Kenmore 14171 Owner's Manual

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Model Nos.
Model and Serial
Number Plate
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
before first use of this product.
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179
5,12 CG
Printed in U.S.A.



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  • Page 1 SEARS Owner's Manual Model Nos. 14171 14172 14174 14175 Model and Serial Number Plate AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman 165D3592P060 SR5559-1 5,12 CG Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2 Detergent Dispenser Detergent Usage Guide Full One.Year Warranty Dishwasher For one year from the first day of use in your home, Sears will repair, free of charge, defects in material or workmanship which appear in this dishwasher. Full Ten-Year Warranty Against...
  • Page 3 • If you did not receive Installation Instructions with your dishwasher, you can get a copy by contacting your Sears Service Center. • Do not touch heating unit during or immediately after use. Allow time to cool.
  • Page 4 Appearance will vary according to the model number - Upper rack Lower spray arm Heating unit Right Door latch Control panel Door panel Bottom panel Front View Wash tower Lower rack Side View Inner Door Rinse agent Detergent _: dispenser dispensers!
  • Page 5 aapariencia varia s eg_n el m_merode modeio Canastilla superior ._zoinferior rociador Unidad calefactora Vista Seguro de la puerta I h_RiqRRl.l.n _anel de la )uerta )anel inferior Vista Frontal lavado inferior Lateral Derecha Puerta Interior Dispensador Dispensadores del agente de detergente de enjuague...
  • Page 6 Si usted no sabe el grado de dureza de su suministro de agua, p6ngase en contacto con su departamento local de agua o traiga una muestra a su tienda Sears para hacer una prueba. Detergentes Use solamente detergentes especiales para uso en lavadoras de platos autom_ticas.
  • Page 7: Starting Your Dishwasher

    (see pages 11 and 12). • Add detergent (see page 10). • Close the door but do not latch it. • If dishwasher drains into a food waste disposer, operate disposer until it is empty. • Turn on hot water faucet nearest dishwasher and let it run until the water is hot.
  • Page 8: Light Wash

    Water Usage: Approx. 3.9 gallons SELECT OPTIONS HOT DRY Option | 1-.--8| Turns drying heating unit on for ml _la fast drying. L'--'--"J I;O01LIOI_ COOL DRY Option Turns heating unit off for entire drying period. To shorten drying time, open dishwasher door slightly.
  • Page 9 • The motor stops during drying. ENERGY AND WATER SAVING TIPS • Wash full loads. • Use your dishwasher during off-peak hours. • Use the LIGHT WASH cycle whenever possible. • o"lect COOL DRY drying option when don't need dry dishes in a hun:y.
  • Page 10 You'll find two detergent dispensers on the inside door of your dishwasher. Open cup Do not add detergent until you are ready to start the cycle. Use fresh detergent. The dispenser will automatically release detergent at the correct times during the cycle.
  • Page 11 _JPPER RACK (appearance willvary) upper rackis bestfor glasses, cups ,...J saucers.Cupsand glassesfit best alongthe sides.This is also the place for dishwashersafe plastics. M ake sure small plasticitemsare lodgedin tightlyso they can'tfall ontothe heating unit.Arrange stemware so that it cannotmoveeasily. Don't let the glassestouch each other. The upper rack is handy for all kindsof oddshapes.Saucepans, mixingbowls and otheritemsshouldbe placedface...
  • Page 12 Distribute evenly. Small plastic items, such as measuring spoons and lids from small containers, are not recommended for automatic dishwashing. If placed in dishwasher, they should go in bottom of utensil basket with silverware on top. Utensilbasket CAUTION Take out anything tha.t may fall or...
  • Page 13: Care Of Surfaces

    Air gaps are usually mounted on the countertop and can be inspected by removing the cover. The air gap is not part of your dishwasher and is not covered by Sears warranty. Drain air gap PROTECTION...
  • Page 14: Optional Accessories

    OPTIONALACCESSORIES can change the door and lower access panel appearance of your dishwasher by ordering one of these optional accessories: • Color Panels • 114" Wood Panel Trim Kit These accessories are available from: Dri-View Manufacturing 4706 AIImond Avenue Louisville, KY 40209 Specify accessory number when ordering.
  • Page 15 WASH cycle with recommendedamount of automaticdishwashing detergent. • To remove suds from tub: Open dishwasher. Let suds evaporate. Add 1 gallon of cold water to tub. Close and latch dishwasher. Pump out water by slowly turning Dial until a drain period is reached.
  • Page 16 2. Do not add detergent. 3. Select POTS PANS cycle. 4. Start the dishwasher and allow to run for 18 to 20 minutes. The dishwasher will now be in the main wash. 5. Then open the door and pour 2 cups (500 ml) white vinegar into bottom of dishwasher.
  • Page 17 Dishwasher odor • Soiled dishes held too long in dishwasher •Vinyl rackcoating SOLUTION • Reduce amount of dishwasher detergent Use detergent with lower phosphorous content • Make sure dishes and glassware are loaded properly to permit water spray...
  • Page 18 SOLUTION • If you do not use your dishwasher often, set it to fill and pump out once every week. • This will help keep the seal moist and the garbage disposer clear. • This _,ill discolor the tub interior with extended use.
  • Page 19 NOTES...
  • Page 20 1-800-4-MY-HOME _" (1-800-469-4663) For the locationof a SearsParts andRepair Centerin yourarea Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-488-1222 For informationon purchasing a Sears MaintenanceAgreementorto inquire aboutan existingAgreement call 9 am - 5 pm, Monday-Saturday 1-800-827-6655 When requestingserviceor ordering...

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