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FujiFilm FinePix F401 Owner's Manual

Fujifilm owner's manual digital camera finepix f401.
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This manual will show you how to use your FUJIFILM DIGITAL CAMERA
BL00156-200 ( 1 )
FinePix F401 correctly. Please follow the instructions carefully.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 This manual will show you how to use your FUJIFILM DIGITAL CAMERA BL00156-200 ( 1 ) FinePix F401 correctly. Please follow the instructions carefully.
  • Page 2: Warning

    Notes on the Grant: To comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules, this product must be used with a Fujifilm-specified ferrite-core USB cable and DC supply cord. For customers in Canada CAUTION This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES - 003.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents z FLASH ... 32 Warning ... 2 Auto Flash Mode (no icon) ... 32 Preface ... 6 Camera Features and Accessories ... 7 z Forced Flash ... 33 Nomenclature/Attaching the strap ... 8 bSuppressed Flash ... 34 vSlow Synchro ... 34 1 Getting Ready w MODE LOADING THE BATTERY AND SmartMedia™...
  • Page 4: Preface

    Easy high-speed image file transfer via the USB connection • CD-ROM: Software for FinePix EX (1) h Conforms to “Design for Camera File system” standard • FinePix F401 Special USB cable with Noise and Exif ver 2.2 for digital cameras Suppression core (1) ✽...
  • Page 5: Nomenclature/attaching The Strap

    Nomenclature ✽ Refer to the pages in parentheses for information on using the camera features. Shutter button Flash (P.32) Self-timer lamp (P.46) POWER switch (P.15) 【Attaching the strap】 Flash control sensor Mode switch Still photography mode (P.21) Playback mode (P.35) Microphone Movie (video) mode (P.52)
  • Page 6: Getting Ready

    Image files cannot be recorded or erased if a write- protect sticker is affixed to the SmartMedia. Operation of this camera is only guaranteed when it is used with FUJIFILM SmartMedia. Some 3.3V SmartMedia are labelled as “3V” or ID” cards.
  • Page 7 LOADING THE BATTERY AND SmartMedia ™ Indicator Indicator 1 Slide the battery cover out to open it. 2 Hold the battery so that the arrow markings Open the battery cover and pull the battery are aligned, use your finger to pull the battery release catch in the direction indicated to release catch in the direction shown and release the battery.
  • Page 8: Charging The Battery

    DC IN 5V socket hCompatible AC power adapters AC-5VS/AC-5VHS/AC-5VH Use only the FUJIFILM products listed above. See P.94 for notes on using the AC power adapter. Only connect or disconnect the AC power adapter when the camera is switched off.
  • Page 9: Switching On And Off Setting The Date And Time

    SWITCHING ON AND OFF SETTING THE DATE AND TIME • DATE/TIME DATE/TIME 2002 2002 .   1  .   1 .   1  .   1 12  :  00    AM   12  :  00    AM   OK OK BACK BACK Once you have set the date and time, press the 1 Use “d” and “c” to select Year, Month, Day, “MENU/OK”...
  • Page 10: Basic Photography

    Basic BASIC OPERATION GUIDE Photography This section describes the camera’s functions. h Switching between still photography, playback and movies Slide the Mode switch to select the mode. Still image: Still photography. Playback: Photographed image p l ay b a ck a n d recording sound.
  • Page 11: Mode

    BASIC OPERATION GUIDE hUsing the Menus Display the menu. Press the “MENU/OK” button. Select a menu option. Select a setting. Press the “d” or “c” Press the button button. upward(a) or downward(b) . QUALITY QUALITY 4M・N 10 4M・N 10 2M 25...
  • Page 12: Taking Pictures (| Auto Mode)

    TAKING PICTURES ( AUTO MODE ) MODE Take care to hold the camera so that your fingers or the strap do not cover the lens, flash or flash control sensor. If the lens, flash or flash control sensor is obscured by your fingers or the camera strap, you may not be able to obtain the correct brightness (exposure) for your shot.
  • Page 13: I Viewfinder Lamp Display

    Subjects Not Suitable for Autofocus Though the FinePix F401 uses an accurate autofocus mechanism, it may have difficulty focusing or not be able to focus at all on the types of subject and situation listed below. In such cases, the image may be out of focus.
  • Page 14: Number Of Available Frames

    Approx. 130KB On the FinePix F401, when you press the shutter button down half way, the focus and exposure settings are fixed (AF/AE lock). If you want to focus on a subject that is off to one side of the image or if you want to set the exposure before you compose the final shot, lock the AF and AE settings and then compose and shoot your picture to get the best results.
  • Page 15: Framing Guideline Function

    USING AF/AE LOCK MODE Bebeep 1/500 F5.6 1/500 F5.6 Without moving the camera, press the shutter Continue to hold the shutter button down button down halfway (AF/AE lock). Check that halfway. Move the camera back to the original the AF frame on the LCD monitor has shrunk image and then fully press down on the shutter and the green viewfinder lamp has stopped button.
  • Page 16: Using The Zoom

    USING THE ZOOM MODE You can operate the optical zoom using the zoom buttons. You can also use the digital zoom when the resolution setting is “2”, “1”, “!” or “MOVIE” The position of the “ (# or $). However, this only applies when you the current zoom setting.
  • Page 17: Flash

    I FLASH MODE No icon Auto Flash Mode ( no icon ) Use this mode for ordinary photography. The flash fires automatically as required by the You can choose from 5 flash modes according shooting conditions. to the type of shot. 1 Set the Mode switch to “...
  • Page 18: Bsuppressed Flash

    Images That Can be Viewed on the FinePix F401 You can use this camera to view (excluding some uncompressed data) images recorded on a FinePix F401 or images recorded onto a 3.3V SmartMedia using a FUJIFILM FinePix series, MX series and DX series digital camera.
  • Page 19: Multi-frame Playback

    MULTI-FRAME PLAYBACK MODE Text displayed No text displayed Multi-frame playback In playback mode, the display shown on the LCD monitor switches each time you press the “DISP” button. Press the “DISP” button until the multi-frame playback screen (9 frames) appears. 1 Select a frame by using “d”, “c”, “...
  • Page 20: Saving Trimmed Images

    PLAYBACK ZOOM MODE Saving Trimmed Images DISP DISP ZOOM ZOOM OK OK TRIMMING TRIMMING Check the size of the image being saved and then press the “MENU/OK” button. The trimmed image is added as a separate file in the last frame. After using playback zoom, press the “MENU/OK”...
  • Page 21: Advanced Features Photography

    ERASING SINGLE FRAME MODE 100ー0049 100ー0049 FRAME FRAME Pressing the “MENU/OK” button erases the frame (individual file) displayed. When erasing is complete, the next image appears and the ERASE OK? ERASE OK? “ § OK OK BACK BACK Press “d” or “c” to view the frame (individual file) you want to erase.
  • Page 22: Photography Menu Operation/photography Menu Options

    PHOTOGRAPHY MENU OPERATION/PHOTOGRAPHY MENU OPTIONS Photography Menu Operation 1Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the menu. 2Use “d” and “c” to select the menu item and “ 3Press the “MENU/OK” button to confirm the selection. Photography Menu Options a White balance d EV f Sensitivity WHITE BALANCE...
  • Page 23: Photography Menu

    PHOTOGRAPHY MENU y SETTING QUALITY MODE ( NO. OF RECORDED PIXELS FOR STILL IMAGES ) QUALITY QUALITY 4M・N 4M・N 10 10 25 25 2M 2M 1M 1M 58 58 0.3M 0.3M 124 124 <Examples> hTo print at A5 size or larger This mode can be selected in the “...
  • Page 24: Tcontinuous Shooting

    = SELF-TIMER PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY MENU The self timer lamp lights for 5 seconds and then Until the picture is taken, a countdown appears starts flashing. 5 seconds later the camera on the LCD monitor. makes a clicking noise and takes the picture. Self-timer mode is automatically cancelled after each shot.
  • Page 25: Ttop 4-frame Continuous Shooting

    t CONTINUOUS SHOOTING PHOTOGRAPHY MENU t Top 4-frame Continuous Shooting } Final 4-frame Continuous Shooting STORING STORING In this mode, you can shoot up to 4 frames at intervals as short as 0.3 seconds. When you take the shots, the photographed images are displayed and automatically recorded.
  • Page 26: Dev (exposure Compensation)

    d EV ( EXPOSURE COMPENSATION ) PHOTOGRAPHY MENU EV EV +0.6 +0.6 Guide to using + (positive) compensation +0.3 +0.3  0  0 hCopying of printed text (black characters −0.3 −0.3 h Backlit portraits (+0.6 EV to +1.5 EV) hVery bright scenes (such as snowfields) hShots made up predominantly of sky.
  • Page 27: Tmovie (video)

    T MOVIE ( VIDEO ) MODE Set the Mode switch to “ ”. This mode allows you to shoot movies up to 120 seconds (at the setting) or 480 seconds (at the The available shooting time and the “ setting) with sound. (See P.55 for information message are shown on the LCD monitor.
  • Page 28: Resolution Settings For Movies

    T MOVIE ( VIDEO ) MODE REC REC 77s 77s During shooting, a timer in the top-right corner of the LCD monitor counts down the remaining time. If you press the shutter button once more during shooting, shooting ends and the movie is recorded onto the SmartMedia.
  • Page 29: Advanced Features Playback

    Compatible movie files You can use the FinePix F401 to play back movie files recorded on a FinePix F401 or movie files (10 fps) up to 120 seconds long shot at 320 × 240 pixels on a FUJIFILM digital camera and then recorded on a 3.3 Volt SmartMedia.
  • Page 30: Playback Menu

    ERASING SINGLE ALL FRAMES/FORMATTING • PLAYBACK MENU 1Set the Mode switch to “ ”. 2Press the “MENU/OK” button to view the menu screen. Use “g” to select “ ERASE ERASE FORMAT FORMAT ALL FRAMES ALL FRAMES FRAME FRAME BACK BACK ” ERASE. 1Use “...
  • Page 31 p ERASING SINGLE ALL FRAMES/FORMATTING • PLAYBACK MENU FRAME ALL FRAMES 100−0009 100−0009 FRAME FRAME ERASE OK? ERASE OK? OK OK BACK BACK Pressing the “MENU/OK” button erases all the 1Use “d” and “c” to select the file to be erased. unprotected files. 2Press the “MENU/OK”...
  • Page 32: Protecting Images Frame/all

    PROTECTING IMAGES FRAME/ALL PLAYBACK MENU 1Set the Mode switch to “ ”. 2Press the “MENU/OK” button to view the menu screen. Use “d” or “c” to select “ Protection is a setting that prevents images from being accidentally erased. However, “FORMAT” erases all images, regardless of a “PROTECT ALL”...
  • Page 33 PROTECTING IMAGES FRAME/ALL PLAYBACK MENU FRAME SET/RESET 100−0009 100−0009 FRAME SET/RESET FRAME SET/RESET PROTECT OK? PROTECT OK? OK OK BACK BACK To remove the protection, press the “MENU/OK” 1 Press “d ” or “c ” to select the file to be button again. protected. 2 Press the “MENU/OK”...
  • Page 34: Ihow To Specify Print Options (dpof)

    SmartMedia. The recorded specifications include information on which frames are to be printed. This section gives a detailed description of how to order your prints with the FinePix F401. On the FinePix F401, you can specify only one print per image in the DPOF settings.
  • Page 35 i DPOF SET FRAME PLAYBACK MENU DPOF DPOF OK OK DATE ON DATE ON 1Press “ (a)” or “ (b)” to select “DDATE”. 1Press “ 2Use “d” and “c” to select “DATE ON” or 2Press the “MENU/OK” button. “DATE OFF”. The selected setting is then valid for all frames with DPOF settings.
  • Page 36: Recording Voice Memos

    i DPOF SET FRAME PLAYBACK MENU 100−0009 100−0009 DPOF DPOF TOTAL/005 TOTAL/005 FINISH OK? FINISH OK? OK OK BACK BACK If you select a frame for which DPOF settings have already been specified, the “ message appears. Pressing the “MENU/OK” button erases all of the DPOF settings already specified for each frame.
  • Page 37 r RECORDING VOICE MEMOS PLAYBACK MENU 100−0009 100−0009 VOICE MEMO VOICE MEMO REC STANDBY REC STANDBY 30s 30s START START OK OK BACK BACK CANCEL CANCEL The “ ” message appears on the During recording, the remaining time is shown ® LCD monitor. Recording begins when you press on the LCD monitor and the self-timer lamp the “MENU/OK”...
  • Page 38: Mode

    Compatible voice memo files The FinePix F401 can play voice memo files recorded on a FinePix F401 and voice memo files up to 30 seconds long that were recorded on a FUJIFILM digital camera and stored on a 3.3V SmartMedia.
  • Page 39: Settings

    g ADJUSTING THE MONITOR BRIGHTNESS Settings OPTION OPTION SET−UP SET−UP LCD BRIGHTNESS LCD BRIGHTNESS AUTO AUTO MANUAL MANUAL You can set the monitor brightness in any mode. 1 Use “d” or “c” to adjust the LCD monitor 1Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the brightness.
  • Page 40: Gusing Set- Up

    g USING SET–UP OPTION OPTION SET−UP SET−UP LCD BRIGHTNESS LCD BRIGHTNESS AUTO AUTO MANUAL MANUAL You can set in any mode. 1Press “ 1Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the option and then press “d” or “c” to change menu screen. the setting. 2Press “d”...
  • Page 41: Set-up Gpower Save

    g POWER SAVE SET–UP SETーUP SETーUP POSTVIEW POSTVIEW ON ON POWER SAVE POWER SAVE 2 MIN 2 MIN USB MODE USB MODE DSC DSC DATE/TIME DATE/TIME SET SET OK OK BACK BACK Once you enable this function, the monitor is When the camera is in sleep mode, pressing the temporarily switched off to reduce power shutter button down halfway brings the camera consumption (Sleep mode) if the camera is not...
  • Page 42: Connecting At Dsc Mode

    3 Set the “USB MODE” setting in the SET–UP booklet). menu to “DSC” (➡P.78, 79). Take care to ensure that the special FinePix F401 USB 4 Slide the POWER switch to the side to turn cable is connected the correct way around and that the the camera off.
  • Page 43: Connecting At Pc Camera Mode

    (➡P.86). menu to “PC CAM” (➡P.78, 79). 3 Slide the POWER switch to the side to turn Take care to ensure that the special FinePix F401 USB the camera off. cable is connected the correct way around and that the plugs are pushed fully into the connection sockets.
  • Page 44: Disconnecting From The Pc (important - Always Use This Procedure.)

    ✽ Screen for Windows Me on this option. ✽ Screen for Windows Me Click the [OK] button or the close button. 1 Switch the camera off. 2 Unplug the special FinePix F401 USB cable from the camera. ≠ ” (USB)
  • Page 45: System Expansion Options

    Card Reader Accessories Guide e The optional accessories (sold separately) can make taking pictures with the FinePix F401 even easier. For information on how to attach and use the accessories, refer to the instructions provided with the accessory used. Visit the FUJIFILM web site for the latest information on camera accessories. h SmartMedia™...
  • Page 46: Notes On Using Your Camera Correctly

    I Notes on Immersion in Water or Sand The FinePix F401 is particularly adversely affected by water and sand. When you are at the beach or close to water, ensure that the camera is not exposed to water or sand.
  • Page 47: Notes On The Power Supply

    Notes on the Power Supply I Charging the Battery Notes on Using the Battery (NP-60) You can charge the NP-60 using the AC Power This camera uses the Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Adapter AC-5VS/AC-5VHS. Pack NP-60. Note the points below when using the •...
  • Page 48: Ac Power Adapter

    This will restore DC output. Use only the AC-5VS/AC-5VHS AC Power Adapter I Specifications (AC-5VS/AC-5VHS) with your FinePix F401 Digital Camera. The use of Power Supply other AC power adapters may result in damage to your Rated Input Capacity 12W (U.S.A.
  • Page 49: Warning Displays

    SmartMedia. If the error message is still displayed, replace the SmartMedia. i Camera fault. i Contact your FUJIFILM dealer. i The SmartMedia contact area is soiled. i Wipe the contact area on the SmartMedia with i The SmartMedia is damaged.
  • Page 50 It may be necessary to format the SmartMedia. If the error message is still displayed, replace the SmartMedia. i Contact your FUJIFILM dealer. i Movies cannot be played back. Take the shot using a formatted SmartMedia.
  • Page 51: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting e If you think the camera is faulty, check the following once more Troubleshooting Possible causes I tried to charge the i There is no battery in the camera. battery but the self-timer i The camera and AC power adapter are not lamp does not light.
  • Page 52: Explanation Of Terms

    The SmartMedia is write-protected. SmartMedia. When the camera is connected i The special FinePix F401 USB cable is not to a personal computer (PC), properly connected to the computer or the shot image appears on the camera. camera’s LCD monitor.
  • Page 53: Specifications

    Viewfinder: Real image optical Approx. 80% coverage System h Lens: Super EBC Fujinon optical 3× zoom lens h Model: Digital camera FinePix F401 h Aperture: F2.8-F4.8/F7-F11.6 (automatically selected) h Number of effective pixels: 2.1million pixels h Focus: TTL contrast-type, Auto focus h CCD sensor h Focus distance: f = 5.7 mm-17.1 mm...
  • Page 54 This phenomenon will not appear on the recorded image. ✽ The operation error may be caused in a digital camera by the strong radio interference (i. e. electric fields, static electricity, line noise, etc.).
  • Page 55: Safety Notes

    Safety Notes h To ensure that you use your FinePix F401 camera correctly, read these Safety Notes and your Owner’s Manual carefully beforehand. If a problem arises, switch the camera h After reading these Safety Notes, store them in a safe off, remove the battery, disconnect place.
  • Page 56: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Do not pull on the connection cord to cause a fire or electric shock. disconnect the AC power adapter. h Contact your FUJIFILM dealer to This can damage the power cord or cables and cause a fire or electric shock.
  • Page 57 Printed on recycled paper. 26 - 30, Nishiazabu 2 - chome, Minato - ku, Tokyo 106 - 8620, Japan FGS - 204105 - FG Printed in Japan...

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