Frigidaire 100 Series Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire use and care manual dishwasher 100 series
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Use & Care Manual
100 Series
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Dishwasher Use & Care Manual 100 Series Record All Information For Future Reference Brand: Purchase Date: Model #: Serial #: (see Features page for location) Questions?1-800-944-9044 (United States) 1-800-661-9913 (Canada) Visit Frigidaire Company's Web Site at READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 2: Instructions

    • To avoid entrapment and/or suffocation, remove door or door latch mechanism from any dishwasher that is discarded or not in use. • Keep young children and infants away from dishwasher when it is operating.
  • Page 3: Features

    Dishwasher Features Your dishwasher cleans by spraying a mixture of hot water and detergent through the spray arms against soiled surfaces. Each cycle begins with a pre-drain. Next, the dishwasher fills with water covering the filter area. Water is then pumped through the filter and spray arms. Soil particles go down the drain as the water is pumped out and replaced with clean water.
  • Page 4: Normal Operating Sounds

    Read Before Operating Your Dishwasher! Normal Operating Sounds This dishwasher does not sound like most dishwashers—IT'S QUIETER! The new wash system uses energy efficient motors for the wash and drain portions of the cycle you select. Each cycle has a series of water fills and drains for washing and rinsing dishes.
  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Wash Cycle Selections Note: Cycle times are approximate and not all cycles available on all models. Pots & Pans (89 minutes) (2 washes, 4 rinses, dry) (7.2 gallons) (6.0 imp. gallons) (27.3 liters) For pots, pans, casseroles and dinnerware with dried-on or baked-on soils: •...
  • Page 6: Preparing And Loading Dishes

    Unless the dishwasher is to be operated at once, it is best to rinse off these food soils. •...
  • Page 7 Unlatch door and wait a few seconds until wash action stops before opening. • Add the item and wait a few seconds to allow cold air to slowly expand inside dishwasher. • Close door firmly to latch and resume cycle. (continued)
  • Page 8: Dishwasher Dispenser

    & Detergents Filling the Detergent Dispenser The detergent dispenser has one covered and one uncovered cup. Detergent in the uncovered cup falls into the dishwasher when the door is closed. The covered cup opens automatically in the main wash. Cover...
  • Page 9: Factors Affecting Performance

    Adjustable setting Dispenser Cap (continued) Water Pressure The hot water line to dishwasher must provide water pressure between 20 and 120 psi. Low water pressure may occur when laundry or showers are in operation. Wait until water use is reduced before starting dishwasher.
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Care of Drain Air Gap If a drain air gap was installed for your built-in dishwasher, check to make sure it is clean so the dishwasher will drain properly. A drain air gap is usually mounted on countertop and can be inspected by removing the cover.
  • Page 11 Failure to do so could result in property damage. Winterizing A dishwasher left in an unheated place should be protected from freezing. Have a qualified person do the following: To Disconnect Service: 1. Turn off electrical power to the dishwasher at the supply source by removing fuses or tripping circuit breaker.
  • Page 12: Changing Color Panels

    Changing Color Panels Some models come with reversible door panel inserts which offer three decorative colors. The panels are separated by a divider trim strip. Depending on the model, either or both panels may be changed. To change the color panel: Note: If your unit does not have a divider trim strip, exceptions to these directions are noted after the individual steps.
  • Page 13 Customized Wood Panels Your dishwasher can be customized with 1/4" wood panels. Refer to your Installation Instructions for more information.
  • Page 14: Solutions To Common Dishwashing Problems

    Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you both time and expense. This list includes common experiences that are not the result of defective workmanship or material in your dishwasher. Food Soils Left on Dishes • Choose another cycle for longer washing time.
  • Page 15: Solutions To Common Dishwashing Problems

    • Does overfill protector move up and down freely? (See Overfill Protector section.) Dishwasher Has an Odor • Soiled dishes left in dishwasher too long can create an odor. Use Rinse/Hold cycle. • There will be a "new" smell when first installed.
  • Page 16: Dishwashing Problems

    3. Select the POTS & PANS or HEAVY WASH cycle. Close and latch door to start. 4. Allow dishwasher to run for 25 minutes to reach the main wash portion of cycle. 5. Unlatch and open door and pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the bottom of dishwasher.
  • Page 17: Consumer Services

    (required because of service), are excluded. Extended Limited 2nd Year Warranty For two years from date of purchase, Frigidaire Company will provide a replacement (or functional equivalent), for any part in the water distribution system that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • Page 18 The warrantor however reserves the right to charge transportation and travelling costs for distances in excess of 48 kilometres (30 miles) from the nearest FRIGIDAIRE PARTS AND SERVICE authorized service depot.

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