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Proper Freezer Care And Cleaning; Cleaning And Maintenance - Haier HNCM035E User Manual

Manual defrost chest freezer
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Proper Freezer Care and Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance

Door Gaskets:
• Clean door gaskets every three months according to
• Petroleum jelly applied lightly on the hinge side of
To avoid electric shock always unplug your
freezer before cleaning. Ignoring this warning may
result in death or injury.
Before using cleaning products, always read and
follow manufacturer's instructions and warnings to
avoid personal injury or product damage.
• Prepare a cleaning solution of 3-4 tablespoons of
baking soda mixed with warm water. Use sponge or
soft cloth, dampened with the cleaning solution, to
wipe down your freezer.
• Rinse with clean warm water and dry with a soft
• Do not use harsh chemicals, abrasives, ammonia,
chlorine bleach,concentrated detergents, solvents or
metal scouring pads. SOME of these chemicals may
dissolve, damage and/or discolor your freezer.
general instructions. Gaskets must be kept clean and
pliable to assure a proper seal.
gaskets will keep the gasket pliable and assure a
good seal.

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Table of Contents

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