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Add 30 Seconds; Tones; Clock; Timer - Whirlpool wmc10511 Use & Care Manual

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The ADD 30 SEC control (START pad) automatically starts the
microwave oven at 100% power for 30 seconds, and adds
30 seconds of cook time with each additional touch of the
Time may be added to any manual cooking cycle in 30-second
increments, at the current power level, by touching ADD 30 SEC
during cooking.
NOTE: To avoid unintentional
operation of the microwave oven,
a cooking function cannot be started if the microwave oven door
has been closed for about 5 minutes. The word "door" will
appear in the display until the door is opened and closed.
The CANCEL control clears any incorrect command,
and cancels
any program during cooking. It will not erase the time of day.
The microwave oven will also turn off when the door is opened.
Close the door and touch START to resume the cycle.
The CANCEL control is also used to lock and unlock the control
panel. See "Control Lock."
Tones are audible signals that cannot be turned off. These tones
indicate the following:
One tone
Valid entry
Control lock activated or deactivated
Two tones
End of stage in multistage cooking
Invalid entry
Three tones
End of Timer countdown
Five tones
End of cycle
This is a standard 12-hour clock (12:00-11:59). The Clock cannot
be erased. If the Clock is not set, "0:00" will remain in the display
when the microwave oven is not in use.
To Set:
The microwave oven and Timer must be off.
2. Touch number pads to enter correct time of day.
The Timer can be set in minutes and seconds, up to 99 minutes
99 seconds, and counts down the set time.
NOTE: The Timer does not start or stop the microwave oven.
Cook functions may be used while the Timer is counting down.
When the cook function is active in the display, touch TIMER/
CLOCK to see the Timer count down for about 5 seconds.
To Set:
2. Touch number pads to enter desired time.
3. Touch START.
When the set time ends, "End" will appear in the display and
the end-of-Timer
tones will sound.
4. Touch CANCEL while the Timer is active in the display (the
time icon is flashing) to cancel the Timer.
Touching CANCEL while the cook function is active in the
display cancels the cook function, not the Timer.
The time can be reset during the countdown by canceling Timer,
then repeating the above steps.
The Control Lock disables the control panel pads to avoid
use of the microwave oven.
To Lock/Unlock
Control: The microwave oven must be off.
Touch and hold CANCEL for about 3 seconds, until the tone
sounds and the control lock icon (see "Function Icons" in the
"Display" section) appears in the display. Repeat to unlock.
The control lock icon will remain lit in the display until the control
is unlocked.
If any control pad is touched while the control is locked, there will
be no response from the control.


Table of Contents

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