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Dishwasher Features - Frigidaire Dishcare Brochure & Specs

Frigidaire dishwasher brochure


Dishwasher Features

Control Panel
Fully integrated controls provide a sleek-
looking exterior and allow you to select the
exact wash pressure, temperature and drying
parameters for each load.
Intelligent Wash System
Cleaner dishes, less water
and energy.
iWash™ Plus
Intelligent Wash System
Precision Direct™ Wash System
provides outstanding cleaning
iWash™ Ultra
Intelligent Wash System
AquaSurge™ Technology
optimizes wash pressure for
every dish load.
For a dealer near you call 1-800-FRIGIDAIRE
iDry™ Intelligent SaharaDry™ System
More than 70% drier than conventional
drying systems.
AquaSurge™ with SpeedClean™
AquaSurge™ Technology allows you to adjust
wash pressure for a variety of dishwashing
needs while our SpeedClean™ cycle
automatically increases wash pressure by
30% to power dishes clean in half the time.
China/Crystal Cycle
For a truly gentle cleaning action, the
China/Crystal Cycle reduces wash pressure by
30% for a thorough cleaning of your most
delicate dishware.
Half Load Wash
When you want to get the glasses done
but don't have a full load, the glasses cycle
lets you wash in the upper rack without
wasting water or energy. Can also be used
for mixed loads.
Adjustable Rack
An adjustable top rack raises or lowers
with ease to provide additional room for
stemware above or more space for large
pots and pans below.
For knives, spatulas, serving spoons and even
stemware, the Versa-Tray™, with its special
slots, is designed to safely and securely hold
items that don't fit in standard racks.
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