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Frigidaire 316901311 Use & Care Manual page 18

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Oven smokes excessively during broiling.
Flames inside oven or smoking from
oven vent.
Oven control panel beeps & displays any
F code error.
Oven light does not work.
Appliance is not level.
Cannot move appliance easily. Appliance
must be accessible for service.
• Solutions to common problems
• Incorrect setting. Follow broil instructions in Setting Oven Controls.
• Broiler drawer is open. Be sure broiler drawer is closed.
• Meat too close to broil burner. Reposition the broiler drawer rack to provide
proper clearance between the meat & the burner.
• Meat not properly prepared. Remove excess fat from meat. Cut remaining
fatty edges to prevent curling, but do not cut into lean.
• Broiler pan and insert wrong side up and grease not draining. Always place
insert on the broiler pan with ribs up & slots down to allow grease to drip
into pan.
• Grease built up on drawer surfaces. Regular cleaning is necessary when
broiling frequently. Old grease or food spatters cause excessive smoking.
• Excessive spillovers in oven. For example this will happen for pie
spillovers or large amounts of grease left on the oven bottom. Wipe up
excessive spillovers before starting oven. If flames or excessive smoke
are present see "Setting broil" in the Setting Oven Controls.
• Oven control has detected a fault or error condition. Press clear off to
clear the display & stop beeping. Try the bake or broil feature again. If the
F code error repeats, remove power from appliance, wait 5 minutes and
then repower appliance and set clock for the time of day. Try the bake or
broil feature again. If the fault recurs, record fault and call for service.
• Be sure the light is secure in the socket. Also see "Replacing oven light" in the
Care & Cleaning section.
• Be sure floor is level, strong & stable enough to adequately support range.
• If floor is sagging or sloping, contact a carpenter to correct the situation.
• Poor installation. Place oven rack in center of oven. Place a level on the
oven rack. Adjust leveling legs at base of appliance until the rack is level.
• Kitchen cabinet alignment may make range appear not level. Be sure
cabinets are square & have sufficient room for appliance clearance.
• Cabinets not square or are built in too tightly. Contact builder or installer to
make appliance accessible.
• Carpet interferes with appliance. Provide sufficient space so appliance can be
lifted over carpet.



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