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Operating Your Water Heater; Before Using; Water Temperature Regulation - Whirlpool Residential Electric Heat Pump Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

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Before Using

1. Make sure the water heater has been properly
installed. See "Installing Your Water Heater" section.
2. Make sure the air filter is correctly seated, as it may
shift during shipping or installation. See "Repair Parts
Illustration" section.
3. Completely fill the tank with water (See "Water Piping"
4. After the water heater tank is completely filled with water,
connect electrical power to the water heater.
5. Read the "Water Temperature Regulation" section of this
If you do not fully understand these instruction,
contact a qualified person.
6. Press the power button (See Figure 11) to turn the water
heater on and allow it to run a system diagnostic. This
typically takes eight minutes. Once complete, proceed to
the next step.
NOTE: If the system diagnostic yields any codes,
reference the Diagnostic Code section in this manual.
7. Adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature
setting as described under "Adjusting the User Interface
Module/Operational Modes" section.
Do not attempt to operate this water heater
if the unit has been submerged, subjected to flooding, or
surrounding insulation has been exposed to water in any
Do not attempt to repair a unit subjected to flood conditions.
Water heaters subjected to flood conditions or any time the
unit has been submerged in water require replacement of
the entire water heater.
Safety Shut-off (ECO)
This water heater is designed to automatically shut-off in the
event that the water temperature exceeds 190°F or 87.8°C.
A temperature limit switch or ECO (Energy Cut Off) is used
to shut off the power to the system if the water temperature
exceeds 190°F or 87.8°C (See "Water Temperature
Regulation" section). To reset the ECO disconnect power at
the circuit breaker/fuse box then remove the upper access
panel. Reset the ECO by firmly pushing in the red reset
button located on the ECO block. If the ECO continues
to shut-off the water heater contact a qualified person for

Water Temperature Regulation

Water temperature over 125°F can cause
severe burns instantly or death from scalds.
Children, disabled and elderly are at highest
risk of being scalded.
Feel water before bathing or showering.
Temperature limiting valves are available.
The water heater is adjusted to a temperature setting of
no higher than 120°F when it is shipped from the factory.
Water temperature can be regulated by adjusting the User
Interface Module to the preferred setting as shown in
"Adjusting the User Interface Module/Operational Mode"
The preferred starting point is 120°F. There is a hot water
scald potential if the temperature set point is set too high.
Adjusting the set point above 120°F on the
User Interface Module will increase the risk of scald injury in
the times shown below.
Table 3
Time for 1st
Degree Burn
Temperature °F
(Less Severe Burns)
(normal shower temp.)
(pain threshold)
(U.S. Government Memorandum, C.P.S.C., Peter L. Armstrong, Sept. 15,1978)
NOTE: During low demand periods when hot water is not
being used, a lower temperature set point will reduce energy
losses and may satisfy your normal hot water needs. If hot
water use is expected to be more than normal, a higher
temperature set point may be required to meet the increased
When leaving your home for extended periods (vacations,
etc.) set the water heater to Vacation Mode. See "Adjusting the
User Interface Module/Operational Modes" section. This will
maintain the water at low temperatures with minimum energy
losses and prevent the tank from freezing during cold weather.
NOTE: When returning from an extended stay remember to
set the water heater back to the desired Operational Mode.
Time for
Permanent Burns
2nd & 3rd Degree
(Most Severe Burns)
35 minutes
45 minutes
1 minute
5 minutes
5 seconds
25 seconds
2 seconds
5 seconds
1 second
2 seconds
1 seconds


Table of Contents

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