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Setting Surface Controls; Setting Surface Burners; Home Canning - Frigidaire 316901311 Use & Care Manual


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Setting surface controls

Your gas appliance may be equipped with different sized
surface burners. The ability to heat food quicker and in
larger volumes increases as the burner size increases. It is
important to select cookware that is suitable for the amount
and type of food being prepared.
The smaller simmer burner (some models) is best suited
for simmering delicate sauces, etc.
The standard size (9,500 BTU) burners may be used for
most surface cooking needs.
The larger (quick boil - some models) burner or burners
are best used for bringing large quantities of liquid to
temperature or when preparing larger quantities of food.

Setting surface burners

1. Place cooking utensil on center of surface burner grate.
Make sure the utensil is centered and stable on the
2. Push the desired surface control knob in and turn
counterclockwise out of the OFF position (Fig. 1).
3. Release the knob and rotate to the LITE position.
Visually check that the gas burner has lit.
4. Push the control knob in and turn counterclockwise to
the desired flame size. Use the control knob markings
and adjust the flame as needed.
Do not place flammable items such as plastic salt and
pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic wrappings on
the cooktop when it is in use. These items could melt or
ignite. Potholders, towels or wooden spoons could catch
fire if placed too close to the range cooktop.
DO NOT cook with the surface control knob in the LITE
position. The electronic ignitor will continue to spark if
the control knob is left in the LITE position.
When setting any surface control knob to the LITE
position, all electronic surface ignitors will spark at the
same time. However, only the surface burner you are
setting will ignite.


• NEVER place or straddle a cooking utensil over 2 different
surface cooking areas at the same time.
• Do not place aluminum foil, or ANY material that
can melt on the range cooktop. If these items melt
they may permanently damage the cooktop surface.
• In the event of an electrical power outage, the surface
burners can be lit manually. Use caution when lighting
surface burners manually. To light a surface burner,
hold a lit match to the burner head, then slowly turn
the surface control knob to LITE. After burner lights
push in and turn knob to desired setting.

Home Canning

Be sure to read and observe all the following points when
home canning with your appliance. Check with the USDA
(United States Department of Agriculture) website and be
sure to read all the information they have available as well
as follow their recommendations for home canning
• Use only quality flat bottom canners when home canning.
Use a straight-edge to check canner bottom.
• Use only a completely flat bottom canner with no ridges
that radiate from the bottom center when home canning
using a ceramic cooktop.
• Make sure the diameter of the canner does not exceed 1
inch beyond the surface element markings or burner. It is
recommended to use smaller diameter canners on electric
coil and ceramic glass cooktops.
• Start with hot tap water to bring water to boil more
• Use the highest heat setting when first bringing the water
to a boil. Once boiling is achieved, reduce heat to lowest
possible setting to maintain that boil.
Fig. 1


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