Alcatel OT-710A User Manual

Alcatel mobile phone user manual.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Introduction ......... Table of contents Safety and use ..............6 TCT Mobile Limited would like to thank you for purchasing this cellphone. General information ............11 Getting started ..............13 Desktop Set-up ....................13 Power on your cellphone ..............15 • Convenient at-a-glance view of Widget applications Power off your cellphone ..............15 •...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Inbox .....................34 12.2 Ebook ....................56 Outbox ....................34 12.3 Java ......................57 Sent .......................34 Camera ................59 Drafts ....................34 13.1 Access ....................59 Available options ................35 13.2 Camera ....................59 Palringo ................36 13.3 Video ....................60 Access ....................36 Profiles ................62 Open a Palringo account online .............36 14.1 General...

  • Page 4: Safety And Use

    Given that studies show that using a cellphone while driving a vehicle constitutes a real risk, even when the hands-free kit is used (car kit, headset...), drivers are requested to refrain from using their Alcatel Mobile Phones Limited Warranty .....84 cellphone when the vehicle is not parked.

  • Page 5: Battery And Accessories

    • PRIVACY: Do not allow your cellphone to be exposed to adverse weather or environmental conditions (moisture, humidity, rain, infiltration of liquids, dust, sea air, etc.). The manufacturer’s recommended Please note that you must respect the laws and regulations in force in your jurisdiction or other operating temperature range is -10°C to +55°C (the max value depends on device, materials and jurisdiction(s) where you will use your cellphone regarding taking photographs and recording housing paint/texture).

  • Page 6: Radio Waves, Hearing Aid Compatibility

    The highest SAR value for this model cellphone when tested is 1.15 W/Kg for use at the ear and 1.04 W/Kg for use close to the body. OT-710A Bluetooth QD ID B017053 While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various cellphones and at various positions, they all meet the government requirement for RF exposure.

  • Page 7: General Information

    An electronic version of this user guide is available in English and other languages according to availability on our server: www.alcatel- Your cellphone is a transceiver that operates on GSM networks with 850 and 1900 MHz bands.

  • Page 8: Getting Started, Set-up

    Installing or removing the battery Getting started ..... Set-up Removing or installing the back cover • Insert and click the battery into place, then close the cellphone cover. • Unclip the cover, then remove the battery. Charging the battery Inserting or removing the SIM card You must insert your SIM card to make phone calls.

  • Page 9: Power On Your Cellphone, Power Off Your Cellphone, Using The Touchscreen, Your Cellphone

    Power on your cellphone Your cellphone ...... Hold down the key until the cellphone powers on, type in your PIN code if necessary and then confirm. The main screen is displayed. If you do not know your PIN code or if you have forgotten it, contact your network operator.

  • Page 10: Status Bar Icons

    Status bar icons • Answer • Send a call Battery charge level • Access call log (Redial) (press) • Switch on/Switch off the cellphone (hold down) Vibrate alert: your cellphone vibrates, but does not ring or beep with the exception of the alarm (see page 62). •...

  • Page 11: Status List, Desktop

    Status list Roaming. The Status list contains information about significant events, like Missed Memory card scanning completed. calls, Unread messages, E-mails as well as the Radio & Music player current playing information., etc. The purpose is to allow you faster access to the SIM card missing.

  • Page 12: Toolbar, Dialer, Making A Call

    Wallpaper To personalize your wallpaper, press from tool bar or long press Dialer ......blank area from the main screen, tap "Wallpaper". You will be directed to "My images" with this option. You may choose one image as your favourite wallpaper (see page 48). To access this feature, you may select one of the following: •...

  • Page 13: Calling Your Voicemail, Receiving A Call, During A Call

    Making an emergency call Muting the ringtone If your cellphone has network coverage, dial emergency number and press You may mute ringtone of current incoming call by tapping key or tap to make an emergency call. This works even without Answer the call by pressing the key.

  • Page 14: Conference Calls, Line Switching

    Line switching WARNING: move the handset away from your ear while turn on the speaker because the amplified volume might cause hearing damage. Your SIM card can contain two distinct cellphone numbers. Under “Call To hold on a call, tap log”, choose “Line switching”...

  • Page 15: Menu Arrange, Messages, Access, Conversational Mode And Conventional Mode

    Menu arrange ....Messages ......The main menu is designed to vary according to your preference. You can create, edit and receive SMS and MMS with this cellphone. MMS enables you to send video clips, images, photos, animations and To access this function, select to enter the main menu, tap sounds to other compatible cellphone and e-mail addresses.

  • Page 16: Create Message, Search, Alerts, Available Options, Email

    Create message 5.5.2 Voicemail View and edit the voicemail number. Press from tool bar on the main screen or select "Messages\Write msg" from the main menu to create text/multimedia message. One or 5.5.3 Broadcast SMS more recipients can be added in the list. To remove a recipient, move the cursor to the back of recipient, and press key.

  • Page 17

    5.6.3 Settings Multimedia messages Edit Set slide timing, edit mode, image size signature, Conversational mode etc. This option enables you to switch on/off conversational message view Sending Set the values for validity period, Read report, mode. etc. Text messages Retrieve Set the values for Home network, Roaming Profile settings Profiles can be retrieved directly from SIM card.

  • Page 18: Access, Email Account Set-up, Create Email, Inbox, Outbox

    Create Email Email ....... Select “Email\Options\Create Email” to enter write email interface. Select to add receiver from Directory. Your cellphone has an email client with the settings predefined for a few popular email services like – GoogleMail, Windows live, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Inbox Besides this, you can set up other POP3 or IMAP4 email accounts that you may be using.

  • Page 19: Available Options, Palringo, Access, Sign In/sign Out

    Available options Palringo ......Send and receive To connect all email accounts’ server in order to all accounts receive/send mails. Palringo Instant messaging (IM) allows you to chat with other people Create Email To create a new Email. using Palringo account. You can also connect to other popular IM services through Palringo, like Yahoo, AIM, GG, ICQ, Google talk, iChat etc.

  • Page 20: Add Service, Chat, Contacts, Groups, Consulting Your Directory

    Add service Directory ......Various services (Yahoo, Google, ICQ etc.) can be added by “Menu\ Services\Add Service”. Consulting your directory Chat To start a chat, select one online contact, then “Menu\Private chat”. To access the Directory, tap from tool bar on the main screen, or select “Directory”...

  • Page 21: Adding A Contact, Available Options

    Adding a contact Available options You can add a new contact by tapping From the list of names in Favourite/Most called, All contacts, you can access the following options: Following fields are accessible when you create a new contact in the directory: Name, Mobile, Copy to SIM/Not copy to SIM, Home, Work, Send message Send an SMS/MMS/Email to a contact you...

  • Page 22: Call Log, Access, Available Options

    9.2.2 Billing Call log ......You can access different items with this option: Last call cost/Total You can view the total cost of charged calls, cost/Max cost/Reset modify it or reset it and enter the cost of a call Access cost/Price per unit in the currency of your choice.

  • Page 23

    Call forwarding Caller ID You can activate, cancel or verify the status of the call forwarding to Activate/deactivate CLIR. the voicemail or to a specified number. The following configurations are Line switching possible: Line switch between line 1 and line 2. •...

  • Page 24: Media Applications, Music, Image

    10.1.1 Music playing mode Media applications ..... 10.1 Music ............To access this function, tap to enter the main menu and select You will have full flexibility of managing music both on your cellphone and memory card. Play/pause You can have access to your music files through one of the following: All songs Contains all songs both on cellphone memory - Next song...

  • Page 25

    10.1.2 Settings 10.2 Image ............Access by pressing the right navigation key for following options: A library links to the images in “My creations” in cellphone to be shown in list, slide, or thumbnail, set as Wallpaper, Screen saver, Power on/off Play mode Normal, Repeat current, Repeat all, Shuffle and display, and Contact ID, or sent by MMS, Email, Bluetooth.

  • Page 26: Video, Radio

    10.3 Video ............To use it, you must plug in your headset, which works as an antenna connected with your cellphone. “My videos” album contains video clips recorded, received or downloaded. All video clips in this folder can be played, set as contact ID, sent, deleted, Available options: renamed, sorted.

  • Page 27: Opera

    11.3.3 Go to URL Internet ......Enter the URL of Wap site. 11.3.4 Recent pages 11.1 My friends ............ Pages which you recently browsed. It migrates self-contained sub-trees of the websites to let you stay in touch 11.3.5 Offline pages with your friends by flicking through Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, Myspace, etc.

  • Page 28: News, Weather

    11.4 News ............. 11.5 Weather ............ It is a huge time saver providing news updates from a website in a simple Your cellphone is equipped with a weather function for consulting up to form. 3-day forecasts of favourite cities. Once subscribed to a channel, it gives you the ability to track and manage To access the function from the main screen, press from tool bar to all your favourite RSS content on your cellphone at anytime, anywhere!

  • Page 29: Facebook, Mtweet, Stopwatch, Ebook

    Entertainment ....11.6 Facebook ............Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. It provides a number of features with which users may interact: Wall, a space on every user's profile page 12.1 Stopwatch ............

  • Page 30: Java

    12.3.4 Trusted certificates To avoid character corruption, please ensure that the encoding format is correct (Global settings or Settings\Encoding View detailed information of the trusted certificates supported by your format). cellphone. Disclaimer 12.3 Java ............... Downloading or running applications will not damage or alter any software already in your cellphone designed to support Java™...

  • Page 31: Camera, Access, Video

    13.2.2 Settings in framing mode Camera ..... Before taking the photo, you can adjust a number of settings by using the following shortcuts: Your cellphone is fitted with a camera for taking photos and shooting From the photo shot screen, press to access: “Image size”, “Capture videos that you can use in different ways: mode”, “Quality”, “Timer”, “Night mode”, “Exposure Value”,...

  • Page 32: Profiles, General

    13.3.1 Framing mode Profiles ....... When you enter the “Video” function, you are in Framing mode. Use the cellphone screen as a viewfinder and press for the Capture mode, Exposure Value, Night mode, Quality, Record audio, Color mode, With this menu, you may personalize ringtones for different events and and Storage settings, and to access “File manager/My videos”.

  • Page 33: Meeting, Outdoor, Indoor, Silence, Flight Mode

    14.2 Meeting File manager ....When this is selected the cellphone will not ring or beep unless an alarm has been set. A new event will cause it to vibrate. You will have access to all audio and visual files stored in cellphone or 14.3 Outdoor memory card in File manager.

  • Page 34: My Images, My Videos, Ebook, My Creations, Other Files

    15.2 My images 15.8 Memory card You can select an image or a photo as wallpaper, ON/OFF screen, or You can access all files stored in the memory card here. assign it to a contact in the directory. When a memory card is inserted for the first time, it will be The images will be displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Page 35: Managing Audios, Images, Videos And Others, Formats And Compatibility, Memory Status

    15.9 Managing audios, images, videos and others Activate DRM file option. According to the item chosen, you can access some of the functions Copy to phone/ Copy a file to the cellphone memory or the below: memory card memory card. View View the selected image.

  • Page 36: Bluetooth, Others

    “Visible to all”. pairing mode while pairing it with your cellphone. Your cellphone is Bluetooth™ v1.1, v1.2 and v2.0 compatible. You are highly recommended to use Alcatel OT-BM82 (mono) Bluetooth headset, which has been tested and proved fully compatible with OT-710A.

  • Page 37: Calendar, Calculator, Notes, Tasks

    17.3 Notes ............. Others ......... You can create a note in text or voice format by accessing “Notes” from the main menu. 17.1 Calendar ............Available options: To access this function, tap to enter the main menu and select Open Open and view note.

  • Page 38: Clock, Converter, Settings

    17.5 Clock ............17.6 Converter ..........17.5.1 Alarm 17.6.1 Unit converter Your cellphone has a built-in alarm clock with a snooze feature. You can You can use the Weight and Length conversion by selecting the unit you set up to five separate alarms and choose whether or not the alarm should wish to convert via , then tap to input the digits.

  • Page 39: Phone Settings

    Brightness Settings ....... You may adjust black level with respect to LCD display by pressing the key . From the main menu, select the menu icon and select the function of Backlight your choice in order to customize your cellphone. Screen •...

  • Page 40: Call Settings

    18.1.4 Touch settings 18.2 Call settings See page 42. LCD Touch To calibrate the touch screen, tap anywhere on Calibration the screen to start calibration. 18.3 Security Touch Vibration When “On”, the cellphone vibrates when the screen is touched. Activate PIN The SIM card protection code is requested each time the cellphone is powered on if this code is 18.1.5...

  • Page 41

    18.4 Network Making the most of your Network selection cellphone ......Preferred network List of networks to which you wish to be connected in order of priority. Select network The choice of network connection is left up to 19.1 PC suite the user.

  • Page 42

    Touch inputting Latin input mode/ character table ....There are two text entry methods that can be used to write messages • Normal • Predictive with the eZi mode Normal This mode allows you to type text by choosing a letter or a sequence of characters.

  • Page 43: Limited Warranty

    Symbol & Number table Alcatel Mobile Phones Tap the key to display the symbols & number table; Tap to access Limited Warranty ..... emoticon list TCT Mobile North America LTD warrants to the original retail purchaser of this wireless device, that should this product or part thereof during normal consumer...

  • Page 44

    There are no express warranties, whether written, oral or implied, other than this The latest generation of Alcatel GSM cellphones offers a built-in handsfree printed limited warranty or the mandatory warranty provided by your jurisdiction. feature that allows you to use the cellphone from a distance, placed on In no event shall TCT Mobile or any of its affiliates be liable for incidental or a table for example.

  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    • Check with your operator to make sure that your subscription includes this • Make sure you are using an Alcatel battery and charger in the box service • When abroad, check that the electrical current is compatible •...

  • Page 46

    I am unable to connect my cellphone to my computer • Install first of all Alcatel’s PC suite • Use “Install the connection” and perform the installation • Check that your computer meets the requirements for Alcatel’s PC Suite installation...

  • Page 47

    Alcatel-Lucent ALCATEL is a trade and is used under license by TCT Mobile Limited. All rights reserved © Copyright 2010 TCT Mobile Limited. TCT Mobile Limited reserves the right to alter material or technical specification without prior notice.

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