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Dishwasher with precisionselect electronic control
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Operating Instructions
Very Important
Operating Your Dishwasher!
Normal Operating
This dishwasher does not sound like most
dishwashers—IT'S QUIETER.
Your Precision Wash System® dishwasher
uses energy efficient motors for the wash and
drain portions of the cycle you select. Each cycle
has a series of water fills and drains for washing
and rinsing dishes. As each cycle begins, you
may–or may not–hear the drain motor.
The next sound you will hear is the splashing
water as it enters the tub. Then the lower arm
rotates and circulates water. This is followed by
a pause and a slightly different sound as the
middle arm sprays water. If you listen closely,
you will hear the change in sound as the wash
action switches from one arm to the other.
PLEASE BE ADVISED: If you compare this
dishwasher to previous models, you may be
surprised at what you DON'T hear!
Read Before
Appearance may vary from your model.
Getting Started
1. Load dishwasher (See Preparing and Loading
2. Add detergent (See Dishwasher Dispenser &
3. Add rinse aid, if needed (See Rinse Aid).
4. Close door to latch.
5. Select desired CYCLE (See Cycle Chart).
6. Select desired OPTIONS (See Energy
Options). The indicator light above the pad will
glow when selected.
7. Run hot water faucet nearest dishwasher until
water is hot. Turn water off.
8. To start, press START/CANCEL pad.
Wash Cycle Selections
Note: Cycle times are approximate and will vary
with options selected. Hot water is necessary to
activate dishwasher detergent and melt fatty food
soils. An automatic sensor will check the incoming
water temperature and, if it is not hot enough, the
timer will be delayed for automatic water heating in
the main wash of all cycles. This happens even
when HI-TEMP WASH option has not been
selected. When HI-TEMP WASH is selected, an
even higher temperature will be guaranteed to
handle heavier soil loads.


Table of Contents

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