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Craftsman 3000 MAX PSI Operator's Manual

Craftsman 3000 MAX PSI Operator's Manual

3000 max psi 2.7 max gpm pressure washer


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Operator's IVlanual
3000 MAX PSI*
iViodelNo. 580.752532
HOURS: IVlon. - Fri. B a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT)
Before using this product, read this
manual and follow all Safety Rules
and Operating instructions.
Antes de utilizar el producto, lea este
manual y siga todas las Reglas de
Seguridad e Instrucciones de Uso.
,, Safety
,, Assembly
,, Operation
,, iVlaintenance
,, Parts
,, Espafiol, p. 36
* This pressure washer is rated in accordance to the Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association
(PWMA) standard PWI01 (Testing and Rating Performance of Pressure Washers).
* Esta limpiadora a presiOnest_ clasificada conforme a la norma PWl01 (comprobaciOn y clasificaciOn de rendimiento de limpiadoras
a presiOn) de la AsociaciOn de fabricantes de bombas a presiOn(Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association, PWMA).
Sears Brands ManagementCorporation,HoffmanEstates,IL 60179 U.S.A.
Visit our Craftsman website:
Part No. 314381GS Draft - (12/16/2010)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 * Esta limpiadora a presiOnest_ clasificada conforme a la norma PWl01 (comprobaciOn y clasificaciOn de rendimiento de limpiadoras a presiOn) de la AsociaciOn de fabricantes de bombas a presiOn(Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association, PWMA). Sears Brands ManagementCorporation,HoffmanEstates,IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website: Part No. 314381GS Draft - (12/16/2010)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Defective product will receive free repair or replacementif repair is unavailable. For warranty coverage details to obtain free repair or replacement,visit the web site: This warranty does not cover the spray guns, hoses, nozzle extensions, nozzles,filters and spark plugs, which are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.
  • Page 3 A. WARNING The engine exhaust from this product Read this manual carefully and becomefamiliar with your pressurewasher. Knowits applications, contains chemicals known to the State of California to its limitations, and any hazards involved. cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. importantSafetyinformation A.
  • Page 4 _i_ WARNING Fuel and its vapors are extremely flammable ,& WARNING Starter cord kickback (rapid retraction) will and explosive which could cause burns, pull hand and arm toward engine faster than you fire or explosion resulting in death, ,_can let go which could cause broken bones, fractures, bruises, or sprains resulting in serious serious injury and/or property damage.
  • Page 5 ,&, WARNING Use of pressure washer could create _i_ WARNING Risk of eye or bodily injury. puddles and slippery surfaces causing Spray could splash back or propel you to fall resulting in death or serious objects resulting in serious injury. injury.
  • Page 6 KNOWYOURPRESSURE WASHER Read the Operator's Manual and safety rules before operating your pressure washer. Compare the illustrations with your pressure washer to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. ® IVi- Air Filter -- Protects engine by filtering dust and debris out of A - AccessoryTray -- Provides convenient storage for accessories, intake air.
  • Page 7 6. if any parts are missing or damaged, call the pressure washer helpline at 1-800-222-3136. ASSEMBLING PRESSURE WASHER Your Craftsman pressure washer will need assembly before operation: insert supplied accessories in spaces provided in Fill out and send in registration card.
  • Page 8 Attach rope guide (A) through handle with plastic knob 2-1N-1Soap System (B). Tighten by hand. Route engine recoil rope through The pressure washer is equipped with two detergent guide. siphoning hoses. Project Pro PerfectMW MSiphon Blue tube with blue bottle cap: When using the blue PerfectMWMsiphon, use the PerfectMWMExtreme Concentrate straight from the bottle.
  • Page 9: Warranty

    Add EngineOil To protect the fuel system from gum formation, mix in a fuel stabilizer when adding fuel. See Storage. All fuel is not the Place pressure washer on a flat, level surface. same. If you experiencestarting or performance problems Cleanarea around oil fill and remove yellow oil fill after using fuel, switch to a different fuel provider or change cap/dipstick.
  • Page 10: Assembly

    FreshStart@ Fuel Cap LubricaleO-Rings The Fresh Start@fuel cap (A) is designed to hold a Lubrication of o-rings is extremely important for installation cartridge (B) which contains fuel preserver. Adding fuel and operation. The use of a lubricant (petroleum or synthetic grease) during assembly helps seat o-rings properly and preserver helps keep fuel fresh and carburetors clean for provides an improved seal.
  • Page 11 ConnectHose and Water Supply to Pump Run water through garden hose for 30 seconds to flush it of debris. Turn off water. NOTICE DO NOTsiphon standing water for the water NOTICE DO NOT run the pump without the water supply supply.
  • Page 12 HOWTO USEYOURPRESSURE WASHER To Start Your Pressure Washer To start your engine-powered pressure washer for the first If you have any problems operating your pressure washer, time, follow these instructions step-by-step. This information please call the pressure washer helpline at 1-800-222-3136. also applies whenever you start the engine after you have let PressureWasher Location the pressure washer sit idle for at least a day.
  • Page 13 NOTICE Before starting the pressure washer, be sure you _i_ WARNING The high pressure stream of water that are wearing safety goggles as described below. and its underlying tissues, resulting in serious this equipment produces could cut through skin _i_WARNING Risk of eye injury. injury and possible amputation.
  • Page 14 Follow these instructions to changenozzle patterns: How to Use Accessory Tray Select desired spray pattern: The unit is equipped with an accessory tray with places to MAX - For stubborn or hard to reach surface such store your spray gun and nozzle extension. There is also a detachable hose wrap at the back of the accessory tray to as second story surfaces, paint removal, oil stains, hold your high pressure hose.
  • Page 15 2-1N-1Soap System Cleaning and Applying Detergentwith the Standard Clear Siphon _i_WARNING Chemical Burn Hazard. To apply diluted detergent using the Chemicals could cause burns resulting in death, standard clear siphon tube, follow these serious injury, and/or property damage. steps: • DONOT usecausticliquid with pressure washer. Review use of selector nozzle.
  • Page 16 Pressure Washer Rinsing Select and change to SOAP spray pattern nozzle on selector nozzle.See How To Use Selector Nozzle. For Rinsing: Flush for 1-2 minutes. Select and change to desired spray pattern nozzle on Shut off engine following instructions How to Stop selector nozzle.
  • Page 17: Specifications

    ENGINE TECHNICAL iNFORMATiON PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS This is a single cylinder, overhead valve (OHV), air cooled PressureWasher Specifications engine, it is a low emissions engine. Max Outlet Pressure ...... 3,000 PSI* In the State of California, Model 120000 engines are certified Max Flow Rate......
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    OWNER'SRESPONSiBiLiTiES EmissionsControl Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emissions Follow the hourly or calendar intervals, whichever occurs controldevices and systemsmay be performed by any non- first. More frequent service is required when operating in adverse conditions noted below. road engine repair establishment or individual. However, to obtain "no charge"...
  • Page 19 Check DetergentSiphoningTubes Remove detergent siphoning hose from barbed fitting on pump. Examine the filter on each detergent tube and clean if clogged. The tube should fit tightly on the barbed fitting. Using a firm, blunt object 7/64" in diameter or smaller, Examine the tube for leaks or tears.
  • Page 20 Selector Nozzle Maintenance O-Ring Maintenance Purchase an O-Ring Repair Kit, item 7175116, at your local A pulsing sensation felt while squeezing the spray gun trigger Searsor by calling 1-800-4-1VlY-NOME (4fig-4fifi3) or online may be caused by excessive pump pressure. The principal cause of excessive pump pressure is a nozzle clogged or at
  • Page 21 Checking Oil Level Tip your pressure washer to drain oil from oil fill into a suitable container making sure you tip your unit away Make sure pressure washer is on a level surface. from spark plug. When crankcase is empty, return Remove oil dipstick and wipe dipstick with clean cloth.
  • Page 22 AFTEREACHUSE Checkelectrode gap with wire feeler gauge and reset spark plug gap to recommended gap if necessary (see Water should not remain in the unit for long periods of time. Specifications). Sediments or minerals can deposit on pump parts and "freeze"...
  • Page 23 WINTERSTORAGE Change O il While engine is still warm, drain oil from crankcase. Refill with recommended grade. See ChangingEngine Oil. NOTICE You must protect your unit from freezing Protect Pump temperatures. • Failure to do so will permanently damage your pump and render To protect the pump from damage caused by mineral your unit inoperable.
  • Page 24 Problem Correction Cause Soap spray pattern nozzle is Select high pressure spray pattern nozzle selected. on selector nozzle. Water inlet is blocked. Clear inlet. inadequatewater supply. Provide adequate water flow. inlet hose is kinked or leaking. Straighten inlet hose, patch leak. Pump has following probJems: Checkand clean inlet hose strainer.
  • Page 26 CRAFTSMAN 3000 PSi PressureWasher 580.752532 Main Unit = Exploded View and Parts List PartsNot Illustrated Item Part # Description 312024GS BASE Part # Description 204257ZGS HANDLE 314381GS MANUAL-OPERATOR'S 311147GS BILLBOARD AB3061BGS B1797GS CLiP 23139GS 204684GS WRAP-HOSE 310975GS HOSE-CHEMICAL 204658GS HOSE...
  • Page 27 CRAFTSMAN 3000 PSi PressureWasher 580.752532 Pump = Exploded View and Parts List 19 --@ ?..2o > Item Part # Description Item Part# Description B2384GS FILTER,inlet 201496GS KIT, WATERINLET 192914GS KIT, HOSETAIL 2841220GS FITTING,Suction 1982520GS NIPPLE, Hose 2840250GS FITTING,Suction 1266330GS...
  • Page 28 ENGINE,Brilgs & $tratton, 12Sg02- ExplodedView 1376 48 SHORT BLOCK 78_' 1264 6150 1263 404_ 32A _ 32_ 27C=_...
  • Page 29 ENGINE,Briogs & $tratton, 12S902- ExplodedView 238(_ 883A 1034 1022 IO23 1...
  • Page 30 ENGINE,8riogs & $tratton, 12S902- ExplodedView 564 T 957A 564A 209 O_ 633A 623 O...
  • Page 31 ENGINE,Briogs& $tratton, 12S902- ExplodedView...
  • Page 32 ENGINE,Briogs& $tratton, 12S902- ExplodedView 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL KIT 358 ENGINE GASKET SET ,o3_ 842 @ 1095 VALVE G ASKET SET 883A_ $14_ 1022...
  • Page 33 Stratton,12S902- Parts List ENGINE, Briggs & item Part# Description item Pa_ # Description 690662 Nut (Flywheel) 798947 Cylinder Assembly 796500 Armature-Magneto 299819s Seal-Oil (Magneto Side) 793454 Screw (Magneto Armature) 493279 Sump-Engine 334A 796537 Screw (Magneto Armature) 796471 Head-Cylinder 692051 Hug-Spark 796475 Gasket-Cylinder Head Switch-Rocker...
  • Page 34 California, U.S. EPA,and Sears Emissions Sears EmissionsControl Warranty Provisions ControlWarranty Statement The following are specific provisions relative to your Emissions Control Warranty Coverage. It is in addition to the YourWarranty Rights And 0bligations Searsengine warranty for non-regulated engines found in the Operator's Manual.
  • Page 35 The warranty onemissions-related parts isasfollows: LookFor Relevant EmissionsDurability Period and Air Index information On Your Small Off-Road Engine • Any warranted part that is not scheduled for EmissionsLabel replacementas required maintenancein the owner's manual supplied, is warranted for the warranty period Enginesthat are certified to meet the California Air Resources stated above.
  • Page 36 Una vez que adquiera ei contrato de protecci6n para reparaciones, s61otiene que hacer una sencilla Ilamada teief6nica para programar Su nuevo producto Craftsman® est_ diseSado y fabricado para un servicio. Puede Ilamar a cualquier hera dei dia o la noche, o funcionar de manera fiable durante muchos aSos.
  • Page 37 ,& ADVERTENCIA El escape del motor de este producto Leaestemanualminuciosamente y conozca a fondolas partes y el funcionarnientodesurn_quina limpiadoraa contiene eiementos quimicos reconocidos en el Estado de presi6n.Conozca susaplicaciones, suslirnitacionesy los California por producir c_.ncer,defectos de nacimiento u peligros involucrados. otros da_os de tipo reproductivo.
  • Page 38 A ADVERTENCIA Elretroceso (repliegue r_.pido) del _i_ AI:IVERTENCIAEl combustible y sus vapores son cable d elarrancador impedir_, que eiusuario extremadamenteinflamablesy explosivos, _,_,_ sueite e icable atiempo y tirar_, desumano y _1,_ Io que podria provocar quemaduras, incendioso explosiones;asi como da_os brazo hacia ei motor, io que podria provocar materiales,lesiones graveso incluso la muerte.
  • Page 39 A ABVERTENCIA Peligro de quemadura quimica. _i_ ADVERTENCIA Riesgo de lesiones en los ojos 0 el Las sustancias quimicas podrian provocar quemaduras, materiales, asi como da_os lesiones cuerpo. El agua rociada podria salpicar 0 graves o incluso la muerte. propulsar objetos, Io que puede •...
  • Page 40 CONOZCA SU iViAQUINA LIIViPIADORA A PRESI6N Leael Manualdel Operafioy insreglas desegufidad antes deponerenmarcha sulimpiadora a presi6n. Compare Ins ilustraciones con su limpiadora a presi6n para familiarizarse con Ins ubicaciones de los diferentes controles y ajustes. Guarde este manual para referencias futuras. ®...
  • Page 41 Su limpiadora apresi6n requiere decierto e nsamble yestar_ lista Conecte manguera a alta presi6n a pistola rociadoray a bomba. para s er usado _nicamente despu_s dehaber depositado Conecte el suministro de agua a bomba. combustible yelaceite recomendado. Conecte boquilla la extensi6n al pistola rociadora. Sitiene problemas c onel ensambiedesum_quina limpiadoraa Selecto/conecta r_pido conecta boquilla a la extensi6n de la...
  • Page 42 Fije la guia de la cuerda (A) al asa con el pomo de pl_stico Sistema de inyecci6n"2 en 1" negro (B). Apriete a mane. Pasela cuerda del arrancador per el La limpiadoraa presi6n est_ equipada con dos mangueras de fijador. inyecci6n de detergente.
  • Page 43 Aoregueaceite de motor AI/ISO Evite el da_o del limpiadora a presiOn. El fracaso para seguir Manual de Operario para el Coloque la limpiadora a presi6n en una superficie plana y combustible reccomendations garantia de vacios. nivelada. • NO utilice gasolina no autorizada; por ejemplo, E85. Limpie la zona de alrededor del orificio de Ibnado de aceite y •...
  • Page 44 Lubriquelas juntast6ricas Tap6n de combustible Fresh Start@ El tapdn de combustible FreshStart@ (A) estA dise_ado para La lubricaci6n de las juntas t6ricas es extremadamente importante albergar un cartucho (B) con aditivo para combustible. La adici6n para la instalaci6n y operaci6n. El use de un lubricante (petr61eoo de un aditivo para combustible ayuda a mantener el combustible en grasa sint_tica) durante el montaje es de utilidad para que las buen estado y loscarburadores limpios para facilitar el arranque...
  • Page 45 Haga correr el agua a trav_s de la manguera de su jardin por Conectela manouera y el suministrode aoua a la bomba 30 segundos para limpiar cualquier escombro que se encuentre en ella. Desconecteel agua. ,zlV/$O Hace NO agua de parar de siphon para el abastecimiento de AVISO NO haga funcionar la bomba si no tiene el agua.
  • Page 46 COMOUSARSU LIMPIADORA A PRESION lirnpiadora Para poneren rnarchael a presi6n Para dafle arranque a su limpiadora a presi6n movido a motor por Si tiene problemas con el funcionamiento de su m_quina limpiadora primera vez, siga estas instrucciones paso a paso. Esta informaci6n a presi6n, por favor liame a la linea de ayuda de la m_quina acerca de la puesta en marcha inicial tambi_n es v_lida para cuando limpiadora a presi6n al 1-800-222-3136,...
  • Page 47 AV/SO Antesdearrancarla limpiadoraa presi6n,aseg_rese de _i_ ADVERTENCIA El chorro de agua a alta presi6n que ponersegafasde seguridadcomose describe a continuaci6n. este equipo produce podria atravesar la piel y ,&, ADVERTENCIA Riesgo de iesiones oculares. provocar los tejidos subcut_.neos, podrian El agua rociada podria saipicar o propulsar lesiones graves y la posible amputaci6n de un miembro.
  • Page 48 C6mousar el boquilla de selector ,& ADVERTENCIA El chorro de agua a alta presiOn que El boquilla de selector le permite cambiar entre cinco boquillas con equipo produce podria piel este atravesar la patrones de rociado diferentes. Siempre que est_ activado el pestillo provocar los tejidos subcut_.neos, podrian...
  • Page 49 Uso inclina Permita que el detergente "penetre"de 3 a 5 minutos antes de enjuagar. Vuelva a aplicarlo cuando sea necesario para evitar • Para obtener un resultado 6ptimo, mantenga el boquilla de que la superficie se seque. NO permita que el detergente se selector a una distancia de entre 20 y 61 cm (8 a 24 pulgadas) seque.
  • Page 50 Enjuaoede la mziquinalimpiaderaa presi6n Limpieza del tube de inyecci6nde detergente Si us6 el tube, debe lavarlo con agua limpia antes de parar el motor. Despu_s dehaberaplicado el detergente, refriegue la superficie Coloque el filtro y la inyecci6n de detergente en un balde Ileno y efljuagelade ia siguiente manera: de agua limpia.
  • Page 51 INFORMACION TECNICA SOBREEL ESPECIFICACIONES DELPRODUCTO MOTOR Espe.cificaciones de la mziquina limpiadoraa preseon El motor es de uno cilindros, de vAIvulasen cabeza (OHV), reffigerado por aire y de baja emisi6n. Presi6n de saiida m_xima ......3,000 PSI* En el Estado de California, los motores de la sefie 120000 han Caudalm_ximo ........
  • Page 52 RECOIViENDACIONES GENERALES Bombade aceite NO realice ninguna operaci6n de mantenimiento con el aceite de la Plan de mantenimiento bomba. La bomba se suministra preiubricada y sellada en f_brica, y Siga los intervalosde horas o de calendario, los que sucedan antes. no requiere lubricaci6n adicional durante su vida _til.
  • Page 53 Revise la manguerade alta presi6n Apague el motor y apague el suministro de agua. Apunte SIEMPRE con la pistola rociadora hacia una direcci6n Las mangueras de alta presi6n pueden desarrollar fugas debido al segura, pulse el bot6n rojo y apriete el gatillo para descargar el desgaste, dobleces o abuso.
  • Page 54 Utilice un peque_o clip para papel para eliminar el material IVlantenirniento dei boquilla de selector extra_o que obstruye cadaboquilb (A) en el boquilb de selector. Si la presi6n de b bomba es excesiva, puede notar una sensaci6n de pulsaci6n al apretar el gatillo de la pistola rociadora. La causa m_s probable del exceso de presi6n es la obstrucci6n de la boquilb debido a la suciedad u otro material extra_o.
  • Page 55 MANTENIMIENTO DELMOTOR Comprobaci6n dei nivel de aceite Compruebe el nivel de aceite antes de cada uso o cada 8 horas de _i_ ADVERTENCIA Las chispas involuntarias podrian funcionamiento, como minimo. Reiiene si es necesario. ",dh provocar incendios o electrocuci6n Coloque ei limpiadora a presi6n sobre una superficie niveiada. pueden provocar lesiones graves o la muerte.
  • Page 56 Cambie Rernpiacela bujia el aceite cuandoeJmotor siga estando caJientedespuHs de haber funcionado: Cambie la bujia ayudarA a su motor a arrancar mAs fAcilmente y Drene eltanque del combustible haciendofuncionar la funcionar mejor. mAquina limpiadora a presi6n hasta que el tanque est_ vacio. Limpie el Area alrededor de la bujb y retirela.
  • Page 57 DESPUES DECADAUSO $isterna de refrioeraci6n de aire Con eltiempo, se pueden acumular residuos en las aletas de No deberb,haber agua en la unidad por largos periodos de tiempo. refrigeraci6n del cilindro y pasar inadvertidos mientras no se Los sedimentos de minerales se pueden depositar en partes de la desmonte parcialmente el motor.
  • Page 58 ALIViACEHAIVllENTO PARAIHVIERHO Cambiode aceite Con el motor todavia caliente, drene el aceite de la caja del cig_Je_al. Vuelva a Ilenarlo con ei grado de aceite recomendado. Vea Cambio AI/ISO Usted deber_, proteger su unidad de las de Aceite del Motor en la secci6n Mantenimiento del Motor. temperaturas de congelamiento.
  • Page 59 Problema Soluci6n Cagsa La boquilla del patr6n de rociado para SOAP En el boquilla de selector, seleccione la boquilla (jab6n) est_ seieccionada. del patr6n de rociado de alta presi6n. La entrada de agua est_ bloqueada. Limpie la entrada. Suministro de agua inadecuado. Proporcione fiujo de agua adecuado.
  • Page 60 Garantiade controlde ernisionesde California, Disposicionesde la garantia contradefectos del sistema de control de emisiones de Sears U.S. EPAy Sears A continuaci6n se detaiian las disposiciones concretas Derechesy obligacienesde la garantia reiativas a la Cobertura de ia garantia contra defectos dei sistema de control de emisiones.
  • Page 61 Lagarantia deloscomponentes relacionados conlas Sears.Sears no ser_.responsable de la cobertura de la emisiones eslasiguiente: garantia de fallos de componentes relacionados con el sistema de emisiones cubiertos por ia garantia • Los failos de todo componente cubierto por ia garantia provocados por el uso de componentes que no se deba sustituir como parte dei plan de complementarios o modificados.
  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managemylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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