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_L!ltra Wash Dishwasher
Use & Care Guide
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    _L!ltra Wash Dishwasher Use & Care Guide Table of Contents ..... 1 (English section) 3378918 R_buok a.u¢o Ho,m,.Est_ ,t S0179 USA MODELS/MODELOS/MODI_'LES 15751. 15755. 16751. 16759...

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    Dishwasher Warranty FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON KENMORE ULTRA WASH* DISHWASHERS For one year from the date of purchase, when the dishwasher is installedand operated in accordance with the instructionsprovided in the installationInstructionsand Owners Manual, Sears will repair,free of charge, defects in materials or workmanship.

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    Dishwasher Safety Your safety and the safety of others is very important. we have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance Always read and obey all safety messages This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the word "DANGER"...

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    Parts and Features Use this section to become familiar with the location and appearance of all parts and features. To help you find informa- ion on specific parts or features quickly, page references are included. _) 3-position rack adjusters (pg. 8) _) Upper spray arm O Top rack (pg.

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    America's Cleanest Dishes How the ULTRA WASH* System works Your dishwasher's new ULTRA WASH Soil Removal System is designed to give you sparkling clean dishes in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of energy necessary. The ULTRA WASH System includes a heavy duty grinder that acts as a food disposer to grind and dispose of large food particles.

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    Start Up Guide efore using your dishwasher Tip Over Hazard Electrical Shock Hazard Do not use dishwasher until completely installed. Electrically ground dishwasher. Connect ground wire to green ground Do not push down on open door. connector in terminal box. Doing so can result in serious injury or cuts.

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    Starting your dishwasher for everyday loads Here is an overview for loading and running your dish- washer. Refer to the noted pages for more details of each step. 1. The ULTRA WASH* Soil Removal System is designed to remove food particles from the wash and rinse water. Remove only large chunks of food and bones from your dishes.

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    Loading Your Dishwasher This section tells you how to load your dishwasher properly for the best washing and rinsing results. Preparing to load your dishwasher Those sounds are normal when hard items enter the • Load correctly for best washing results. Incorrect module.

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    Loading the top rack (cont.) Utensil basket Use this extra capacity basket on the top rack to hold spatulas, wooden spoons, and similar items I_1. Adjustable 3-position top rack You can raise or lower the rack to fit tall items in either the top or bottom rack ITI.

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    Loading the silverware basket • Load the silverware basket while it is in the bottom rack or take the basket out for loading on a counter or table. NOTE: You can remove the basket for easy unloading. Always unload or remove the basket before unloading the racks to avoid spilling water droplets on the silverware.

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    Your Part in Cleaning Dishes Operating your dishwasher properly enables you to obtain the best possible results. This section explains proper dishwasher operation. Using the detergent dispenser • Use automatic dishwashing detergent only. Other detergents are too mild and much too sudsy. •...

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    Using the rinse agent dispenser A rinse agent greatly improves dish drying and helps prevent spots or streaks. The rinse agent helps water flow off dishes and keeps water from forming droplets. A small amount of rinse agent automatically releases into the final rinse water.

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    Cycles _vrt siam ..[-I-I-I-] A %/" shows what each cycle includes. Water Detergent Cycle Usage Dispenser _ Main I Tlmett gall0ns_S]/ Sections CYCLE Iw.l.,_lw...,°.. ° l,m0, t0o, POTS & PANS i,tl,l,t , t Use Both Sections __OTS & PANS ! For cleaning dishes, and pots and )ans with cooked-on or dried-on foods.

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    Cycles (cont.) OumG_rd _m ///Ira _ A "/" shows what each cycle includes. Water Detergent Cycle Usage Dispenser Main Time- (gallons_S]/ Sections Wash CYCLE Rinse ! Wash Rinse (min.) liters I CHINAeLIGHT 62 tt 4.8/18.2 Covered Section ER•CHINA •LIGHT A light wash and gentle dry for china and crystal. •...

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    Programmes ('--" U/rra Wast; Le symbole de cochage "/" indique que I'operation indiquL=e est incluse darts le programme. Durde du Consommatlon D|strlbueur Lavage Lavage programme_ d'eau(litresJ CYCLE FUnQage R InQage principalRInQageS6chage (min.) gallons[US]) dudiJteroeM 34.4/9.1 88 tt Utiliser les deux POTS &...

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    Status indicator light Delay • Water Heat The Delay • Water Heat status Indicator [] glows to indicate that the dishwasher is: • set to delay starting until a later time DELAY • heating water to the proper dishwashing temperature if WATER your household water is not hot enough.

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    Caring for Your Dishwasher Your new dishwasher is designed to give you many years of dependable service. There are a few things you can do to maintain your dishwasher properly. This section tells you how to clean and care for your dishwasher. Refer to the "Troubleshooting Guide"...

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    Storing your dishwasher Moving or winterizing your dishwasher protect your dishwasher and home against water damage due to freezing water lines. If your dishwasher is left in a seasonal dwelling or could be exposed to near freezing temperatures, have a qualified person do the following: 1.

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    Tips for washing special items If you have any doubts about washing a particular item, check with the manufacturer to see if it is dishwasher safe. MATERIAL DISHWASHER SAFE? EXCEPTIONS/SPECIAL INFORMATION Aluminum High water temperature and detergents may affect finish of anodized aluminum. Bottles and Cans Wash bottles and cans by hand.

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    Troubleshooting Guide Dishwasher is not operaUng properly CAUSE... SOLUTION... PROBLEM ... Dishwasher does not Door not closed Make sure door is closed and securely latched. run or stops during a Refer to the "Cycles" section, page 12. Wrong cycle selected cycle Check to see if household fuse or circuit breaker is No or improper power...

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    Troubleshooting Guide (cont.) Dishes are not cleaned completely (cont.) CAUSE... SOLUTION... PROBLEM ... Use fresh detergent only. Do not allow detergent to sit Food soil left on Detergent cakes in dispenser for several hours in a wet dispenser. Check dispenser dishes (cont.) for caked detergent.

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    Troubleshooting Guide (cont.) Spots or stains on dishes (cont.) PROBLEM ... CAUSE ... SOLUTION ... White spots on Seasoning removed by Reseason cookware after dishwasher washing. cookware with dishwasher detergents non-stick finish Brown stains on High iron content in water Remove by washing dishes (after food soil has been dishes and dish- supply...

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    Sears Maintenance Agreement Maintain the value of your KENMORE Dishwasher with a Sears Maintenance Agreement. Sears dishwashers are designed, manufactured, and tested for years of dependable operation. Yet, any modem appliance may require service from time to time. The Sears Maintenance Agreement:.

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    Sears Repair Services in U.S.A.: Forthe repair or replacement partsyou need Call 7 am - 7 pro, 7 days a week 1.800-366-PART (1-800-366-7278) For in-home major brand repair service Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1.800-4-REPAIR (1-800-473-7247) Forthe location of a Sears Repair Service Center in your area Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

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    2/97 printed in U.S.A. Impnm_ aux _:tats-Unis 3378918 _.,,_.,, _ EE. uu.

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