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Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, Sharp Telecommunications of Europe Limited,
declares that this 770SH is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive
A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be
found at the following Internet address:


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity Hereby, Sharp Telecommunications of Europe Limited, declares that this 770SH is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be found at the following Internet address:...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Introduction • Screen layout may differ from that illustrated in this user guide. Congratulations on your new 3G/UMTS 770SH phone. The information described in this user guide is subject to change without notice. About This User Guide This user guide is carefully designed to help you learn •...
  • Page 3 HI The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Corporation Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sharp is ©2002-2006 HI Corporation. All Rights Reserved. under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 4: Useful Functions And Services

    Useful Functions and Services This product is licensed under the MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License for the personal and non-commercial use of Your phone offers you the following features: a consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the • Video calls. You can talk while viewing each other on respective MPEG-4 Video Standard (“MPEG-4 Video”) and/or (ii) decode screens.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ..........1 Making a Video Call ........28 Answering a Video Call ......29 Your Phone ..........7 In Call Menu (Video Call) ......30 Optional Accessories ........7 Entering Characters ........33 Getting Started ..........8 Changing the Input Language ....34 Inserting the SIM Card and the Battery ..
  • Page 6 Finding a Name .......... 39 Functions in the Photo Camera Mode ..51 Dialling from the Contacts List ....39 Functions in the Video Camera Mode ..53 Messaging ..........54 Editing Contacts List Entries ..... 40 Assigning a Ringtone or a Ring Video Clip SMS ............54 to Each Entry ..........
  • Page 7 Settings ............90 Data Counter ..........143 Mobile TV ..........92 Call Costs ..........143 Streaming ..........92 Connecting 770SH to Your PC ....145 Videos ............93 System Requirements ......145 Calendar ............. 96 3G/GSM Modem ........145 Organiser & Tools ........101 Handset Manager ........
  • Page 8: Your Phone

    Your Phone Please check the following carefully. Your phone should come complete with: • 3G (UMTS)/GSM 900/1800/1900 GPRS phone • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery • AC Charger • Stereo Handsfree • CD-ROM • microSD™ Memory Card* • User Guide • Quick Start Guide* * This item is not provided in some areas.
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started Getting Started...
  • Page 10 1. Earpiece/Speaker 5. Send/Redial Key: Makes voice calls or 2. Navigation Keys (Arrow Keys): accepts calls, and displays Moves cursor to highlight a the call logs in standby. menu item, etc.* 6. Video Telephony Key: Up/Down arrow keys: Displays Contacts List Makes video calls or entries in standby.
  • Page 11 11.Right Soft Key: 16.#/Silent Key: Executes the function in the Displays symbol screen on lower right of the screen. the text entry screen. Accesses “Vodafone live!” Press and hold to switch by opening the browser in languages on the text entry standby.* screen.
  • Page 12 23.External Connector: Used to connect either the charger or a USB data cable. 24.Side Keys (V/W): Moves the highlight up or down. Press in standby or during a call to increase or decrease the earpiece volume. Press during incoming call to mute the ringer or disable vibration mode (when active).
  • Page 13: Inserting The Sim Card And The Battery

    Inserting the SIM Card and the Hold the battery so that the metal contacts of the battery are facing down, slide the guides on the top Battery of the battery into the battery slots , and then Slide off the battery cover ( insert it Replace the battery cover.
  • Page 14: Removing The Sim Card And The Battery

    Removing the SIM Card and the Battery Disposal The device is battery-powered. In order to protect the Battery environment, please read the following points Ensure that the phone is turned off and that the concerning battery disposal: charger and other accessories are disconnected. •...
  • Page 15: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery To Disconnect the Charger When charging is complete, the battery indicator icon You must charge the battery for at least 150 minutes displays the full charge status. before using your phone for the first time. Unplug the charger from the AC outlet, then unplug Using the Charger the charger connector from the phone.
  • Page 16: Inserting/Removing The Memory Card

    Inserting/Removing the Memory Card Battery Level Indicator The current battery level is displayed in the upper right Note of the main display and the middle of the external • Do not push or pull on the card holder excessively as display.
  • Page 17 To Remove the Memory Card Slide the card holder as shown below in (OPEN ) and insert the memory card as shown in Turn off the phone. Slide off the battery cover. While pressing down lightly on the cover, slide the card holder as shown below in (OPEN ) and...
  • Page 18: Connecting The Handsfree Kit

    Connecting the Handsfree Kit Turning Your Phone On and Off To turn the power on or off, press and hold F for Open and rotate the connector cover halfway approximately 2 seconds. around. To Enter the PIN Code Connect the handsfree kit. If the PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is enabled you are asked to enter the PIN code each time the phone is switched on.
  • Page 19: Keypad Lock

    To Copy All Contacts List Entries from the SIM Card When you insert the SIM card into your phone for the first time and start the Contacts List application, you are asked whether you wish to copy Contacts List entries on the SIM card.
  • Page 20: Display Indicators (Main Display)

    Display Indicators (Main Display) Connection to the server [established/ communicating] Indicator area Voice call [incoming/in progress] : Video call communication mode enabled [voice/video/voice and video] : Alerts [text message and multimedia message/Email/Instant Messenger] : Mailbox full [SIM card only/handset only/both SIM card and handset] Logging in the Instant Messenger “Voice Calls”...
  • Page 21 26. (No display)/ Silent/vibration setting [silent/ Current profile [Normal/Meeting/ increasing volume/vibration enabled/ Activity/Car/Headset/Silent] silent and vibration enabled] : Speaker mode [speaker phone/speaker activated/microphone muted] Memory card inserted Battery level Daily alarm enabled Schedule entry enabled [with/without reminder alarm] Outbox contains unsent messages [text message/multimedia/Email] : WAP/OTA provisioning alerts [WAP alert/OTA provisioning alert/WAP and...
  • Page 22: Display Indicators (External Display)

    Display Indicators (External Display) Status Indicators : Strength of received signal/Service out of range Battery level Missed call Voice call incoming Video call incoming Call in progress Alerts [messages/OTA Provisioning/ Instant Messenger] WAP Push service Alarm sounding or snooze activated Getting Started...
  • Page 23: Navigating Functions

    Navigating Functions All applications are accessed from the Main menu. To open the Main menu, press the centre key B in standby. To launch applications, you will need to highlight menu items, and make selections. To select a menu item (indicated in quotation marks), move the cursor using a, b, c and d, and press B to select.
  • Page 24: Voice Call/Video Call Functions

    Voice Call/Video Call International Calls Press and hold Q until a + (international dialling Functions prefix) sign is displayed. Making a Voice Call Enter the country code, followed by the area code (without the leading zero) and the phone number, Enter the area code and the phone number you wish and press D to dial.
  • Page 25: Speed Dialling

    Speed Dialling Highlight the phone number you wish to call. Up to 8 phone numbers from the Contacts List memory Press D to redial a voice call or S to redial a (Handset and SIM) can be assigned to speed dials. You video call.
  • Page 26: In Call Menu (Voice Call)

    Rejecting an Incoming Call Turning the Speaker On and Off You can talk via the loudspeaker on the phone when it Press F while the phone is ringing to reject a call is on. you do not wish to answer. During a call, press [Options] and select Letting the Caller Know You are Unavailable “Loudspeaker On”.
  • Page 27 Accessing SMS/MMS Menu during a Call Conference Call Conference call is a call with more than 2 participants. During a call, press [Options] and select You may include up to 5 participants in a conference “Messaging”. call. The following options are available: “Create To Make a Conference Call Message”...
  • Page 28 To Add New Participants to the Conference Call To Have a Private Conversation with One of the Participants Press [Options] and select “Dial New Number”. If you wish to have a private conversation with one of Enter the number you wish to include in the the participants, you may select the participant from the conference call and press D to dial.
  • Page 29: Making A Video Call

    Making a Video Call Status Indicators 1. Sub screen for your image Note 2. Elapsed time • Video calls can only be made and received if both parties have 3G capable phones and 3G coverage. 3. Main screen for the other party’s screen See “Display Indicators (Main Display)”...
  • Page 30: Answering A Video Call

    Answering a Video Call To Make a Video Call With the Video Telephony When an incoming call is detected, the phone rings. Press S. Press D to answer the call with video or press Your image is displayed in the upper part of the [Options] and select “Hide Picture”...
  • Page 31: In Call Menu (Video Call)

    In Call Menu (Video Call) “Alternative Image”: The camera is turned off and the image selected in Muting the Microphone “Alternative Image” of During a video call, press [Mute]. “Video Call Settings” is used. To use the microphone again, press [Unmute]. Turning the Speaker On and Off Swapping Images You can talk via the loudspeaker on the phone when it...
  • Page 32 Video Call Settings To Turn the Backlight On or Off You can turn on the backlight of your screen. To Adjust the Quality of the Incoming or Outgoing During a video call, press [Options] and select Image “Video Call Settings”. You can adjust the quality of the called party’s or caller’s image.
  • Page 33 Mirror Image During a video call, you can reverse your image on the sub screen. During a video call, press [Options] and select “Video Call Settings”. Select “Mirror Image”. Select “On” or “Off”. To Change the Sub Camera Image to the Alternative Image During a video call, you can switch the image shown to the caller between the sub camera image and an...
  • Page 34: Entering Characters

    Entering Characters Lower Case Upper Case Numeric Characters Characters When entering characters to create Contacts List PQRS7 pqrs7 entries, text messages or multimedia messages, etc., press the corresponding keys. TUV8 tuv8 In multi-tap input method, press each key until the desired character is displayed.
  • Page 35: Changing The Input Language

    Changing the Input Language Note • If the correct word is not shown in step 5, enter the On the text entry screen, press [Options] and select correct word again after switching to the multi-tap “Input Language”. input method. Select the desired language. •...
  • Page 36: My Dictionary

    My Dictionary Copying, Cutting and Pasting Text You can create your own word list for T9 text input. On the text entry screen, press [Options] and select “Advanced”. On the text entry screen in T9 mode, press [Options] and select “My Dictionary”. Select “Copy”...
  • Page 37: Using The Menu

    Using the Menu Shortcut Keys You can access menus by pressing B and digit keys for the corresponding number on the Main menu. For Main Menu numbers 10 to 12, press B and P (10), Q (11) or R (12). See “List of Menu Functions” on page 162. Shortcuts are listed in the headings of this user guide.
  • Page 38: Contacts List

    Contacts List (M 8-1) Assign Tone/ For Voice Call: (file name) Video You can store the phone numbers and Email addresses Assign Tone/ For Video Call: (file name) of your friends, family and colleagues in the Contacts Video List. Assign Tone/ For New Message: (file name) Your phone can store up to 500 entries.
  • Page 39: Selecting The Storage Memory

    Selecting the Storage Memory Select “Incoming Call” or “Outgoing Call”. (M 8-8-3) Select “On” or “Off”. → → “Contacts” “Settings” “Save New Contact to” Add New Contact Select from “Handset”, “SIM” or “Choose before You can choose either the phone or SIM card memory Saving”.
  • Page 40: Viewing My Contact Details

    Viewing My Contact Details Finding a Name (M 8-5) You can register and edit your own contact as with → “Contacts” “Contacts List” other Contacts List entries. Enter the first few letters of the name. → “Contacts” “My Contact Details” Search results are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Page 41: Editing Contacts List Entries

    Editing Contacts List Entries Assigning a Ringtone or a Ring Video Clip to Each Entry → “Contacts” “Contacts List” → Highlight the entry you wish to edit. “Contacts” “Contacts List” Highlight the desired entry. Press [Options] and select “Edit”. Press [Options] and select “Edit”. Modify the information.
  • Page 42: Registering Birthday Item To Calendar

    Registering Birthday Item to Deleting Contacts List Entries Calendar Deleting All Contact Entries (M 8-9-3) A birthday entered in a contacts list entry can be → → “Contacts” “Manage Contacts” “Delete All registered to the calendar. Entries” → “Contacts” “Contacts List” Select from “Handset Entries”, “SIM Entries”...
  • Page 43: Contact Groups

    Contact Groups (M 8-6) Select “Assign Tone” or “Assign Video”. When selecting “Assign Video”, go to step 6. You can create a mailing list to send the same message to a group of recipients at once. Up to 5 groups can be Select “Preset Sounds”...
  • Page 44: Memory Status

    Speed Dial List • If you modify the entry assigned in the group, you You can set a maximum of 8 phone numbers in the need to re-assign it to the group. Highlight the entry, Speed Dial list (p. 24). press [Options], then select “Re-assign Entry”...
  • Page 45: Sending A Contacts List Entry

    Sending a Contacts List Entry Sending a Voice Clip Message or Video Clip Message Using an → “Contacts” “Contacts List” Address from the Contacts List Highlight the desired entry. → Press [Options] and select “Send Contact”. “Contacts” “Contacts List” Select the desired entry including the phone number Select “As Message”...
  • Page 46: Synchronising Contacts List Entries With Those On The Internet

    Synchronising Contacts List Entries Backing up the Contacts List (M 8-7-2) with those on the Internet (M 8-7) Select “Backup” to save your Contacts List to the Internet server. The data synchronisation functions are a network service which allow you to manage your Contacts List This will overwrite any contacts data stored on the from the phone and also via the Internet.
  • Page 47: Dialling A Service Phone Number

    Dialling a Service Phone Number Synchronisation Settings (M 8-7-5) → → (M 8-10) “Contacts” “Synchronise” “Sync Settings” Select the desired account or “Create New” to enter Certain SIM cards contain service phone numbers that the following settings. can be dialled. Contact your SIM card vendor for more information.
  • Page 48: Camera

    Camera (M 4) Note • When the video camera is launched, press [Options] Your phone has a built-in digital camera that allows you and select “Go to Photo Camera”, or press c. to take pictures and record video clips wherever you •...
  • Page 49: Recording Video Clips

    Recording Video Clips Common Functions in the Photo and Video Camera Modes You can record a video clip with your phone. “Camera” Using the Digital Zoom Function The preview is displayed on the screen. To Adjust the Zooming Ratio When in photo camera mode, press d to switch to Press a or b.
  • Page 50 Using the Self-Timer Selecting the Picture or Video Quality Select the appropriate option. Select the appropriate option. → → → → → “Camera” [Options] “Modes” “Self-timer” “Camera” [Options] “Picture Quality” (Photo Camera Mode) → → “Camera” [Options] “Video Quality” → →...
  • Page 51 Auto Save Common Shortcut Keys You can set the phone to save pictures and video clips If multiple options exist, they switch each time you automatically. press each following key. → → → “Camera” [Options] “Settings” “Auto Save” Photo Camera Video Camera Select “On”...
  • Page 52: Functions In The Photo Camera Mode

    Functions in the Photo Camera Mode “4 Pictures”/“9 Pictures” ( Takes 4 or 9 pictures Selecting the Picture Size continuously. You can select the size of pictures. All taken pictures After selecting this mode, are saved in the JPEG format. select from “Fast”, →...
  • Page 53 Selecting a Frame Selecting the Shutter Sound You can select the frame from preset patterns or My → → → “Camera” [Options] “Settings” “Shutter Pictures. Sound” → → → “Camera” [Options] “Modes” “Add Frame” Select the desired shutter sound from 3 preset Select “Preset Frames”...
  • Page 54: Functions In The Video Camera Mode

    Functions in the Video Camera Mode Selecting the Picture Size You can select the size of pictures. Selecting the Recording Time → → “Camera” [Options] “Picture Size” → → “Camera” [Options] “Record Time” Select “Large(QCIF)” or “Small(SubQCIF)”. Select “For Message” or “Extended Video”. Recording Video Clips with the Sound For Message ( Limits the size to send a...
  • Page 55: Messaging

    Messaging (M 5) Your phone allows you to send and receive text, multimedia and Email. It is compatible with most POP3 Email providers. SMS allows you to send text messages up to 765 characters long. If you send a message of more than 160 characters, it is split into several segments.
  • Page 56: Creating A New Message

    Creating a New Message (M 5-1) Place the cursor in the message field. Enter the message. (SMS/MMS) → → “Messaging” “Create Message” “Message” Highlight “Send” in the lower left of the screen. (Email) Press B and select “Send Message”. → →...
  • Page 57 To Add a Slide Show Select the desired file. Perform steps 1 to 5 in “Creating a New Message” If you wish to take new pictures, record sounds or video clips, select “Take Picture”, “Record Voice” on page 55. or “Record Video”. Press a to highlight your message.
  • Page 58 To Attach a Contacts List Entry Using the Sending Options You can use the message sending options for each type In step 6 in “Creating a New Message” on page 55, of message. highlight the “Others” indicator in the lower right of Highlight “Send”...
  • Page 59 Sending a Message in the Drafts Box (M 5-3) Note • The current message size displayed while you are → “Messaging” “Drafts” creating the message is an approximation. Select the desired tab, SMS/MMS or Email. • If a message cannot be sent for some reason, the Press [Options] and select “Edit &...
  • Page 60 Reading a Message Downloading a Single MMS Messages you receive are saved in the Inbox. → “Messaging” “Inbox” → “Messaging” “Inbox” Highlight the message alert ( ) you wish to Select the desired tab, SMS/MMS or Email. download. Select the message you wish to view. Press [Options] and select “Download”.
  • Page 61 Replying to a Message or to All Addresses Sorting the Messages in the List → → “Messaging” “Inbox” “Messaging” “Inbox” Highlight the message the sender of which you wish Press [Options] and select “Advanced”. to reply to. Select “Sort”. Press [Options] and select “Reply” (to sender only) Select the desired sort option.
  • Page 62 Sending a Picture File with Postcard (M 5-1-4) Enter or select the recipient. Your phone allows you to send multimedia messages to See the note below for details. a Vodafone specific Postcard service centre that prints • “Name” (mandatory): the picture and mails it to the recipient’s home address Name of the recipient for a postcard up to 50 specified in the MMS message.
  • Page 63: Vodafone Messenger

    Vodafone Messenger (M 5-6) Note • The items “Name”, “Street & Number” and “City” With Vodafone Messenger you can stay in touch and are necessary to complete sending Postcards. have fun with friends through instant text messaging. • The items displayed differ according to the service. You will know when your friends are available to chat Please contact your service provider for more and that they immediately receive your instant...
  • Page 64 1st Sign in Starting a Conversation → → “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” Enter your screen name and press B. Display the Online Contacts tab or the Group Conversations tab by c/d. Your phone is connected to Instant Messenger server.
  • Page 65 Adding a Group of Contacts • You can move the cursor by a/b. → “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” When the cursor is at the top of the lower window, a Display the Group Conversations tab by c/d. moves control to the upper window then a/ b Press [Options] and select “Add New Group”.
  • Page 66 Reading a Message Reading a Saved Conversation → → “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” Display the Conversations tab by c/d. Display the Conversations tab by c/d. Select the desired message you wish to read. Press [Options] and select “Saved Conversations”. Select the conversation you wish to read.
  • Page 67 Adding Contacts from the Watchers List Client Settings → → “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” “Messaging” “Vodafone Messenger” Press [Options] and select “Settings”. Press [Options] and select “Settings”. Select “Watchers List”. Select one of the following items. The Watchers List opens. “My Status”: Changes your connection status to “Online”...
  • Page 68: Messaging Settings

    Messaging Settings (M 5-9) • “Read Report”: Enables or disables Read Report request. General Settings (M 5-9-1) • “Expiry Time”: → → “Messaging” “Messaging Settings” This indicates the number of days and hours for “General Settings” which a message you send may remain Select the item you wish to set up.
  • Page 69 SMS Settings (M 5-9-2) • “Optimisation”: When set “On” (default), double-byte characters → → “Messaging” “Messaging Settings” such as European characters with an accent are “SMS Settings” converted into single-byte characters and sent. Select the item you wish to set up. When “Off”, double-byte characters are sent as •...
  • Page 70 MMS Settings (M 5-9-3) • “Slide Duration”: Sets the duration of the slide. → → “Messaging” “Messaging Settings” “MMS Settings” • “Max Message Size”: Select the item you wish to set up. Sets the maximum message size for sending and disables sending MMS messages exceeding that •...
  • Page 71 Email Settings (M 5-9-4) Messenger Settings (M 5-9-5) With service providers not offering the Instant → → “Messaging” “Messaging Settings” Messenger function, the “Messenger Settings” menu is “Email Settings” not displayed. Select the item you wish to set up. → →...
  • Page 72: Vodafone Live

    Vodafone live! (M 2) Main Menu → “Vodafone live!” “Vodafone live!” Your phone is already configured to access Vodafone The Vodafone live! service page is displayed. live! and the mobile internet*. → “Vodafone live!” “Enter URL” Vodafone live! is a whole world of information and The URL entry screen is displayed, allowing you to entertainment on your phone.
  • Page 73: Navigating A Wap Page

    Navigating a WAP Page Editing Bookmarks (M 2-3) • a b c d: → “Vodafone live!” “Bookmarks” Moves the highlight around in the screen. Select the desired URL, and press [Options]. You can edit the list of Bookmarks by the following •...
  • Page 74 Browser Settings (M 2-7) The Browser Options You can use various options of the WAP browser. → “Vodafone live!” “Browser Settings” → [Options] “Font Size”: Sets the size of the browsing font. “Select”: Selects a WAP page. “Scroll Step”: Sets the speed of scrolling. “Home”: Goes to the homepage.
  • Page 75 The Advanced Options → → [Options] “Advanced” “Saved Page”: The saved screenshots are displayed. “Save This Page”: Saves the WAP page as a local file. “Send Page”: Sends the WAP page data. “Details”: Shows detailed information of the WAP page. “Browser Data”: Edits the browser data.
  • Page 76: Music

    Music (M 3) • “Artists”: The names of all artists are displayed. When an artist is selected, all of his or her albums (M 3-2) Music Player are displayed. Music Player supports MP3, MPEG-4 and 3GPP When an album is selected, all of the sound files format sound files.
  • Page 77 • When you receive a call, playback of the current file • You can control the Music Player by using the is paused, and you can receive the call. After the call following keys: ends, the paused playback resumes automatically in a/ b : Increases or decreases the volume.
  • Page 78 Adding a File to the Playlist You can add files to a playlist by doing the following. → → “My Music” “All Music” Highlight the file you wish to add to the playlist. Press [Options] and select “Add to Playlist”. The playlists are displayed.
  • Page 79: My Items

    My Items (M 6) Using Images as Wallpaper → “My Items” “Pictures” My Items contains several types of picture, sound and Highlight the file you wish to use as wallpaper. video clip data. Also included in My Items are Press [Options] and select “Set as Wallpaper”. frequently used text message phrases and WAP sites which you can use for downloading.
  • Page 80: Music & Ringtones

    Editing Pictures Downloading Picture Files → → → “My Items” “Pictures” “My Items” “Pictures” “More Pictures” Highlight the file you wish to edit. The picture file download site is displayed. Press [Options] and select “Picture Editor”. Music & Ringtones (M 6-2) Select the desired option.
  • Page 81: Videos

    Using the Sound Files as a Ringtone Select the file you wish to play back. → To pause playback, press B. “My Items” “Music & Ringtones” To resume, press B again. Highlight the file you wish to use as a ringtone. To stop playback, press [Back].
  • Page 82: Themes

    Themes (M 6-6) Note • If you set your original image as a wallpaper, the You can easily customise the display by using the screen asking you to choose “Use Current theme files. Wallpaper” or “Use Theme Wallpaper” is displayed The theme files that are downloaded from mobile after step 1.
  • Page 83: Common Option Menus

    Common Option Menus Sending My Items Data Select the appropriate option. Activating Files with Copyright Protection For Files except Theme Files (DRM) → Some pictures, sound files, video clips and theme files “My Items” “Pictures” → have a digital copy protection program, which is called “My Items”...
  • Page 84 Receiving My Items Data Note • Pictures/Sounds/Video clips protected by copyright When the phone receives My Items data, a confirmation cannot be sent attached to a message, with the message is displayed in standby. exception of Separate Delivery files. Press [Yes]. •...
  • Page 85 To Delete the File Select the desired option. → “Move”: Moves files to another folder. “My Items” “Pictures” → Select the desired folder to move “My Items” “Music & Ringtones” → “My Items” “Videos” “Copy”: Copies files. Select the desired →...
  • Page 86 Uploading My Items Data Select the appropriate option. You can upload your picture, sound or video clip files → → “My Items” “Pictures” [Options] to the Media Album. → → “My Items” “Music & Ringtones” [Options] → “My Items” “Pictures” →...
  • Page 87: Games & Applications

    Games (M 6-3) & Applications Sending Text Templates → (M 6-5) “My Items” “Text Templates” Highlight the text template you wish to send. For details on Vodafone specific applications, see “Games & Applications” on page 87. Press [Options] and select “Send Template”. Text Templates (M 6-7) Memory Status...
  • Page 88: Entertainment

    Entertainment (M 1) Downloading Applications → → “Entertainment” “Games & Applications” → “Games” “More Games” Games & Applications (M 1-1) → → “Entertainment” “Games & Applications” Using Applications → “Applications” “More Applications” Various kinds of Vodafone specific applications can be Select the desired application.
  • Page 89: Executing Applications

    Executing Applications Select one of the following options: → → “Entertainment” “Games & Applications” “Phone Call”: Sets permission to make voice “Games” or “Applications” calls. Select the title of the application you wish to “Network Access”: Sets permission to access the network.
  • Page 90: Viewing Application Information

    Viewing Application Information Select one of the following options: You can check the information of Java™ applications. “Session”: The confirmation message is → → not displayed until you exit “Entertainment” “Games & Applications” “Games” or “Applications” the application, while execution of the API of the Highlight the desired Java™...
  • Page 91: Settings

    Settings (M 1-1-3) To Set the Blinking Operation This setting enables the backlight to be controlled by Application Volume the application. If set to “Off”, the backlight cannot be You can set the volume of the application such as the turned on from the application.
  • Page 92 Calls & Alarms Screensavers You can set the priority of incoming calls and alarms You can download screensaver applications for the while an application is operating. standby screen and set the time period for the screensaver to activate. → → “Entertainment”...
  • Page 93: Mobile Tv

    Streaming Default Settings (M 1-3) → → “Entertainment” “Games & Applications” You can play back video clip files while downloading → “Settings” “Set to Default” them from the mobile network. Enter your handset code. You can also register the address of the Web site as a For details on the handset code, see “Changing the bookmark.
  • Page 94: Videos

    Videos (M 1-4) Searching a File to Be Played Back → → “Entertainment” “Videos” “My Videos” Playing Back Video Clip Files (M 1-4-3) Select “Handset Memory” or “Memory Card”. → → “Entertainment” “Videos” “My Videos” Select “All Videos” or the desired playlist. Select “Handset Memory”...
  • Page 95 Adding a New Playlist Select from the following: You can create a playlist and register desired files in it. • “Playback Pattern” → → “Entertainment” “Videos” “My Videos” “Normal”: Plays back all files in the selected folder once and Select “Handset Memory” or “Memory Card”. stops playback.
  • Page 96 Downloading Video Clip Files (M 1-4-2) → → “Entertainment” “Videos” “Get New Videos” The video clip file download site is displayed. Playing Back the Video Clip Files To Play Back the Last File (M 1-4-1) → → “Entertainment” “Videos” “Last Played Video” Entertainment...
  • Page 97: Calendar

    Calendar (M 11) Creating a New Entry “Calendar” Calendar allows you to easily schedule appointments or Select the desired day to which you want to add an events at any given date or time. event. These entries can also be sent via Bluetooth wireless Select “Add New Entry”.
  • Page 98 To Change the Type of the Reminder Tone or To Enter the Location Video On the New Entry screen, select “Location”. On the New Entry screen, select “Reminder”. Enter the location for the schedule entry. Select “Assign Tone/Video”. To Enter the Description Select “Assign Tone”...
  • Page 99 Viewing a Schedule Entry Weekly view Displays the previous week. “Calendar” Displays the next week. Select the day you wish to view. Displays the monthly view. Select the desired entry. Moves the cursor to today. c/ d : Moves the cursor to left (the previous day) To Search by Date or to right (the next day).
  • Page 100 Deleting Schedule Entries • The selected date/days are also highlighted on the In any view, press [Options] and select “Delete”. calendar on the standby screen. Select the desired option. Note “This Appointment” (daily view): • If the same date is set with both a date colour and Deletes the selected entry.
  • Page 101 Sending a Schedule Entry Viewing the Memory Status “Calendar” In any view, press [Options] and select “Memory Select the day including schedule entries you wish Status”. to send. Highlight the entry you wish to send, press [Options], then select “Send”. Select “As Message”...
  • Page 102: Organiser & Tools

    Organiser & Tools (M 7) To Change the Type of Alarm Tone or Video Clip File On the Set Alarm screen, select “Assign Tone/ Alarms (M 7-1) Video”. Setting the Alarms Select “Assign Tone” and then select “Preset The alarm function allows you to be alerted at a Sounds”...
  • Page 103: Calculator

    Calculator To Change the Vibration of Alarm Tone (M 7-2) On the Set Alarm screen, select “Vibration”. The calculator function performs the 4 arithmetic calculations using up to 12 digits. Select “On”, “Link to Sound” or “Off”. → “Organiser & Tools” “Calculator”...
  • Page 104: Voice Recorder

    Voice Recorder (M 7-3) Rate Conversion You can also use the calculator as a currency calculator This allows you to record a voice clip, which can be to convert from/to a home currency using a conversion used to remind you of schedule entries or be sent within rate that you enter.
  • Page 105: Stopwatch

    Stopwatch (M 7-4) Select “As Message” or “To Media Album”. For details on creating a message, see “Creating a You can store 4 lap times when using the stopwatch New Message” on page 55. function. (The Media Album service is not available with →...
  • Page 106: Tasks

    Tasks (M 7-5) To Change the Type of Alarm Tone or Video Clip File You can register your schedule as task entries for a given date or time. On the New Entry screen, select “Reminder”. Select “Assign Tone/Video”. Creating a New Entry →...
  • Page 107 Making the Entry Completed or Incomplete Sending a Task Entry → → “Organiser & Tools” “Tasks” “Organiser & Tools” “Tasks” Highlight the desired entry. Highlight the task entry you wish to send. Press B. Press [Options] and select “Send”. On the view screen, press [Options] and select Select “As Message”...
  • Page 108: World Clock

    World Clock (M 7-6) Countdown Timer (M 7-7) → “Organiser & Tools” “Countdown Timer” Setting the Time Zone Enter the time to count. → “Organiser & Tools” “World Clock” You can set the time from 1 second to 60 minutes. Press [Edit] and select “Set Time Zone”.
  • Page 109: E-Book

    E-Book (M 7-8) Adding a Bookmark You can add up to two bookmarks to each E-Book file. This function allows you to view E-Book files (XMDF → or Text files) stored on a memory card or in the Other “Organiser & Tools” “E-Book”...
  • Page 110: Expenses Memo

    Expenses Memo (M 7-9) To Change Amount You can record an expenses memo with predefined or In the total view, select the desired item. edited categories. Press [Options] and select “Change Amount”. Recording in the Expenses Memo (M 7-9-1) Enter the desired amount using the digit keys. →...
  • Page 111: Sim Application

    SIM Application (M 10) You can refer to the information on the SIM. Contact your service provider for further details. SIM Application...
  • Page 112: Settings

    Settings (M 12) Phone Settings (Tab 1) (M 12-1) Profiles The settings contain the following four tabs. The ringtone, sound, vibration and light settings can be You can select the desired tab with the c/d key, and customised for each profile according to your after that select the item you wish to customise in the environment.
  • Page 113 Press a (or d) to increase the ringer volume or Resetting Profile Settings press b (or c) to decrease the ringer volume and → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Profiles” then press B. Highlight the profile you wish to reset. To select “Increasing Volume”, press a (or d) at Press [Options] and select “Set to Default”.
  • Page 114 Assigning a Ring Video Clip for an Incoming Highlight the ringtone you wish to use. Call To hear the demo play, press [Options] and select You can set a ring video clip for incoming voice and “Play”. video calls. You can set a video clip in Saved Videos as Press [Options] and select “Assign”...
  • Page 115 Message Notification Keypad Tones When receiving messages, your phone will notify you When the keypad tone is set on, you will hear a of their arrival with the ringtone or ring video clip you confirmation tone each time you press any keys. specify.
  • Page 116 Power On/Off Sound Vibration Your phone can be set to emit a sound when it is → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Profiles” switched on or off. Highlight the profile you wish to customise. → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Profiles” Press [Options] and select “Personalise”. Highlight the profile you wish to customise.
  • Page 117 Setting the Display (M 12-2) System Graphics (M 12-2-2) You can change the settings of the main and external Pictures can be displayed when turning the power on or displays. off, when receiving an incoming call, or when operating the alarm. (M 12-2-1) Setting the Wallpaper Pictures taken with the digital camera or images...
  • Page 118 To Set My Pictures Themes (M 12-2-3) You can easily customise the display by using the → → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Display” theme files. “System Graphics” Select the desired function to set the picture to. The theme files downloaded from a WAP site can be used.
  • Page 119 Setting the Font Weight (M 12-2-4) To Select the Backlight Time Out → → → → → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Display” “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Display” → “Font Settings” “External Display” “Backlight” Select “Thin”, “Normal”, “Bold” or “Bolder”. Select the desired time out. The preview image is displayed in the selected Select “Off”...
  • Page 120 Backlight (M 12-2-7) Setting the Display Saving (M 12-2-8) The backlight will shut off if you do not press the The screen of this phone will automatically turn off keypad for a certain length of time. You can specify a after a given amount of time.
  • Page 121 Sounds & Alerts (M 12-3) Setting the Time Zone (M 12-4-3) You can use this menu to check or edit the current → → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Date & Time” profile settings (except “Any Key Answer”). “Set Time Zone” Press c or d to select the home city to set.
  • Page 122 To Set the Calendar Display Language Setting (M 12-5) You can change the language displayed on the phone. → → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Date & Time” → → → “Display Date & Time” “Show Calendar” “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Language” Select the desired calendar type or “Off”...
  • Page 123 Shortcuts (M 12-6) Locks (M 12-7) You can change the default shortcut action/assignment Enabling/Disabling the PIN Code (M 12-7-1) of the a, b, c, d, A and C soft keys and the U If the PIN code is enabled you are asked to enter the key itself with the Shortcuts menu.
  • Page 124 To Change the PIN Code Handset Lock (M 12-7-3) This allows you to change the PIN code registered on The Handset Lock prevents unauthorised use of the the SIM card. Before you change the PIN code, select phone or certain features on the phone when the power “On”...
  • Page 125 Contacts Lock (M 12-7-5) Changing the Handset Code (M 12-7-7) The Contacts Lock function prevents unauthorised use The default handset code is “9999”. of your Contacts List. → → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Locks” → → → “Change Handset Code” “Settings”...
  • Page 126: Connectivity

    Connectivity (Tab 2) Resetting All Settings from M1 to M12 and All (M 12-8-2) Created Data (M 12-1) Bluetooth → → → “Settings” “Phone Settings” “Master Reset” By configuring the settings in this menu, you can “Reset All” connect to Bluetooth wireless technology enabled Enter your handset code.
  • Page 127 To Show or Hide Your Phone (M 12-1-2) • You can save battery power by turning the Bluetooth → → → “Settings” “Connectivity” “Bluetooth” wireless function off while it is not in use. Turn the “Visibility” Bluetooth wireless function off in “To Turn On or Select the desired visibility settings.
  • Page 128 To Check and Uncheck the Paired Handsfree To Send All Data to Other Devices (M 12-1-5) Devices You can send all the data for applications such as Contacts List, Calendar, Tasks, etc. to selected devices. → → → “Settings” “Connectivity” “Bluetooth”...
  • Page 129 Bluetooth Wireless Settings (M 12-1-6) To Switch the Handsfree Settings With this setting you can rename your phone, prevent You can switch modes of the handsfree kit between two other phones from recognising your phone, turn the modes; talking with the handsfree kit or talking with the Bluetooth wireless function off automatically to save phone.
  • Page 130 To See Your Phone Details To Restore a Backup File → → → → → → “Settings” “Connectivity” “Bluetooth” “Settings” “Connectivity” “Memory Card” → → “Bluetooth Settings” “My Phone Details” “Backup/Restore” “Restore” Enter your handset code. (M 12-2) Memory Card For details on the handset code, see “Changing the Making and Restoring a Backup File Handset Code”...
  • Page 131: Call Settings

    Call Settings (Tab 3) Selecting the Picture Quality (M 12-1-3) (M 12-1-4) (M 12-1) Video Call Settings Select the desired data format for your environment. Set various types of functions and services for video → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Video Call Settings” calls.
  • Page 132 Mute (M 12-1-6) Voicemail & Diverts (M 12-2) You can mute the microphone while making a video This service can be used to divert incoming calls that call. you cannot answer. Calls can be diverted to another phone number or to your Voicemail system. →...
  • Page 133 To Access the Voicemail Centre To Activate the Diverts Service Select the appropriate option. Press and hold G in standby. → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Voicemail & To Activate the Voicemail Service → Diverts” “Diverts” → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Voicemail &...
  • Page 134 To Deactivate the Diverts/Voicemail Service Time & Cost (M 12-4) → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Voicemail & Displaying Call Costs (M 12-4-1) → Diverts” “Deactivate” → → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Time & Cost” Select the desired option. “Display Call Cost” Select “On”...
  • Page 135 (For “Outgoing Calls”) Select “On”, “Off” or “Status”. “Bar All Outgoing Calls”: Enter the network password. Restricts all outgoing calls To Cancel Settings except emergency calls. → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Restrict Calls” “Bar International Calls”: Restricts all outgoing Select “Outgoing Calls” or “Incoming Calls”. international calls.
  • Page 136 Rejecting a Call when the Caller’s Number is Fixed Dialling Number Withheld When the Fixed Dialling Number is enabled, you can only call pre-registered numbers. → → → “Settings” “Call Settings” “Restrict Calls” “Withheld Call” Note Select “On” or “Off”. •...
  • Page 137: Network Settings

    Network Settings (Tab 4) Minute Minder (M 12-6) Minute Minder function informs you of your talk time (M 12-1) Selecting a Service Automatically by sounding a tone after every minute. Each time the power is turned on, your phone selects a →...
  • Page 138 Setting the Network Manually Flight Mode (M 12-3) When the Flight Mode is set to “On”, the phone cuts off → → “Settings” “Network Settings” “Select → the network connections and stops searching for Network” “Manual” available networks to connect. With this mode, you can Select the desired network.
  • Page 139 WAP Settings (M 12-4-1) Proxy Settings (M 12-4-3) → → → → “Settings” “Network Settings” “Internet “Settings” “Network Settings” “Internet → → → → Settings” “WAP Settings” “Create New” Settings” “Proxy Settings” “Create New” “Profile Name”: WAP profile name (Unique “Proxy Name”: Proxy name (Unique name) name)
  • Page 140 To Activate the WAP/Streaming Profile “Authentication Type”: Authentication type (“NONE”, “PAP” or → → “Settings” “Network Settings” “Internet “CHAP”) Settings” “User Name”: User name for access point Select “WAP Settings” or “Streaming Settings”. “Password”: Password for access point Select the desired profile you wish to activate. “DNS”: DNS (Domain Name To Edit/Copy/Delete the WAP/Proxy/Streaming/...
  • Page 141 Cell Broadcasts (M 12-5) To Set Languages for Cell Broadcast Messages You can receive cell broadcast messages or general → → “Settings” “Network Settings” “Cell → → messages such as weather forecasts and traffic reports. Broadcasts” “Settings” “Language” This information is broadcast to subscribers in certain The current language is displayed.
  • Page 142 Area Info (M 12-6) The Area Info is the message information that operators send to subscribers in certain areas. When you receive Area Info, the message (area code) is displayed in standby. To Enable/Disable Area Info → → “Settings” “Network Settings” “Area Info”...
  • Page 143: Call Log

    Call Log (M 9) Sending Messages In the call log list, highlight the phone number or The phone will record the last 30 missed calls, received name you wish to send a message to. calls and dialled numbers. Press [Options] and select “Create Message”. Viewing Call Log For details on creating a message, see “Creating a “Call Log”...
  • Page 144: Call Timers

    Call Timers (M 9-5) Call Costs (M 9-7) This function lets you check the duration of your calls. This function lets you check the charges for your calls. Some networks do not support Charging Advice. Please Checking the Duration of the Last Call and All check with your service provider for availability.
  • Page 145 Setting the Charge Limit (M 9-7-6) This function is useful if you wish to make sure you do not exceed a certain charge limit. → → → “Call Log” “Call Costs” “Max Cost” “Set Limit” Enter your PIN2 code. Enter a value. (M 9-7-3) Checking the Residual Credit →...
  • Page 146: Connecting 770Sh To Your Pc

    Connecting 770SH to Your PC 3G/GSM Modem You can use 770SH as a 3G/GSM modem to access the You can use the following functions by connecting the Internet from your PC. Connect your phone to your PC 770SH to your PC using a USB port or Bluetooth via Bluetooth wireless technology or USB interface.
  • Page 147: Handset Manager

    • My Items files (Pictures/Music & Ringtones/Videos/ Other Documents data) • Contacts List entries To use the Handset Manager function, see “Connecting 770SH to Your PC” on page 145 and set your phone to standby. Connecting 770SH to Your PC...
  • Page 148: Software Installation

    3G/GSM modem • It is not recommended that you make or answer calls Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your CD-ROM when you are using 770SH as a 3G/GSM modem. The drive. operation may be interrupted. The 770SH CD-ROM screen is displayed.
  • Page 149: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Solution • Adjust the backlight The display is Problem Solution difficult to read. brightness for the display. • Make sure the battery is • Check the radio signal The phone does not properly inserted and strength indicator as you may turn on.
  • Page 150 Problem Solution Problem Solution • If the message “Insert SIM • MMS settings and card” is displayed when the configuration may be missing phone is switched on, you or incorrect or the network Cannot connect to cannot use your SIM card or does not support it.
  • Page 151: Safety Precautions And Conditions Of Use

    Safety Precautions and • Use of your phone may affect the performance of medical electronic units (pacemakers, hearing aids, Conditions of Use insulin pumps, etc.). When the phone is on, do not Your phone conforms to international regulations bring it near medical equipment or into areas in insofar as it is used under normal conditions and in which medical equipment is being used.
  • Page 152 Caring for your phone Battery • Do not allow children to use your phone without • Use your phone only with batteries, chargers and supervision. accessories recommended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer disclaims any liability for damage • Do not open or attempt to repair your phone yourself. caused by the use of other chargers, batteries or The product can only be repaired by authorised accessories.
  • Page 153 CAUTION temperatures. RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE, • SHARP holds no responsibility for the loss or DISPOSE OF USED BATTERIES ACCORDING damage of data contained on a memory card. TO THE INSTRUCTIONS See “Battery Disposal” on page 13.
  • Page 154: Camera Operation

    • Use only the aerial supplied or one approved by delay timer. Sharp for your mobile phone. Using unauthorised or • Clean the lens cover before taking a picture. modified aerials may damage the mobile phone.
  • Page 155: Environment

    PRECAUTIONS CONCERNING Others • As with any electronic storage unit, data may be lost VEHICLE USE or corrupted under various circumstances. • It is the user’s responsibility to check the local laws • Before connecting the phone with a PC or a governing the use of a mobile phone in vehicles.
  • Page 156: Sar

    can do so by limiting the length of calls or using a ‘hands-free’ device to keep the mobile phone away Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. from the head and body. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international guidelines.
  • Page 157: Information On Proper

    INFORMATION ON PROPER their used electrical and electronic equipment to designated collection facilities free of charge*. In some DISPOSAL countries* your local retailer may also take back your old product free of charge if you purchase a similar new one. *) Please contact your local authority for further details.
  • Page 158: Fcc Notice

    (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and want to discard it: (2) this device must accept any interference received, Please contact your SHARP dealer who will inform you including interference that may cause undesired about the take-back of the product. You might be operation.
  • Page 159 The exposure standard for wireless mobile phones accessories that maintain a 1.5 cm separation distance employs a unit of measurement known as the Specific between the user’s body and the back of the phone. The Absorption Rate, or SAR. The SAR limit set by the use of belt-clips, holsters and similar accessories should FCC is 1.6 W/kg.* Tests for SAR are conducted using not contain metallic components in its assembly.
  • Page 160: Index

    Index Selecting the Picture or Video Synchronising Contacts List Quality 49 Entries with those on the Alarms 101 Selecting the Picture Size 51 Internet 45 Selecting the Recording Viewing My Contact Details 39 Battery 12 Time 53 Contacts Lock 124 Battery Level Indicator 15 Selecting the Shutter Sound 52 Countdown Timer 107...
  • Page 161 Downloading 59 Internet Settings 137 Email Settings 70 Selecting a Network 136 In Call Menu (Video Call) 30 Forwarding 60 Changing the Image of General Settings 67 Yourself 30 Organiser & Tools 101 Locking or Unlocking 60 Muting the Microphone 30 Other Documents 81 MMS Settings 69 Swapping Images 30...
  • Page 162 Settings 111 SIM Application 110 SIM Card 12 Speed Dialling 24 Stopwatch 104 Tasks 105 Text Templates 86 Themes 81 Troubleshooting 148 Videos 80, 93 Vodafone live! 71 Navigating a WAP Page 72 Vodafone Messenger 62 Adding a New Contact 64 Client Settings 66 Messenger Settings 70 Starting a Conversation 63...
  • Page 163: List Of Menu Functions

    List of Menu Functions Menu No./Main Menu Menu No./Sub Menu1 Menu No./Main Menu Menu No./Sub Menu1 1 Games & Applications 1 Create Message 2 Mobile TV 2 Inbox 1 Entertainment 3 Streaming 3 Drafts 4 Videos 4 Sent 5 Outbox 1 Vodafone live! 5 Messaging 6 Vodafone Messenger...
  • Page 164 Menu No./Main Menu Menu No./Sub Menu1 Menu No./Main Menu Menu No./Sub Menu1 1 Alarms 10 SIM Application 2 Calculator 11 Calendar 3 Voice Recorder (Tab 1: Phone Settings) 4 Stopwatch 1 Profiles 5 Tasks 7 Organiser & Tools 2 Display 6 World Clock 3 Sounds &...
  • Page 165 Menu No./Main Menu Menu No./Sub Menu1 (Tab 4: Network Settings) 1 Select Service 2 Select Network 3 Flight Mode 12 Settings 4 Internet Settings 5 Cell Broadcasts 6 Area Info 7 Network Information Note for the menu indications for the Postcard, Media Album and other services •...

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