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Frigidaire Dishcare Brochure & Specs page 2

Frigidaire dishwasher brochure


Smart. Quiet. Efficient.
The Frigidaire® Precision Direct™ Wash System
uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver a
highly efficient, extremely quiet and
remarkably clever way of washing dishes.
You won't be surprised that our SpeedClean™
Cycle provides a 30% increase
in wash pressure to power dishes clean in
half the time.
Or that our AquaSurge™ Technology allows
you to adjust washing pressure based on your
needs, from the toughest baked-on foods to
the most delicate china and stemware.
You can count on Precision Select™ controls
to add functionality and simplify operation,
all with the touch of a button.
And, you'll appreciate our GraniteGrey™
interior for its visual appeal and its stain
resistance over solid color interiors.
You expect all this from Frigidaire®... and
we deliver.
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