power Trim And Tilt Models

    Operation ZMU06539 ZMU02306 Slightly tilt the outboard motor up. The Slowly lower the outboard motor to the tilt support bar will lock automatically, normal position. supporting the outboard motor in a par- EMU32851 Power trim and tilt models tially raised position. This outboard mo- The outboard motor can be tilted up partially tor has 2 positions for shallow water to allow operation in shallow water.

  • Page 74: Cruising In Other Conditions

    Cruising in muddy, turbid, or acidic water Yamaha strongly recommends that you use the optional chromium-plated water pump kit (see page 19) if you use the outboard motor in acidic water or water with a lot of sediment in it, such as muddy or turbid (cloudy) water.

  • Page 75: Maintenance, Transporting And Storing Outboard Motor, Clamp Screw Mounting Models, Storing Outboard Motor

    ECM01080 NOTICE a transom saver bar. Consult your Yamaha dealer for further details. To prevent problems which can be EMU28235 caused by oil entering the cylinder from...

  • Page 76: Procedure

    Just prior to turning off the engine, quick- with salt, sand, or dirt. In addition, fogging of ly spray “Yamaha Stor-Rite Engine the engine is mandatory to prevent exces- Fogging Oil” alternately into the silencer sive engine damage due to rust.

  • Page 77: Lubrication, Cleaning And Anticorrosion Measures, Flushing Power Unit

    Stabilizer” to each gallon of fuel. ECM01530 TIP: NOTICE The use of “Yamaha Fuel Conditioner and Do not perform this procedure while the Stabilizer” eliminates the need to drain the engine is running. The water pump may fuel system. Consult your Yamaha dealer or...

  • Page 78: Cleaning The Outboard Motor, Checking Painted Surface Of Motor, Periodic Maintenance

    If necessary, clean hose adapter from the garden hose con- and paint the areas. A touch-up paint is avail- nector. able from your Yamaha dealer. Reinstall the garden hose connector EMU2848A Periodic maintenance onto the fitting on the bottom cowling.

  • Page 79: Maintenance Interval Guidelines

    Maintenance have a Yamaha dealer or other qualified may malfunction, and the resulting loss of mechanic do the work. control could endanger the operator and The procedures involve disassembling passengers. Yamaha genuine parts and ac- the motor and exposing dangerous parts.

  • Page 80: Maintenance Chart 1

    The “ ” symbol indicates the check-ups which you may carry out yourself. The “ ” symbol indicates work to be carried out by your Yamaha dealer. Initial Every 20 hours Item...

  • Page 81

    Maintenance Initial Every 20 hours Item Actions hours hours hours months) (1 year) (3 years) (5 years) Fuel line(Low pres- Inspection or replace- sure) ment as necessary Inspection or replace- Fuel pump ment as necessary Fuel/engine oil leakage Inspection Gear oil Replacement Greasing points Greasing...

  • Page 82: Maintenance Chart 2

    20 hours Item Actions hours hours hours months) (1 year) (3 years) (5 years) Inspection and clean- (Yamaha) Fuel tank ing as necessary EMU34451 Maintenance chart 2 Every Item Actions 1000 hours Exhaust guide/exhaust Inspection or replace- manifold ment as necessary...

  • Page 83: Greasing

    Maintenance EMU28932 Greasing Yamaha marine grease (Water resistant grease) F25A, F25EA, T25A ZMU06567...

  • Page 84: Cleaning And Adjusting Spark Plug

    The condition attempt to diagnose any problems yourself. of the spark plug can indicate something Instead, take the outboard motor to a about the condition of the engine. For exam- Yamaha dealer. You should periodically re-...

  • Page 85: Checking Fuel Filter, Inspecting Idling Speed

    DPR6EB-9 replace it. For cleaning or replacement of the fuel filter, consult your Yamaha dealer. Be sure to use the specified spark plug, otherwise the engine may not operate properly. Before fitting the spark plug, measure the electrode gap with a wire thickness gauge;...

  • Page 86: Changing Engine Oil

    For idle speed specifications, see page 14. If you have difficulty verify- ing the idle speed, or the idle speed re- quires adjustment, consult a Yamaha dealer or other qualified mechanic. EMU38802 Changing engine oil...

  • Page 87

    10. Recheck the oil level using the dipstick to be sure the level falls between the up- per and lower marks. Consult your ZMU06610 Yamaha dealer if the oil level is out of specified level. 1. Drain screw Add the correct amount of oil through the filler hole.

  • Page 88: Checking Wiring And Connectors, Checking Propeller, Removing Propeller

    Maintenance Change the oil more often when operating switch if your boat has one. the engine under adverse conditions such Do not use your hand to hold the propeller as extended trolling. when loosening or tightening the propeller EMU29113 nut. Put a wood block between the anti-cavi- Checking wiring and connectors tation plate and the propeller to prevent the Check that each connector is engaged se-...

  • Page 89: Installing Propeller

    Be sure to use a new cotter pin and bend the ends over securely. Otherwise the propeller could come off during opera- tion and be lost. Apply Yamaha marine grease or a cor- rosion resistant grease to the propeller shaft. Install the spacer (if equipped), thrust...

  • Page 90: Changing Gear Oil

    Con- or knob is locked. Severe injury could sult a Yamaha dealer for repair of the occur if the outboard motor accidental- lower unit seals. [ECM00711] ly falls.

  • Page 91: Cleaning Fuel Tank

    If you have any question about properly F25EA 0.320 L doing this procedure, consult your (0.338 US qt, 0.282 Imp.qt) Yamaha dealer. F25EHA 0.320 L Keep away from sparks, cigarettes, (0.338 US qt, 0.282 Imp.qt) flames, or other sources of ignition F25MHA 0.320 L...

  • Page 92: Inspecting And Replacing Anode(s)

    EMU29312 Inspecting and replacing anode(s) Yamaha outboard motors are protected from corrosion by sacrificial anodes. Inspect the ZMU03664 external anodes periodically. Remove scales from the surfaces of the anodes. Consult a Yamaha dealer for replacement of external anodes.

  • Page 93: Connecting The Battery, Disconnecting The Battery

    1. Red cable tery’s charge. If the battery needs charg- 2. Black cable ing, consult your Yamaha dealer. 3. Battery Check the battery connections. They should be clean, secure, and covered by The electrical contacts of the battery and an insulating cover.

  • Page 94

    Maintenance they are left on, the electrical system can be damaged. [ECM01930] Disconnect the negative cable(s) from the negative (-) terminal. NOTICE: Al- ways disconnect all negative (-) ca- bles first to avoid a short circuit and damage to the electrical system. [ECM01940] Disconnect the positive cable(s) and re- move the battery from the boat.

  • Page 95: Trouble Recovery, Troubleshooting

    Q. Has fuel pump malfunctioned? If your outboard motor requires repair, bring A. Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. it to your Yamaha dealer. If the engine trouble-alert indicator is flash- Q. Are spark plug(s) fouled or of incorrect ing, consult your Yamaha dealer.

  • Page 96

    Q. Is fuel contaminated or stale? A. Fill tank with clean, fresh fuel. Q. Is carburetor clogged? A. Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. Q. Is fuel filter clogged? A. Clean or replace filter. Q. Is fuel joint connection incorrect? A.

  • Page 97

    Q. Is fuel system obstructed? Q. Is water pump or thermostat faulty? A. Check for pinched or kinked fuel line or A. Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. other obstructions in fuel system. Q. Is there excess water in fuel filter cup? Q.

  • Page 98: Temporary Action In Emergency, Impact Damage, Replacing Fuse

    EWM00631 Q. Is steering pivot loose or damaged? WARNING A. Tighten or have serviced by a Yamaha Substituting an incorrect fuse or a piece dealer. of wire could allow excessive current EMU29433 flow.

  • Page 99: Power Trim And Tilt Will Not Operate, Starter Will Not Operate

    Trouble Recovery ZMU02816 ZMU06565 1. Fuse puller 1. Manual valve screw 2. Cap Put the engine in the desired position, 3. Fuse (20 A, 30 A) 4. Spare fuse (20 A, 30 A) then tighten the manual valve screw by turning it counterclockwise.

  • Page 100

    Trouble Recovery ing normal operation. Loss of engine the manual starter. power means the loss of most steering control. Also, without engine power, the boat could slow rapidly. This could cause people and objects in the boat to be thrown forward. Make sure no one is standing behind you when pulling the starter rope.

  • Page 101

    Trouble Recovery ZMU02026 ZMU06579 Insert the knotted end of the emergency Pass the start-in-gear protection cable starter rope into the notch in the flywheel under the fuel line and remove the magnet and wind the rope 1 or 2 turn(s) spring from it.

  • Page 102

    Trouble Recovery EMU38851 and that the clip is attached to the en- Emergency starting engine (electric gine shut-off switch. The main switch start model) must be “ ” (on), if equipped. Remove the top cowling and protective cover. ZMU06585 Pull off the 10-pin connector from the clamp and remove the flywheel magnet cover (if equipped).

  • Page 103: Treatment Of Submerged Motor

    EMU33501 Treatment of submerged motor If the outboard motor is submerged, immedi- ately take it to a Yamaha dealer. Otherwise some corrosion may begin almost immedi- ately. NOTICE: Do not attempt to run the outboard motor until it has been com- pletely inspected.

  • Page 104: Consumer Information, Motor Three-year Limited Warranty


  • Page 105

    Consumer information...

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  • Page 108

    Printed in Japan February 2009–0.8 × 1 ! Printed on recycled paper...

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