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For Best Performance; Construction - Honeywell enviracaire 50150 Owner's Manual

Portable air purifiers
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You now own a quality portable HEPA air cleaner that has been engineered and
crafted for your satisfaction.

For Best Performance

We recommend that you operate your Honeywell air cleaner 24 hours a day
because indoor air can be quickly contaminated by activity in a room, infiltration of
outside air, and from other sources of contamination. While all the air in a room will
not be processed by the air cleaner, the more air circulated through the filter, the
more filtered air is returned to the room. Portable air cleaners will be much more
effective in rooms where all doors and windows are closed.
It can be placed on the floor in almost any location. However, for best performance
the air intake grille should not be blocked for at least 3 feet (1 meter) in all directions.
Note: Due to the large volume of air drawn towards the air cleaner, surrounding
areas should be cleaned and/or vacuumed frequently to prevent dust buildup. If the
unit is placed on a light colored carpeting, a small mat or rug should be used to ease
cleaning and prevent any permanent staining of carpeting. This is particularly
important in homes with heavier contamination from smoking or fireplaces.


Your Honeywell air
cleaner has five basic
components: the
powerhead assembly
(with controls and
motor), the carbon
pre-filter, the HEPA
filter, the base
assembly, and the
locking mechanism.
Powerhead Assembly
Carbon Pre-filter
HEPA Filter
Base Assembly
Locking Mechanism

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Table of Contents

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