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Food Storage Baskets; Defrosting And Draining - Haier HNCM035E User Manual

Manual defrost chest freezer
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Food Storage Basket
(see fig. # 2)
• Your freezer has a basket. Removable baskets allow you
to store food more accessibly or you can remove them if not needed.

Defrosting and Draining

• Defrost whenever the frost becomes 1/4" thick. Never use a sharp or
metallic instrument to remove the frost, as it may damage the cooling
coils. (A punctured coil will void the warranty)
• Turn the temperature control to OFF position and unplug the unit.
Remove the drain plug from the inside of the freezer. Defrosting
usually takes a few hours. To defrost faster keep the freezer door
• For draining, place a tray beneath the outer drain plug. Pull out the
drain dial (see fig. #3). This will let the water flow out in the tray.
When done, push the drain dial in. Re-plug the drain plug inside the
freezer compartment. Note: monitor the container under the drain to
avoid overflow.
• Wipe the interior of the freezer and replace the electrical plug in
the electrical outlet.
• Reset the temperature control to the desired setting.
fig. # 2
fig. # 3

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Table of Contents

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