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Sony LMD-2451TD Operating Instructions Manual

User manual (operating instructions - lmd-4251td / lmd-2451td).
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LCD Monitor

Operating Instructions

Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly
and retain it for future reference.
© 2010 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Sony LMD-2451TD

  • Page 1: Lcd Monitor

    4-198-688-13(1) LCD Monitor Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. LMD-4251TD LMD-2451TD © 2010 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your WARNING Sony dealer regarding this product. THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED. Model No. ____________________ This apparatus is provided with a main switch on the Serial No.
  • Page 3 For the customers in Europe which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense. The manufacturer of this product is Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Precaution .............. 5 On Safety ............5 On Installation ............ 5 Handling the LCD Screen ........5 On Burn-in ............5 On a Long Period of Use ........5 Handling the 3D Glasses ........6 About the Fluorescent Tube ....... 6 On Cleaning ............
  • Page 5: Precaution

    For details on the stand, please contact your Sony dealer. • Consult with Sony qualified personnel for installation. On a Long Period of Use Due to the characteristics of LCD panel, displaying...
  • Page 6: Handling The 3d Glasses

    Leave the unit in a condensation free area. Sony dealer. If moisture condensation has occurred, turn off the unit and do not use it until moisture condensation has evaporated.
  • Page 7: On Fan Error (for Lmd-2451td)

    RETURN button on the front panel blinks for fan error indication, turn off the power and contact an The LMD-4251TD (42-type) or LMD-2451TD (24- authorized Sony dealer. type) is a multiple format LCD monitor equipped with a circular micro-polarizer filter for broadcast use, About this manual featuring a precise image and high performance.
  • Page 8 Luminance difference display time and effort in setting and adjusting the 3D rig and Luminance difference between the left and right signals equipment. is displayed. This function is convenient to check the disparity. (Software versions 1.1 or later, and BKM- Notes 250TG with a serial number 7400001 or later) •...
  • Page 9 HD15 (analog) and DVI-D (digital) connectors are Closed caption equipped for the PC input. The closed caption conforming to the EIA608 standard is displayed. For more information, see “Available signal formats” The EIA/CEA-608 and EIA/CEA-708 standard closed on page 41. caption signals superimposed on an SDI signal are displayed by installing the optional input adaptor.
  • Page 10: Location And Function Of Parts And Controls

    Location and Function of Parts and Controls Front Panel LMD-4251TD CONTROL VOLUME CONTRAST PHASE CHROMA BRIGHT MENU ENTER RETURN COMPOSITE COMPONENT HD15 LMD-2451TD COMPOSITE – COMPONENT – – – HD15 – – Location and Function of Parts and Controls...
  • Page 11 a 1 (standby) switch and indicator j Input select buttons Press the switch to turn on the power in standby mode Press to monitor the signal input to each connector. (the power switch on the rear panel is turned on). The A-1, A-2, B-1 and B-2 buttons are used when an indicator lights in green.
  • Page 12 When BKM-220D/243HS/244CC/250TG is not installed, the audio signal which is selected in INPUT SELECT of the USER CONFIG menu is output (see page 34). When BKM-220D/243HS/244CC/250TG is installed, the audio signal of the channel which is selected in OPTION AUDIO SETTING of the USER CONFIG menu is output (see page 34).
  • Page 13: Input Signals And Adjustable/setting Items

    Input Signals and Adjustable/Setting Items Input signal Item Video* B & W* Component* RGB* Computer Y/C* DVI HD15 HD-SDI DVI* CONTRAST* BRIGHT* × × × CHROMA* PHASE* × × × × × × × × × (NTSC) APERTURE COLOR TEMP COLOR SPACE AUTO CHROMA/ ×...
  • Page 14: 3d Input Signals And Adjustable/setting Items

    *1 Adjustment of SUB CONTROL is the same. DISPLAY on page 29, MARKER ENABLE on page 30, and *2 When a component signal (480/60I or 480/60P) is input and MULTI DISPLAY ENABLE on page 30). the COMPONENT LEVEL is set to SMPTE, this can be *9 The signal can only be selected in the main display (see SUB switchable.
  • Page 15: Side Panel (lmd-4251td) Rear Panel (lmd-2451td)

    Side Panel (LMD-4251TD) Rear Panel (LMD-2451TD) LMD-4251TD OPTION A PARALLEL REMOTE SERIAL REMOTE DVI-D HD15 OPTION B SYNC COMPOSITE IN AUDIO LMD-2451TD 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 0 – qf qg qh Location and Function of Parts and Controls...
  • Page 16 When this unit operates on an external sync signal, connect the reference signal from a sync generator o SERIAL REMOTE connector (RJ-45) to this connector. Connect to the network or Sony BKM-15R Monitor Control Unit by using a 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN Note cable (shielded type, optional).
  • Page 17: Adjusting The Height Of The Stand (lmd-2451td)

    CAUTION Adjusting the Height of • When you connect the optional LAN cable of the unit to peripheral device, use a shielded-type cable to the Stand (LMD-2451TD) prevent malfunction due to radiation noise. • For safety, do not connect the connector for peripheral device wiring that might have excessive voltage to this port.
  • Page 18: Connecting The Ac Power Cord

    Attach the arm. Connecting the AC Hang the hook of the bracket for using Power Cord the A screw holes. Plug the AC power cord into the AC IN socket on the rear panel. Then, attach the AC plug holder (supplied) to the AC power cord.
  • Page 19: Installing The Input Adaptor

    Attaching the Provided L/R Labels Installing the Input Adaptor Install the L/R labels on the panel around the input connectors to show channel allocations for inputs. Examples for attaching Before installing the input adaptor, disconnect the power cord. LMD-4251TD Remove the panel of the optional input port. Insert the input adaptor into the port.
  • Page 20: Selecting The Default Settings

    Selecting the Default Settings – – When you turn on the unit for the first time after – purchasing it, select the area where you intend to use this unit from among the options. – – The default setting values for each area –...
  • Page 21: Selecting The Menu Language

    2 If LATIN AMERICA is selected: Selecting the Menu PAL&PAL-N area Language L A T I N A M E R I C A P A L & P A L - N A R E A Argentina A R G E N T I N A P A R A G U A Y Paraguay U R U G U A Y...
  • Page 22: Using The Menu

    The setting items (icons) in the selected menu are Using the Menu displayed in yellow. USER CONFIG – SYSTEM SETTING The unit is equipped with an on-screen menu for making M AT R I X : C O M P O N E N T L E V E L : xxxx various adjustments and settings such as picture control, N T S C S E T U P :...
  • Page 23 The menu icon presently selected is shown in About the memory of the settings yellow and setting items are displayed. The settings are automatically stored in the monitor memory. USER CONFIG – SYSTEM SETTING M AT R I X : xxxx C O M P O N E N T L E V E L : N T S C S E T U P :...
  • Page 24: Adjustment Using The Menus

    USER CONFIG Adjustment Using the SYSTEM SETTING MATRIX Menus COMPONENT LEVEL NTSC SETUP SCAN FORMAT DISPLAY Items LANGUAGE POWER SAVING The screen menu of this monitor consists of the I/P MODE following items. BACKGROUND MARKER SETTING STATUS (the items indicate the MARKER ENABLE current settings.) MARKER SELECT...
  • Page 25: Adjusting And Changing The Settings

    GRID About Payload ID DISPARITY RULER Displays the channel assign information of payload ID GRID/RULER INTENSITY superimposed on input signals from the IN (INPUT)-1 AUTO L/R SW and IN (INPUT)-2 connector on BKM-250TG. Going 3G-B DEFAULT CH out of the STATUS menu renews channel assign DIFFERENCE information.
  • Page 26: User Control Menu

    Recommended: Konica Minolta Color Analyzer CA- USER CONTROL menu The USER CONTROL menu is used for adjusting the picture. Items that cannot be adjusted depending on the input COLOR TEMP/SPACE signal are displayed in black. xxxxxx C O L O R T E M P : For details of input signals and adjustable/setting items, M A N U A L A D J U S T M E N T A D J U S T G A I N :...
  • Page 27 For the DVI/HD15 input Submenu Setting SUB CONTROL Adjusts finely the adjustment range * The 1/3 menu cannot be adjusted. of the button on the front panel for CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, CHROMA and PHASE. USER CONTROL 2/3 • CONTRAST: Adjusts the picture S U B C O N T R O L contrast.
  • Page 28: User Config Menu

    USER CONFIG menu Submenu Setting The USER CONFIG menu is used for setting the PICTURE CONTROL Adjusts to monitor the picture more clearly. system, marker, multi display, function button, closed • SIZE H: Adjusts the horizontal caption, audio, option and 3D. size of the picture.
  • Page 29 Scan mode image Submenu Setting FORMAT DISPLAY Selects the display mode of the signal format and scan mode. • ON: The format and scan mode are always displayed. • OFF: The display is hidden. • AUTO: The format and scan mode are displayed for about 10 seconds when the input of the signal starts.
  • Page 30: Multi Display Setting

    Submenu Setting SAFETY AREA Selects the safe area size for the aspect ratio determined by the button which the aspect function is assigned. You can select from among OFF, 80%, 85%, 88%, 90% and 93%. When the marker is displayed, the safe area for the marker is displayed.
  • Page 31: Function Button Setting

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting MULTI DISPLAY • PIP/POP: The sub display is put in POSITION Sets the position of the sub display. You the main display for the 16:9 display can select from among 1 to 3 for the 4:3 and by the side of the main display display and 1 to 4 for the 16:9 display.
  • Page 32 Items” on page 13 and “3D Input Signals and connector. For finer according to the input signal, see Adjustable/Setting Items” on page 14. DOT PHASE on page 28. When the menu screen is displayed, the APA does not SCAN function. Press the button to change the scan size of the picture according to the setting of STANDARD or Note...
  • Page 33 Submenu Setting Note CLOSED Select ON to display closed caption and The grid center is shifted 2 dots to the right and 2 lines CAPTION OFF not to display. below the center of the screen, so the bottom and right ENABLE edges of the grid may not be displayed.
  • Page 34: Option Setting

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting BKM-244CC Sets closed caption. • TYPE: Selects the closed caption INPUT SELECT Selects the input audio signal. signal format. • ALL: The sound except from •708: To display a closed caption BKM-220D/243HS/244CC/ signal conforming to the EIA/ 250TG is output.
  • Page 35 3D SETTING Submenu Setting * This setting menu is displayed only when input from BKM- ALM DISPLAY Selects ON to display the ALM (audio 250TG or DVI is selected. level meter) display and OFF not to * Only 2D/3D SELECT is displayed when DVI input is selected. display.
  • Page 36 Submenu Setting Submenu Setting 3D SIGNAL Selects input signal format for 3D HOROPTER Select ON to switch the display settings FORMAT display. CHECK for the left/right channel signals. Select • 3G-B: Displays 3G Level-B HD-SDI OFF when you do not wish to perform signals for 3D display mode.
  • Page 37: Remote Menu

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting 3G-B DEFAULT Sets the signal to be displayed (left or right) when 3G-B signal is input and 2D PARALLEL REMOTE Selects the PARALLEL REMOTE is selected for the display mode. connector pins for which you want •...
  • Page 38: Key Inhibit Menu

    KEY INHIBIT menu Submenu Setting Notes KEY INHIBIT • If you use the PARALLEL K E Y I N H I B I T : REMOTE function, you need to connect cables. For more details, see page 41. • Set MARKER ENABLE (page 30) to ON to control the aspect marker, center marker or safe area marker.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Specifications Picture performance (LMD-4251TD) This section may help you isolate the cause of a problem and as a result, eliminate the need to contact technical LCD panel a-Si TFT Active Matrix support. Pixel efficiency 99.99% • The display is colored in green or purple t Select 2D viewing angle (LCD panel specifications) (up/down/ the correct input by pressing RGB or COMPONENT left/right, contrast >...
  • Page 40 Audio input connectors General Phono jack (2) Power LMD-4251TD: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/ –5 dBu 47 kilohms or higher 60 Hz, 2.7 A to 1.1 A External synchronized input connector LMD-2451TD: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/ BNC type (1) 60 Hz, 1.5 A to 0.7 A 0.3 to 4.0 V p-p ±...
  • Page 41: Available Signal Formats

    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Note Always verify that the unit is operating properly before use. SONY WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, COMPENSATION OR Available signal formats REIMBURSEMENT ON ACCOUNT OF THE LOSS The unit is applicable to the following signal formats.
  • Page 42 a : Adjustable/can be set – : Not adjustable/cannot be set *1 The frame rate is also compatible with 1/1.001. *2 Component only. Available HD15 input signal formats VESA DMT Sync. polarity Dot clock Resolution LMD-4251TD LMD-2451TD [MHz] [kHz] [Hz] Horizontal Vertical 640 ×...
  • Page 43 Sync. polarity Dot clock Resolution LMD-4251TD LMD-2451TD [MHz] [kHz] [Hz] Horizontal Vertical 1280 × 768 75 Hz 102.875 60.091 74.926 Negative Positive 1280 × 768 60 Hz 68.250 47.396 59.995 Positive Negative *Down convert display Others Sync. polarity Dot clock Resolution LMD-4251TD LMD-2451TD...
  • Page 44: Dimensions

  • Page 45: Viewing Angle (vertical)

    LMD-2451TD Side Front 110.0 (4 602.4 (23 CONTROL COMPOSITE VOLUME – COMPONENT CONTRAST – PHASE – CHROMA – HD-15 BRIGHT – MENU – ENTER RETURN 269.9 (10 320.0 (12 Unit: mm (inches) Mass (with monitor stand): Rear Approx. 11.0 kg (24 lb 4 oz) (when no input adaptor is installed) 100 (4) 100 (4) Approx.
  • Page 46 Sony Corporation...

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