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D-Link DFE-550FX User Manual

100mbps fiber-optics adapter with sc connector
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D-Link DFE-550FX
Fiber-optics Adapter
with SC Connector
User's Guide
First Edition (April, 2000)
Printed in Taiwan


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Summary of Contents for D-Link DFE-550FX

  • Page 1 D-Link DFE-550FX 100Mbps Fiber-optics Adapter with SC Connector User’s Guide First Edition (April, 2000) 6DFE550FX.01 Printed in Taiwan RECYCLABLE...
  • Page 2 No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from D-Link Corporation / D-Link Systems Inc., as stipulated by the United States Copyright Act of 1976.
  • Page 3 This Warranty applies on the condition that the product Registration Card is filled out and returned to a D-Link office within ninety (90) days of purchase. A list of D-Link offices is provided at the back of this manual, together with a copy of the Registration Card.
  • Page 4 Registration Card. If a Registration Card for the product in question has not been returned to a D-Link office, then a proof of purchase (such as a copy of the dated purchase invoice) must be provided when requesting warranty service.
  • Page 5 An address/telephone/fax/e-mail/Web site list of D-Link offices is provided in the back of this manual. LIMITATION OF WARRANTIES IF THE D-LINK PRODUCT DOES NOT OPERATE AS WARRANTED ABOVE, THE CUSTOMER'S SOLE REMEDY SHALL BE, AT D-LINK'S OPTION, REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ................1 ACPI P ............1 OWER ANAGEMENT ................1 ONTROL IEEE802.1 ............ 2 RIORITY AGGING IEEE802.1Q VLAN ..............2 ............... 3 RODUCT EATURES INSTALLATION................4 ..................4 NPACKING ............. 4 NSTALLING THE DAPTER ..........5 ONNECTING THE ETWORK ABLE...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    If the switch’s data buffer is about to overflow when operating at full duplex, a Pause frame will be transmitted to the DFE-550FX. The ensuing idle time keeps the buffer from overflowing and prevents data from being lost. This enhancement can improve network throughput and prevent lost data, helping the network achieve optimal performance.
  • Page 9: Ieee802.1P Priority Tagging

    D-Link DFE-550FX Adapter IEEE802.1p Priority Tagging With the growing number of network applications, local area networks (LANs) must deliver data for a wide variety applications. Email, file transfers, database queries, voice over IP (VoIP), video- conferencing and multimedia must all be delivered to the end- user’s.
  • Page 10: Product Features

    D-Link DFE-550FX Adapter Product Features Designed for high performance and versatility, the DFE-550FX Adapter provides the following features: Plug and Play installation. Complies with the IEEE802.3u/100Base-FX Ethernet standards. PCI Bus Master direct memory access for high throughput and low CPU utilization.
  • Page 11: Installation

    If your order includes the Boot ROM option, then install the Boot ROM Chip by plugging the chip into the Boot ROM Socket on the DFE-550FX card. The notched end of the Boot ROM Chip must be aligned with the notched end of the Boot ROM Socket.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Network Cable

    If this happens, it is necessary to run the CMOS Setup utility, and manually assign a non- conflicting Interrupt Number to the DFE-550FX. Connecting the Network Cable Multimode (62.5/125 m or 50/125 m) fiber cabling with an IEEE recommended SC connector is required for the adapter.
  • Page 13: Software Installation

    Verification/Diagnostic Program This test program verifies configuration of the DFE-550FX as set by the installation procedure, and assists with isolation of any faults in operation. Verification and testing procedures are optional, and will only be useful in the unusual event that there is a fault, such as an interrupt number conflict among your computer expansion cards.
  • Page 14 D-Link DFE-550FX Adapter Adapter Function Test Insert the DFE-550FX Software Diskette in an available drive (here shown as drive A). At the DOS prompt (here shown as >), key in: > A:\DIAG.EXE and <RETURN>. The opening screen of the Verification/ Diagnostic program will appear.
  • Page 15 Verification/Diagnostic run. Skip the remaining steps shown below. Remove the DFE-550FX Software Diskette from your station's (the primary station's) diskette drive, and insert it into an available drive of a second station on your LAN. At the DOS prompt (here shown as >), key in:...
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    CMOS Setup utility run after you have reinstalled all of the expansion cards. The DFE-550FX Adapter features three LED indicators to assist in network diagnostics: LINK ady green indicates good linkage between the DFE-500FX and the supporting network device.
  • Page 17: Specifications

    D-Link DFE-550FX Adapter Specifications Network Type: IEEE 802.3u standard 100Mbps Ethernet 100Base-FX Media interface: SC LAN Chip Set: Interface controller: D-Link DL10050A EMI Compatibility: FCC Class B VCCI Class B CE Class B C-Tick BSMI Host interface: PCI 2.1 Bus (Bus Master)
  • Page 18 2180 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, Ontario L6H 5W1 Canada TEL: 1-905-829-5033 FAX: 1-905-829-5223 BBS: 1-965-279-8732 FREE CALL: 1-800-354-6522 URL: FTP: E-MAIL: CHILE D-LINK SOUTH AMERICA Isidora Goyenechea #2934 of.702, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile TEL: 56-2-232-3185 FAX: 56-2-2320923 URL: E-MAIL:, DENMARK...
  • Page 19 2F, No. 119 Pao-Chung Road, Hsin-Tien, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL: 886-2-2910-2626 FAX: 886-2-2910-1515 URL: E-MAIL: U.K. D-LINK EUROPE D-Link House, 6 Garland Road, Stanmore, London HA7 1DP U.K. TEL: 44-20-8235-5555 FAX: 44-20-8235-5500 BBS: 44-20-8235-5511 URL: E-MAIL: U.S.A D-LINK U.S.A.
  • Page 22 3. What network protocol(s) does your organization use ? !XNS/IPX !TCP/IP !DECnet !Other _____________________________ 4. What network operating system(s) does your organization use ? !D-Link LANsmart !Novell NetWare !NetWare Lite !SCO Unix/Xenix !PC NFS !3Com 3+Open !Banyan Vines !DECnet Pathwork !Windows NT !Windows NTAS !Windows '95 !Other __________________________________________ 5.

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