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Kenmore 14071 Owner's Manual

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( Manual
Model Nos.
Model an_d Serial
Read and foli0w all S;_fety
Rules and Operating
before first use of this product.
Co., Hoffman
IL 60179
;42 CG
)tinted in U.S.A.



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  • Page 1 8EAR8 _.wner's ( Manual ~," Model Nos. 14071 14072 14074 14O75 Model an_d Serial Number.Plate • AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER CAUTION: Read and foli0w all S;_fety Rules and Operating Instructions' before first use of this product. Sears, Roebuck Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2 For one year from the first day of use dishwasher door, in your home, Sears will repair, free of charge, defects in material or workmanship All repair parts are available for immediate which appear in this dishwasher.
  • Page 3 • If you did not receive Installation Instructions with your dishwasher, you • Store detergents and rinse agents in a can get a copy by contacting your Sears cool dry place out of children's reach. Service Center. • Do not tamper with controls.
  • Page 4 Appearance willvary accordingto the m_lel number Upper rack Wash tower Lowerrack Lowersprayarm Heatingunit Right Side View Door latch Inner Door Controlpanel ,,-_I'g'IRPIRRI_'= ,---.---Jr_ Door panel Rinse agent Detergent dispenser dispensers Loweraccess panel- Front View...
  • Page 5 La al_adencla varia seg_'r_ el nOmemde modelo Canastillasuperior lavado Inferior .azo inferior - rociador Unidad calefaclora Vista Lateral Derecha ." " Se.gurode la °o puerta ' Puerta Interior i,t._el_! ..' de • r_._a.,,......Panelde la puerta lores Dispensador Dispens_ ente del-agente de deter...
  • Page 6 Condiciones del Agua Agua Callente - ParaIlmpiary secar los plates ustednecesita En las Areas donde el agua es muydura (12 " granoso mds), pudierahacersenecesariala agua caliente.Paraayudarlea usteda obtener instalacl6nde un suavizadorde agua para agua a unatemperaturaaproplada,su .lavadora de plates calientael agua asegurarel rendimientoapropladode su automdticamente en el ciclode lavado.Se lavadorade plates.Si ustedno sabe el grade...
  • Page 7 Appearance may vary _1111 I I I I II1 STARTING YOUR DISHWASHER • Load the dishwasher (seepages 10 and 11). • Turn on hot water faucet nearest dishwasher detergent_ (see page 9). and letit run until the watel"is hot. • Close the door but do not latch it. •...
  • Page 8: Select Options

    HOW TO ADD A DISH DURINr- SELECT OPTIONS A cYCLE HOT DRY Option • Add dishesanytime during RINSE & Turns drying heating unit on for HOLD cycle. fast drying. • With other wash cycles, you can add dishes at any time BEFORE the COOL DRY Option detergentcup has opened.
  • Page 9 ',i'll • Alwaysclosethe.maincup tightly. W hen it find two detergent dispensers on .inside door of your dishwasher. • is firmly latche d you will hear a •clicking sound,it Is not .necessaryto overtighten, -.. , Open cup Grasp handle, rotate / .andcloseUghUy / Maincup _°...
  • Page 10 UPPER RACK (appearance will vaw) The upper rack is best forglasses, cups and saucers. Cups andglasses fit best along the sides. This is also the place for dishwasher safe plastics. Make sure small plastic items are lodged in tightly so they can't fall onto the heating unit.
  • Page 11 1ER RACK(appearance wili_ry) Put flatwarein the removable•basket w ith :..i'"_TE: D o not load large platters.orti'ays fork and knife handlesup to protectyour .::.;: 'ontrightcorner of lower, r ack.They. • hands. PlacespOonsin the basketwith hlay preventdetergentfrom circulating' •handles' d own;Mix kn.ives, f orksand in the.washcycle.
  • Page 12: Care Ofsurfaces

    Theair gap is not part and tape it shut. of your dishwasherand is not covered by • Wrapwt_ blankets and, if using a hand Sears warranty. • trucl_ lift dishwasher from side in upright Drain. a ir gap.. •:position only.
  • Page 13: Optional Accessories

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES '" can change the door and lower Jss panelappearance of your d=shwasherby orderingone of these optionalaccessories: • ColorPanels • 1/4" Wood PanelTrim Kit These accessoriesare availablefrom: Dri_View Manufacturing 4706 AIImondAvenue Louisville, K Y 40209 Specifyaccessorynumber when ordering DESCRIPTIONS OF OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Color Panels_ Replacementdoor and...
  • Page 14 SOLUTION PROBLEM CAUSED • Check housefuseor circu!tbreaker. Dishwasher • Dishwasher not will not start receiving electricity • Dial not in correct -Make sure Dial is turned far enough and position for c_ycle cycle button is fully pushed in. selected • Be carefulyoudo notturn1heDialany "...
  • Page 15 -'_OBLEM CAUSED SOLUTION •Water is not hot _ _hes not dry •Raise water heater thermostatto 140°F if necessary. • COOL DRY option • Do notselectCOOL DRY option. A llow selected. dishesto dry in heated air. • Loaddishesso items drain properly.Avoid •...
  • Page 16 PROBLEM SOLUTION 'CAUSED • Reduceamountof dishwasher detergentl •Too much Etching-- Usedetergent w ithlowerphosphorous content. permanent detergent in soft water filming which cannot be removed • Improper loading • Make sure dishes and glassware are loaded properly to permit water spray to rinse all surfaces.
  • Page 17 ' PROBLEM CAUSED SOLUTION • Dishwasherhas ::!:i_otor hums • If youdo notuseyourdishwasheroften, not been used on set it to fill and pumpOUtonce every week. a regular basis • •This will helpkeep the seal moistand the " • garbage disposerclear..,,Thiswilldiscolor t he tub interior w ithextended Staining of ..
  • Page 18 NOTES...
  • Page 19 NOTES.
  • Page 20 1-800-4-MY-HOME_" (1-800-469-4663) For the locationof a ,__h,. SearsParts and RepairCenterin your area Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1"800"488,1222 For informationon purchasing a Sears Ma!ntona.,o Agroome.t or t o i.qui,e __--_- _,_U_S_ aboutan existingAgreement "___,_/ call9 am - 5 pro, Monday-:Saturday .8oo.827.66ss...

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