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Setting The Minute Timer; Setting Bake - Frigidaire 316901311 Use & Care Manual

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Setting the minute timer

1. Press timer on-off.
2. Press the
to increase the time in one minute
increments. Press and hold the
time in 10 minute increments. The timer can be set for
any amount of time from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59
Note: If the
pad is pressed first, the timer will
advance to 11 hours and 59 minutes.
3. When the set time has run out, the timer will sound a 3
second tone . 0:00 will show in the display until timer
on-off is pressed.
To change the timer while it is in use
While the timer is active and shows in the display, press
and hold the
To cancel the minute timer before the set time has
run out
Press timer on-off once .
• The minute timer will not start or stop the cooking
process. It serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that
will beep when the set time has run out. The minute
timer can be used alone or while using any of the other
oven features.
• If another feature is active when the minute timer is
active, the minute timer will show in the display. To
view information about other active features, press the
pad for that feature.
to increase the
to increase or decrease the time

Setting bake

The oven can be programmed to bake at any temperature
from 170°F to 550°F (77°C to 287°C). The factory preset
bake temperature is 350°F (177°C).
To set bake
1. Press bake. "— — —" appears in the display.
2. Within 5 seconds, press the
will show "350°F (177°C)." By pressing and holding
, the temperature can then be adjusted
in 5°F increments (1°C if the control is set to display
3. As soon as the
will begin preheating to the selected temperature.
When the oven reaches the desired baking
temperature, the control will beep once.
To change the oven temperature after bake has
1. Press bake. Visually check the bake temperature and
that it needs to be changed.
2. Press the
set temperature to the desired new oven temperature.
To cancel baking at any time, press clear off.
Dark or dull pans absorb more heat than shiny bakeware
resulting in dark or overbrowning of foods. It may be
necessary to reduce the oven temperature or cook time
to prevent overbrowning of some foods. Dark pans are
recommended for pies. Shiny pans are recommended
for cakes, cookies and muffins.
. The display
pad is released, the oven
pad to increase or decrease the



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