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Use & Care Guide
Manual de Uso y Cuidado
Guide d'Utilisation et d'Entretien
English / Español / Français
Models/Modelos/Modèles: 630.1395*
Kenmore Elite
Lavadora de Platos
Lave Vaisselle
= color number, número de color, le numéro de la couleur
9000538244 Rev. A
P/N 9000501545 (0110)
Sears Brands Management
Corporation, Hoffman Estates,
IL 60179 USA
Sears Canada Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2B8


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  • Page 1

    Use & Care Guide Manual de Uso y Cuidado Guide d’Utilisation et d’Entretien English / Español / Français Models/Modelos/Modèles: 630.1395* 630.7793* Kenmore Elite ® Dishwasher Lavadora de Platos Lave Vaisselle = color number, número de color, le numéro de la couleur 9000538244 Rev.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Master Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Dishwasher Components ..............5 Kenmore® product is designed and manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require Dishwasher Features ..............6 preventive maintenance or repair from time to time. That’s when having a Master Protection Agreement can save your money Dishware Materials ...............6...

  • Page 3

    SAFETY MESSAGES - Please READ & SAVE this information We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. NOTICE WARNING • • Misuse of the dishwasher can result in serious injury It is highly recommended for the end user to become or death.

  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - Please READ & SAVE this information WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or serious injury, observe the following: • Do not abuse, sit on, or stand on the door or dish • This dishwasher is provided with Installation racks of the dishwasher.

  • Page 5: Dishwasher Components

    DISHWASHER COMPONENTS Door Gasket Top Rack Vent Silverware Filter System Basket Bottom Rack Bottom Rack Spray Arm Rinse Agent Detergent Dispense Dispenser Serial Number Label * Features vary by model Large Object Trap FILTER SYSTEM Cylinder Filter Fine Filter...

  • Page 6: Dishwasher Features

    DISHWASHER FEATURES Noise Reduction System: A two-pump motor system, the Time Delay: This option allows you to delay the start time Suspended Motor and triple insulation make this dishwasher of your dishwasher. one of the quietest in North America. Upper Rack & Lower Rack Flip Tines: Increase the rack Stainless Steel Giant Tub: A rust-free, hygienic interior flexibility to accommodate larger/taller items.

  • Page 7: Dishware Materials, Loading The Dishwasher

    LOADING THE DISHWASHER Do not pre-wash items that have loosely attached soiling. Loading the Top Rack NOTE: Ensure items do not protrude through the bottom of Remove large food particles, bones, seeds, toothpicks, and the racks and block the spray arms. excessive grease.

  • Page 8: Loading The Silverware

    LOADING THE SILVERWARE NOTE: The silverware basket tops can be folded up to The standard silverware basket (select models) fits in the accommodate large or oddly-shaped items. back of the lower rack. The basket lid can be snapped to the handle to leave the basket open. With the silverware basket tops down, insert blades or handles of utensils through the basket top openings according to the patterns suggested below.

  • Page 9: Rack Features And Accessories

    RACK FEATURES & ACCESSORIES CUP SHELVES MANUAL RACK HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Cup shelves are used to hold cups and other large items Remove the empty rack by pulling it out of the dishwasher to such as ladles and serving spoons. To use the cup shelves, the point that it can be lifted upward, as shown above.

  • Page 10: Detergent

    DETERGENT Detergent Adding Detergent Use only detergent specifically designed for dishwashers. 3 TBS MAX For best results, use fresh powdered dishwashing detergent. 2 TBS (25 ML) NOTICE 1 TBS (15 ML) To avoid dishwasher damage, do not use hand dishwashing products in your dishwasher. ■...

  • Page 11: Rinse Agent

    RINSE AGENT Rinse Agent To achieve proper drying, always use a liquid rinse agent, even if your detergent contains a rinse agent or drying additive. NOTE: The dishwasher indicates low rinse agent by showing symbol in the countdown display. Units without a display have a Rinse Agent LED that illuminates when the Rinse Agent is low.

  • Page 12: Dishwasher Cycles And Options

    DISHWASHER CYCLES AND OPTIONS WASH CYCLES *TIME (mins.) Water Usage Without options CYCLE SOIL LEVEL Gallons Liters Typical Maximum Pots & Pans * Light-Medium 23.2 Cleans items having baked-on or hard dried food soils. Heavy 27.4 These items may require soaking or hand scouring. Normal Wash * Light - Medium 10.4...

  • Page 13

    DISHWASHER CYCLES AND OPTIONS CYCLE OPTIONS Added time to cycle Added Water Can be selected OPTIONS with: Typical Maximum Gallons Liters Half Load Pots & Pans 118m 120m 19.3 Reduces the energy and water consumption when washing small, lightly soiled loads that Normal Wash 110m 3.7- 4.8...

  • Page 14: Operating The Dishwasher

    OPERATING THE DISHWASHER Canceling a cycle Changing a cycle • Open the door slightly to stop the cycle. • Open the door slightly to stop the cycle. • Wait for a few seconds before opening the door all the • Before opening door all the way, wait a few seconds way.

  • Page 15: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE TASKS To reinstall the top spray arm: 1. Return the top spray arm to its installed position. Certain areas of your dishwasher require occasional 2. Return the locking nut to its installed position and turn it maintenance.

  • Page 16

    o remove the Large Object Trap/ Cylinder Filter Assembly: To reinstall the filter system: 1. Remove the bottom rack. 1. Return the fine filter to its originally installed position. 2. Grasp the assembly and turn it counterclockwise 2. Place the Large Object Trap/Cylinder Filter Assembly ¼...

  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Dishwashers may occasionally exhibit problems that are unrelated to a malfunction of the dishwasher itself. The following information may help you with a dishwasher problem without involving a repair professional. Problem Cause Action Dishwasher 1. Door may not be properly latched. 1.

  • Page 18: Rinse Aid

    Problem Cause Action Odor 1. Food debris is present at the bottom of the dish- 1. Remove the filters and clean according to the “Check/ washer. Clean the Filter System” section of this manual. 2. Food particles are present near the door seal. 2.

  • Page 19: Warranty Information

    WARRANTY INFORMATION Kenmore Elite Limited Warranty 4. Damage to or failure of this product if it is not installed, When this appliance is installed, operated and maintained operated or maintained according to the all instructions according to all supplied supplied with the product.

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