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Thank you for purchasing "701SH".
Be sure to read this manual before and during use to ensure proper operation.
z The screens and illustrations in this manual are shown as
examples. The actual screens and illustrations may differ.
z Note that "701SH" is referred to as "handset" in this manual.
z This manual refers to microSD Card, microSDHC Card or
microSDXC Card as "microSD Card" or "microSD".
z Reproduction of this manual in part or in whole without prior
permission is prohibited.
z The contents of this manual are subject to change without
prior notice.



Summary of Contents for Sharp 701SH

  • Page 1 The screens and illustrations in this manual are shown as examples. The actual screens and illustrations may differ. z Note that “701SH” is referred to as “handset” in this manual. z This manual refers to microSD Card, microSDHC Card or microSDXC Card as “microSD Card”...
  • Page 2 Basic package 701SH (includes warranty) Basic manual Setting guide Notes on usage (in Japanese only) (in Japanese only) (in Japanese only) The following items are not included in the package. • microSD memory card • Earphone • AC adapter • microUSB cable •...
  • Page 3 Serious bodily injury: This refers to loss of eyesight, bodily Precautions (ALWAYS FOLLOW injury, burns (high- and low-temperature), electric shock, broken bones, injuries with residual aftereffects from THESE DIRECTIONS) poisoning, etc., and injuries requiring hospital admission for „ Before use, read these “Precautions” carefully and use your treatment or long-term hospital attendance as an outpatient.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    “Precautions” is explained in the following sections. Do not sprinkle sand, soil or dirt on the equipment z Handling the handset, adapters, nano UIM card and TV or put the equipment directly on it. Also, do not antenna cable (general) ......P.8 touch the equipment when sand etc.
  • Page 5 Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the Do not allow conductive materials (such as metal equipment. objects and pencil lead) to come into contact with May cause fires, burns, bodily injury, electric shock, etc. the charger terminal or external connection jack or dust to get inside it.
  • Page 6: Handling The Handset

    If any trouble such as an unusual odor, unusual Do not place the equipment where the young noise, smoking, overheating, discoloration or children can reach it. A young child may swallow the equipment, or suffer bodily deformation is found during use, charge or storage, injury, electric shock, etc.
  • Page 7 Do not apply excessive force on the handset such Do not allow water or other liquids (drinking water, as puncturing it with a nail (sharp object), hitting it sweat, seawater, pet urine, etc.), metal, flammable with a hammer (hard object) or stepping on it.
  • Page 8 Keep the handset away from the ears during a call Turn off the handset near high-precision electronic in which hands-free is set, while the ringtone is devices or devices that use weak electronic ringing loudly, during stand-by, etc. signals. May interfere with the operation of electronic devices. When you attach the earphone/microphone etc.
  • Page 9 If the substance etc. inside the internal battery Caution leaks, do not get the liquid on your skin (face, hands, etc.). For using a motion sensor and geomagnetic May result in damage to your eyes, skin, etc. sensor, check the safety around, hold the handset If the internal substance etc.
  • Page 10: Handling Adapters

    Make sure that there is no metal (a blade of cutter, Do not short-circuit the charger terminal when staple, etc.) on the handset because the earpiece connected to an outlet or accessory socket. Also, section, speaker section and back camera section do not allow any part of your body (hands, fingers, contain parts that generate magnetic waves.
  • Page 11 Always use the specified power supply and voltage. When plugging/unplugging an adapter into/from When using overseas, use the AC adapter that is the handset, plug/unplug it straightly toward the available overseas. terminal to connect, not applying excessive force Using the incorrect power supply and voltage may cause on it such as pulling the cord.
  • Page 12: Handling Nano Uim Card

    Handling near electronic medical equipment Caution Warning Do not touch the adapter for a long time when connected to an outlet or accessory socket. If you have electronic medical equipment such as May cause burns etc. an implanted cardiac pacemaker or an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator, always carry or use your Handling nano UIM card handset at least 15 cm away from your implant.
  • Page 13: Material List

    Material list If there is any chance that the distance between the handset and a person closest to you may get Handset shorter than 15 cm such as when you cannot freely Part Material/Surface treatment move around, set the handset not to emit radio ●●●●●...
  • Page 14: Handling The Sample (Sim Eject Tool)

    Warning ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● The tip of the SIM eject tool is sharp. Do not use it pointing at yourself or others. ●●●●● ●●●●● May hit you or others around you, resulting in bodily injury, ●●●●● ●●●●●...
  • Page 15 z Use only optional parts specified by SoftBank. The adapter, nano UIM card and TV antenna cable are not waterproof/dustproof. Do not use in humid or steamy areas such as May cause a malfunction or damage when optional parts other than bathrooms and avoid exposing to rain and other forms of moisture.
  • Page 16 z When connecting an external connector device to the z The internal battery is not covered by warranty because it is external connection jack, do not put it in obliquely and do a consumable product. Depending on usage, the internal battery may swell as it approaches not pull it while it is plugged in.
  • Page 17 z Clean only with a soft and dry cloth (such as the type used Notes about adapters for eyeglasses). z Charge the battery in areas where the ambient temperature z Back up to the microSD Card, PC, cloud, etc. or keep a is between 5℃...
  • Page 18 z Cautions on using Bluetooth devices Notes on using Bluetooth function Bluetooth operates at radio frequencies assigned to the in-house z The handset supports the security function that meets the radio stations for a mobile object identifier that have to be Bluetooth specification for security during communication licensed and are used in production lines of a factory, specific using Bluetooth functions.
  • Page 19 y When used near TV, radio, etc., reception interference may occur z Cautions on using 2.4 GHz devices or channels on the TV screen may be disturbed. WLAN-installed devices operate at radio frequencies assigned y If there are multiple wireless LAN access points nearby and the to the in-house radio stations for a mobile object identifier (radio same channel is used, search may not work correctly.
  • Page 20 Voluntary control for radio wave interference FeliCa and NFC reader/writer z This product satisfies technical requirements based on z The FeliCa, NFC reader/writer and P2P function of the VCCI Rules for Voluntary Control Measures and its satisfied handset use weak radio waves whose handling does not mark is displayed on the electronic nameplate of the require a license of radio station.
  • Page 21 Caution z Never use the handset that is modified. Using a modified device violates the Radio Law and/or the Telecommunications Business Law. The handset follows the regulations regarding the certification of conformity with technical regulations for specific radio stations etc. based on the Radio Law and authentication of conformity with technical regulations for devices etc.
  • Page 22 1 Nano UIM Card and microSD Card tray Before Using the Handset z The tray for inserting the nano UIM Card and microSD Card is stowed. ☞ Part names and functions z For details on nano UIM card P.31“nano UIM card” ☞...
  • Page 23 9 Microphone z Use when recording videos. z Use to measure ambient noises for communicating by making your voices sound clear when using Clear talk. z Use as a mouthpiece during a hands-free call. a 1/2: Volume up/down key z Adjusts the volume in each function. b 0: Power key z Use to turn the power on/off, etc.
  • Page 24 Do not cover the sensor area with your hand or paste a sticker etc. on the sensor area. The sensor may not work properly. The antenna of back is built into the main body. At sides of the handset, the metal sections of surface are used as the antenna.
  • Page 25 When charging is complete, pull the AC adapter Charging with AC adapter power plug from the outlet and remove the When charging with AC Adapter (sold separately), carry out Type-C plug of the AC adapter horizontally from the following operations. the USB Type-C connection jack Insert the Type-C plug of the AC adapter horizontally into the USB Type-C connection...
  • Page 26 Turning display on/off Charging with USB Cable „ The display is turned off when 0 is pressed or the handset is not You can charge the handset by connecting the handset to in use for a set length of time. a PC with USB cable (sold separately) etc.
  • Page 27 Touch Pinch out/Pinch in „ „ Touch a key or an item displayed on the screen and then release You may be able to zoom the screen in/out etc. by putting two your finger from it to select or set it. fingers on the touch panel and moving them with putting a distance between two fingers apart (pinch out)/closer (pinch in) depending on the function and screen in use.
  • Page 28 Wi-Fi settings In the home screen, [ ]▶[Settings]▶[Wi-Fi] Set to On If you use Wi-Fi function of the handset, you can use mail or Internet by connecting to access points of your home, Select an access point corporate network or public wireless LAN service. z If you select an access point protected by security, enter the password (security key) and select [CONNECT].
  • Page 29 SHARP Corporation Website: the head is ●.●●● ●●●● W/kg (*2) and when worn on the body is ( h ttp:// (in Japanese only)) ●●●● W/kg (*3). There may be slight differences between the SAR ●.●●● Technical regulations are defined by the Ministerial levels for each product, but they all satisfy the limit.
  • Page 30 Ny-Alesund, Svalbard. meets the RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory containing no metal and positioning the handset a minimum of Hereby, SHARP CORPORATION declares that the radio equipment type 701SH is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. 5mm from the body. Use of other accessories may not ensure The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the compliance with RF exposure guidelines.
  • Page 31 z Description of accessories Tx/Rx 2412 to 2472 MHz (BW: 20 MHz) Φ3.5 audio jack, Bluetooth. Headset, Handsfree WLAN 2.4 GHz Micro USB cable For charging, peripherals, etc. microSD Card microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC W52(U-NII 1): nano UIM card/non nano UIM cards Tx/Rx 5180 to 5240 MHz (BW: 20 non-nano UIM cards can be used MHz) nano UIM card...
  • Page 32 z Maximum transmit power Volume level caution To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high GSM 900 +33 dBm (Power Class4) volume levels for long periods. DCS 1800 +30 dBm (Power Class1) WCDMA FDD I +24 dBm (Power Class3) Earphone Signal Level The maximum output voltage for the music player function, WCDMA FDD VIII...
  • Page 33 The exposure standard for wireless handsets employs a unit of Information to User This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The of a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. SAR limit set by the FCC is 1.6 W/kg.