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Frigidaire 1000 Series Use & Care Manual page 6

Dishwasher with precisionselect electronic control
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Table of Contents
Operating Instructions
Options Selections
Hi-Temp Wash
When HI-TEMP WASH option is selected, the
dishwasher heats water in the main wash to
approximately 140°F (60°C).
This increase in water temperature helps
dishwasher detergent remove food grease and soil
from dishes more effectively and aids in drying. HI-
TEMP WASH option can be used with all cycles
TEMP WASH is automatically provided when
POTS & PANS cycle is selected.
When HI-TEMP WASH option is selected, the
light above the pad will come on and remain on
until end of cycle. To turn off the HI-TEMP WASH
option, press the pad a second time. The light
above the pad will turn off.
Heat Dry
The HEAT DRY option in combination with rinse
aid will enhance drying performance. The energy
required to use the HEAT DRY option costs
pennies per cycle. You may choose not to select
the HEAT DRY option; however you will have
items in your dish load that will not be completely
dry at the end of the cycle.
You may see water vapor coming from the vent
during the drying portion of cycle. The vent is
closed during washing to hold moisture and sound
inside. The vent opens during the last few minutes
of the final rinse and remains open for drying. The
drying option may be changed at any time during
the cycle and affects only the drying period.
Opening the door longer than one minute during
the dry cycle cancels the selected dry program.
Delay Start
The DELAY START option allows you to
automatically delay starting your dishwasher from
1-3 or 2-4-6 hours depending on your model.
On models with 2-4-6 hour delay, press the pad
once for a 2 hour delay, twice for 4 hours and three
times for 6 hours. A light will come on
indicating the delay start hours and will remain on
until cycle starts.
To cancel the DELAY START option and begin the
cycle before the delay period is over, press the
To Cancel a Cycle
You can cancel a cycle anytime during the cycle.
Press START/CANCEL pad and the dishwasher
will start a 90 second drain. At the end of the drain,
select the desired cycle.
Status Indicator Lights
The WASHING light (some models) comes on at
the beginning of cycle and remains on until the end
of the main wash.
The DRYING light (some models) indicates the
drying portion of the cycle. The light will come on
when either drying option is selected.
The CLEAN light (some models) will come on at
end of cycle and remain on until door is opened.
Dish Preparation
Scrape away large pieces of food, bones, pits,
toothpicks, etc. The continuous filtered wash
system will remove remaining food particles.
Burned-on foods should be loosened before
loading. Empty liquids from glasses and cups.
Foods such as mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar,
lemon juice and tomato based products may
cause discoloration of stainless steel and plastics
if allowed to sit for a long period of time. Unless the
dishwasher is to be operated at once, it is best to
rinse off these food soils.
• Load racks so that large items do not
prevent the detergent dispenser from opening.
• Check
before washing
items in question.
• If the dishwasher
drains into a food
disposer, be sure
disposer is
completely empty before
starting dishwasher.

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