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Honeywell CMR707A1049 User Manual

Programmable room thermostat
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CMR707A1049 - User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell CMR707A1049

  • Page 1 OFFMANAUTO CMR707A1049 - User Guide...
  • Page 2: Controls Layout

    CMR707 - USER GUIDE Description Features The Honeywell CMR707 is a • Ergonomic user interface featuring an ‘OK-button’. programmable room thermostat • Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screen. designed to control your heating • 7-day heating program to match your lifestyle, whilst system efficiently, providing maximising energy savings. comfortable temperatures when you are at home and energy • 4 independent temperature levels per day (from 5°C to...
  • Page 3: Step 1: Installing The Batteries

    ‘Getting Started’ SETTING-UP THE CMR707 This section shows you how to setup and run the thermostat in 3 simple steps: STEP 1: Installing the Batteries Note: if the ‘Low Battery’ Indicator is showing or the thermostat screen is blank (no symbols or digits are displayed) replace the batteries as follows, otherwise, please go directly to Step 2: Setting the Date and Time.
  • Page 4: Reviewing The Heating Program

    ‘Efficient Daily Use’ PROGRAMMING THE CMR707 Reviewing the Heating Program You now have a choice of how to set the program for the next day: To review or edit the heating program use f. i) Press the COPY DAY button to copy the PROGRAM or buttons to navigate...
  • Page 5: Choosing The Operating Mode

    ‘Using the Features’ OPERATING THE CMR707 Choosing the Operating Mode Using the Special Functions The thermostat can operate in three different • HOLIDAY Function modes: Automatic, Manual or Off. To set the The holiday function allows you to set a operating mode press either of the AUTO, constant temperature (default = 10°C) MAN or OFF buttons. The screen indicates...
  • Page 6 TROUBLESHOOTING THE CMR707 Symptom Remedy Blank Display (Power Loss). Check batteries are installed by removing the battery cover. Check batteries have been installed in the correct orientation. Replace the batteries. Display shows flashing The batteries in the thermostat are low on power symbol. - Replace the batteries. Display shows symbol. A fault has occurred in your heating system. Remove and re-insert the batteries. If the symbol does not clear after a few minutes contact your installer. When setting my program the The time period has been disabled, to enable see following is displayed --:-- --.- ‘Disabling / Enabling Time Periods’ on page 4 The symbol is displayed but the This may be due to the internal controls of the boiler. boiler is not firing. FAQ’s How do I change the batteries on the How do I set one temperature for the thermostat when they run out? whole day?
  • Page 7: An Explanation For Householders

    WHAT IS A PROGRAMMABLE ROOM THERMOSTAT? explanation for householders A programmable room thermostat is both a programmer and a room thermostat. A programmer allows you to set ‘On’ and ‘Off’ time periods to suit your own lifestyle. A room thermostat works by sensing the air temperature, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting, and switching it off once this set temperature has been reached.
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