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Operating Your Water Heater; Water Heater Start-Up; Water Temperature Regulation - Whirlpool Energy Smart Residential Electric Water Heater Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual


Table of Contents
Water Heater Start-Up
Before operating the water heater, make sure the
water heater has been properly installed.
Completely fill the tank with water.
Carefully read and understand the section, "Water
Temperature Regulation", of this manual and adjust
the temperature control knob to the desired setting.
Read the section, "Operating Mode Descriptions"
on page 10 and select the desired operating mode.
After the tank is completely filled with water, turn on
power to the water heater. Note: The water heater
performs self-diagnostics
that takes approximately
10 minutes. During this time, the elements may not
be energized. If a failure is detected, the Diagnostic
Light flashes the related failure code. See page 14
for "Diagnostic Code Chart."
Operation of this water heater without
access doors or insulation could result in much higher
water temperatures than the desired set point,
increasing the risk of scald injury. Do not operate
water heater with the access doors or insulation
Do not attempt to operate this water heater
if the temperature sensor(s), electronic control board, or
surrounding insulation has been exposed to water in
any way. Immediately call a qualified service technician
to inspect the water heater and replace any
temperature sensor(s), electronic control board, or
insulation that has been exposed to water. Do not
attempt to repair these parts. Water heaters subjected
to flood conditions or any time the temperature
sensor(s) or electronic control board have been
submerged in water require replacement of the entire
water heater.
Safety Shut-off
This water heater is equipped with a high limit control
switch that is designed to shut off the power to the
elements if the water temperature exceeds170°F
(77°C). Use the diagnostic control chart on page 14 to
help determine the cause of the high limit shut-off. After
the cause has been corrected, reset the control as
directed under "Reset Function" on page 10.
Water Temperatu re
Water temperature
over 125°F can cause
severe burns instantly
or death from
and elderly are at
highest risk of being scalded.
See the instruction
manual before setting
at water heater.
Feel water before bathing
or showering.
limiting valves are available.
The temperature control is adjusted to a setting of
120°F or lower when it is shipped from the factory.
Water temperature can be regulated by adjusting the
temperature control system to the preferred setting as
shown in "Operating the Temperature Control System."
The recommended
starting point is 120°F. There is a
hot water scald potential if the temperature control
is set too high.
Important: Adjusting the temperature
past 120°F on the
temperature control will increase the risk of scald injury.
Hot water can produce first degree burns within:
120°F (49°C) more than 5 minutes
130°F (54°C) at 20 seconds
140°F (60°C) at 3 seconds
150°F (66°C) at 1-1/2 seconds
160°F (71°C) at less than 1 second


Table of Contents

Table of Contents