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Fujitsu Docking Station PenCentra 200 Installation Instructions

Hand strap pencentra 130 or pencentra 200


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Hand Strap
Installation Instructions
PenCentra 130 and 200
The hand strap can be attached to your PenCentra 130 or
PenCentra 200 pen tablet to provide additional support
while using the system in a hand-held position.
Installing the Hand Strap
The hand strap can be installed in on of two locations on
the pen tablet to accommodate right- or left-handed
users. To install the hand strap,
1. Using a sharp object such as a penknife, pry the
round, adhesive covers from the back of the system
to expose the screw bosses in the location that you
want to install the hand strap. See Figure 1 for the
screw boss locations.
Left Handed User
Right Handed User
Figure 1. Hand Strap Fastening Points
2. Use the screws provided to attach the hand strap in
the desired location as shown in Figure 2.
3. The hand strap is now attached to your system.
Using the Hand Strap
4. If you are a right-handed user, install and use the
hand strap as shown in Figure 3. The Velcro strip
on the hand strap allows you to adjust the strap to
the most comfortable position. If you are a
left-handed user, install and use the hand strap as
shown in Figure 4.
PenCentra 130 and PenCentra 200 are trademarks of Fujitsu PC Corporation. © 2000 Fujitsu PC Corporation
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Figure 2. Installing the Hand Strap
Figure 3. Using the Hand Strap (Right-handed User)
Figure 4. Using the Hand Strap (Left-handed User)



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