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Keyset User Guide
For OfficeServ
7000 Series Systems


   Summary of Contents for Samsung SMT-I3105

  • Page 1

    SMT-i3105 Keyset User Guide For OfficeServ 7000 Series Systems ™ 05/2010...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Samsung Telecommunications America reserves the right without prior notice to revise information in TRANSFERRING CALLS ..................18 this guide for any reason. Samsung Telecommunications America also reserves the right without prior notice to make changes in design or components of equipment as engineering and manufacturing TRANSFERRING WITH CAMP-ON ..............18...

  • Page 3

    CONFERENCE CALLS DIALING FEATURES ....................19 ....................44 Speed Dialing........................44 FORWARDING CALLS ....................19 Programming Personal Speed Dial Numbers ..........44 OTHER FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS ..........20-23 Directory Dialing......................45 Last Number Redial ....................46 SECTION 4. PHONE FEATURES ..............24 Save Number with Redial ..................46 Automatic Redial/Retry ....................46 BASIC MENUS ..........................25 Pulse to Tone Changeover ..................46...

  • Page 4: About This Book

    Managing Programmable Key Assignments ............63 OfficeServ 7000 Series. Backspace with LCR ....................63 The SMT-i3105 keyset represents a new concept of Internet phone, in that it uses CALLER ID ..........................64 an IP address to Send/Receive voice and data. For voice communications, the SMT- Selecting Your Caller ID Display ................64...

  • Page 5: Section 1. Caution And Preparation

    CAUTION • Read the installation instructions before connecting the system to its power source. • If there is dirt or moisture on the pin contact surface of a power plug, pull out the plug and wipe it away with a cloth. If dirt or moisture remains on the prod- uct even after wiping, contact the service center.

  • Page 6: Preparation

    Connect the LAN cable (connected through the middle hole of the base to a PREPARATION network) to the LAN port of the phone, as shown in the figure. When power is supplied from the LAN port (PoE) (802.3af ), the phone is CHECK THE CONTENTS OF THE BOX powered via LAN connection.

  • Page 7: Section 2. Phone Functions

    SMT-i3105 LAYOUT LCD Screen Soft Key Telephone Status Indicator SECTION 2. Call Log ( Handset OK Button Phone Book ( Down) PHONE FUNCTIONS Transfer Button Programmable Buttons Hold Button Conference Button Volume Controls Mute Button Speaker Button (Handsfree Speakerphone) Dial Pad NOTE: The words “key”...

  • Page 8: Key Functions

    Used to set up one touch feature button on the phone. Programmable Button Used to place a call on hold. Hold Button NETWORK: The SMT-i3105 uses VoIP communication through an already- Conference Button Used for conference calls. installed public or private data network. Volume Button [+] [--] Used to control the volume settings.

  • Page 9: Text Input Method

    TEXT INPUT METHOD DESCRIPTION OF ICONS Using the dial and direction buttons on the phone, you can enter and modify the The following icons are displayed on the screen. English characters, numeric and special characters. Icon Description Whenever you press the dial button [, , ] on a text input screen, the input mode is Shows that ‘Call Forward’...

  • Page 10: Smt-i3105 Setup

    If you want to set up these parameters individually, fol- INITIALIZING THE SMT-i3105 low the instructions below. Initially the SMT-i3105 IP keyset will need to be setup to operate within the users • From the idle phone press Menu, scroll to Settings, and press OK button.

  • Page 11: Configuration Menu Structure

    TFTP Server: The IP address of the TFTP server containing the IP software. Upgrade: Starts the IP software upgrade process. 7. FACTORY RESET This option resets the SMT-i3105 to factory default settings. 8. PHONE RESTART This option reboots the SMT-i3105 phone.

  • Page 12: Logging In & Out

    Wait for the party to answer. If you hear a brief tone burst instead of ringback If enabled, your SMT-i3105 telephone may require you to log in before making or tone, the station called is set for Voice Announce or Auto Answer. Begin speak- receiving calls.

  • Page 13: Placing A Call On Hold

    PLACING A CALL ON HOLD CALL WAITING If an outside call is camped-on to your phone or another station is camped-on to Calls can be placed on System Hold or Exclusive Hold. A call placed on System you: Hold can be picked up from any extension. Calls placed on Exclusive Hold can only be picked up from the extension that placed them on hold.

  • Page 14: Other Features And Functions

    OTHER FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS SPEAKER BUTTON This function is used to go on and off hook in the hands- free speakerphone mode. VOLUME CONTROL Vol button is used to adjust the volume of a handset, MENU SOFT KEY - This menu displays the following speaker and ringing sound.

  • Page 15

    FUNC. SOFT BUTTON - • Move down and enter the extension number (for example: 2003). This function allows a user • Move down, use the dial pad to enter name (for example: John Dow). Refer to one touch easy access to many of the system features. Text Input Method.

  • Page 16: Section 4. Phone Features

    BASIC MENUS The basic menus screen is displayed if you select the Menu from the soft menu at the left bottom of a idle screen. Using the Call Log ( Up) or Phone Book ( Down) buttons, move to a desired function, and press the [OK] button to execute the function.

  • Page 17: Call Log

    2. Search Number Item Sub-Item Description Allows a user to search by name/number for a phone number saved in the phone Allows a user to adjust the volume of the 4. Sound book. 1. Volume ringtone, handset, speaker, key tone, page, and BGM Off Hook (OHVA).

  • Page 18

    2. Outgoing 3. MESSAGE Outgoing Calls Icon This function lists the phone numbers of recent outgoing calls. • Press the Call Log button—OR—press the Menu soft button, scroll to Call 1. Voice Mail Messages Log, press OK, scroll to Outgoing, and press OK. A phone number list of recent This function allows users to retrieve voice mail message from the mailbox.

  • Page 19

    4. SOUND NEW MESSAGE (SEND) This function is used to adjust the selected volume levels This function is used to create and send a new short text message. on each phone. This is the same option as station lock in •...

  • Page 20: Func. Soft Button

    DIAL MODE • Press the Menu soft button, scroll to Settings, then press OK. • Scroll to Dial Mode, then press OK. • Using the Call Log Phonebook buttons select Enbloc or Overlap, then s s / press Save soft button or press OK button. •...

  • Page 21: Outside Calls

    NOTES: OUTSIDE CALLS A callback will be canceled if not answered within 30 seconds. If you have set a callback, the cursor associated with the Callback button will be solid black. If the Hot Keypad feature has been turned off, you must first lift the handset MAKING CALLS FROM AOM or press the Speaker button before dialing.

  • Page 22: Intercom Calls

    • The called station must release its first call or place it on hold before answer- INTERCOM CALLS ing your camp-on. NOTES: VOICE ANNOUNCE MODE If you receive No More Calls tone, that station has no available button to accept your call. Hang up or leave a message. When another station calls you, your keyset will sound a brief attention tone and If the Hot Keypad feature has been turned off, you must first lift the handset you will hear the caller’s announcement.

  • Page 23: Call Processing

    HOLD RECALL CALL PROCESSING If you leave a call on hold longer than the hold timer, it will recall your station. The button that the call appears on will have a slow flashing indicator. (Telephone SYSTEM HOLD Status Indicator will flash amber). When you are connected to any call, press Hold.

  • Page 24: Call Transfer

    TRANSFER TO VOICE MAIL CALL TRANSFER Transfer is used to send any calls to another extension in one of two ways.You can This feature is used to send a call directly to a voice mailbox.Your keyset must have do a screened transfer by informing the other extension who is calling or you can a correctly programmed VT button to accomplish this.

  • Page 25: Station Call Pickup

    GROUP CALL PICKUP To Forward ALL Calls to Another Station • Dial 601 plus the extension or group number. To pick up (answer) a call ringing in any pickup group, lift the handset and dial 66 • Receive a confirmation tone and hang up. plus the desired group number (01-10 on the OfficeServ 7030, 01-20 on the OfficeServ 7200-S, 01-99, and 01-99 on the OfficeServ 7000 Series) or press the To Forward Calls to Another Station when you are on the Phone (BUSY):...

  • Page 26: Dialing Features

    For the purposes of programming speed dial DIALING FEATURES numbers, the programmable buttons are know as A, B, C, D, and E. • The A button inserts a flash. All “DIALING FEATURES” instructions are written to support Overlap Dialing mode. •...

  • Page 27: Last Number Redial

    LAST NUMBER REDIAL PAGING AND MESSAGING To redial the last outgoing telephone number you dialed, press the Func. soft but- ton, scroll to Last Redial, or dial 19. Press OK. MAKING AN INTERNAL PAGE NOTES: To make an announcement through the keyset speakers in the idle condition: If the Hot Keypad feature has been turned off, you must first lift the handset or press the Speaker button before you begin dialing.

  • Page 28: Meet Me Page

    NOTES: AUTOMATIC PARK WITH PAGE BUTTON The LED on the Page button will only light when an All Page is in progress. • While in conversation, press the Page button. The call is automatically parked If allowed by your system administrator you may be able to initiate a page at your station.

  • Page 29: Returning Messages

    If that station does not answer, the called station Message button indicator will continue to flash and the TSI If enabled, your SMT-i3105 telephone may require you to log in before making or will stay on.

  • Page 30: Mute

    MUTE CALLING THE DOOR PHONE/ You can mute the handset transmitter or the microphone during any conversa- ROOM MONITOR tion: You may call the door phone and listen to what may be happening outside or in • Press the Mute button. The Mute button indicator will be lit steady and the another room.

  • Page 31: Manual Signalling

    • When prompted dial a trunk or trunk group (i.e. 9) and the telephone number • To return to your first party, press the button corresponding to your original to call. call. This will disconnect the OHVA call. To enter an account code by interrupting the conversation: NOTES: When you are voice announcing to a station close to you, use the handset to •...

  • Page 32: Ame Password

    The passcode is the same as your station passcode. This feature only applies if • While on-hook, press Transfer and then dial 103. there is a Samsung Voicemail card installed in the system and your keyset has a • Dial 0 for Ringing, 1 for Auto Answer or 2 for Voice Announce.

  • Page 33: Key Confirmation Tone

    KEY CONFIRMATION TONE CALLER ID REVIEW ALL You can hear a short beep (confirmation tone) each time you press a button on the This feature allows display keyset users to review Caller ID information for calls dial pad. This tone can be turned on or off. sent to their stations.This list can be from ten to fifty calls in a first in, first out basis.

  • Page 34: Display Features

    To set the caller ID of the location you will be calling in from: DISPLAY FEATURES • Press Transfer and then dial 126. • Dial your station passcode. DIRECTORY INFORMATION • Dial the number of the port you wish to configure (1-5) (you may also use the Volume Up [+] or Down [-] keys to select a port and press the right soft key An 11 character directory name can be assigned to each extension number.

  • Page 35: Timer Function

    TIMER FUNCTION MANAGING PROGRAMMABLE Display keyset users may use this feature as a simple stopwatch. KEY ASSIGNMENTS • When the keyset is idle, press the Timer button to start timing. You can manage your key assignments for easy one touch operation of frequent- •...

  • Page 36: Caller Id

    VIEWING THE NEXT CALLER ID CALL CALLER ID In the event that you have a call waiting or a camped-on call at your keyset, you can press the Next button to display the Caller ID information associated with the SELECTING YOUR CALLER ID DISPLAY call in queue at your keyset.

  • Page 37: Feature Access Codes

    FEATURE ACESS CODES Paging Zones - Dial 55 plus ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ SECTION 6. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ APPLICATIONS ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ All External Zones All Page Feature Access Codes Operator Meet Me Answer 10 + xxx Pick Up A Parked Call Cancel All Call Forward 12 + xxx Pick Up a Held Call...

  • Page 38: Samsung Voicemail

    Subscriber. A Subscriber is a person that has been authorized access to the various • Dial the voicemail access number or press the key assigned to ring features and services available in the Samsung Voicemail. Please review this sec- voicemail [VMMSG]. tion carefully before you use your Authorized Features and Services, known as •...

  • Page 39

    Subscriber Services Menu SVMi-8 Subscriber Services Menu SVMi-8 Subscriber Services Menu Calais Executary Services Menu Calais Executary Services Menu Group New Group Saved Listen to New Review Saved Record & Send Access Access Personal Personal Mailbox Mailbox Private Access Personal Pause, Resume Play Menu Exit...

  • Page 40: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED Using your new Samsung Voicemail Subscriber Services is as simple as following a few simple spoken instructions. First time users should read this section as a tuto- LISTENING TO OLD OR NEW MESSAGES rial. You should start with the following steps: •...

  • Page 41: Group New Or Old Messages

    Play options. Discard and Re-Record Set Message Attributes (Delivery Options) Pressing this key will play all the menu options available to you from this Schedule Future Delivery point. Save and Send then Send a Copy to Someone Else Hear the time and date, and sender's information of the message you just Save and Send the Recording heard.

  • Page 42: Access Manager

    You may record up to 9 Personal Greetings, and you may assign any one of them If this is turned on, the caller will be asked their name and the Samsung to be active. There are several different 'Call Coverage' conditions to which you Voicemail will play this name to you before the transfer, giving you an option may assign any of your 9 greetings.

  • Page 43

    The Call Coverage conditions that you can assign specific greetings to are select- Call Screening Greeting ed by the following digits: Used while Call Screening is enabled, and you REJECT a caller after listening to the caller's record name. Primary/No Answer Greeting This option is available only if the Administrator has assigned you the 'Call Used when in your office, away from your desk or during the time period you Screening' feature.

  • Page 44: Mailbox Administration

    Message Alert the following day. Select this option to recover ("undelete") previously delet- When this function is activated, the Samsung Voicemail will call any outside or ed messages, during this period of time. inside telephone number, after each message is left in your voice mailbox.

  • Page 45: Message Broadcast

    Place a Direct Call MESSAGE BROADCAST Allows you to place a direct call out of the Samsung Voicemail from anywhere. You may either dial the number or dial a single digit 1-5 that corresponds to a This option will only be available if it has been allowed by the System...

  • Page 46: Keyset User Features

    n The current Directory Name will be played as a string of digits that are To activate this feature press the AME button. The associated indicator will be lit equal to your name spelled out on your telephone keypad. Follow the steady.

  • Page 47: Shortcuts

    Pressing [##] will leave a message in your own mailbox. This is useful to remind "From" field. Otherwise, the "From" field will display the name of the Samsung yourself of things to do now or in the future. Messages can be sent with future voice mail system (SVMi-8E, SVMi-16E, or SVMi-20E) sending the message.

  • Page 48: Personal Speed Dial Numbers

    CODE NAME TELEPHONE NUMBER • When full synchronization of messages between Voicemail Box and E-mail Inbox is required, ask your Samsung representative about the OfficeServ IP- _________________________ _________________________ UMS. This is an Internet Protocol based fully synchronized Unified Messaging _________________________ _________________________ System.

  • Page 49

    PERSONAL SPEED DIAL NUMBERS CODE NAME TELEPHONE NUMBER _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________...

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