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Version 1
Software Instruction Manual
This software is for use with Windows
XP only.


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  • Page 1

    Version 1 Software Instruction Manual ® This software is for use with Windows XP only.

  • Page 2: Read Carefully Before Using

    You only own the CD-ROM media in which the SOFTWARE is stored. Except as expressly provided herein, no license or right, express or implied, is hereby conveyed or granted by Canon to you for any intellectual property of Canon.

  • Page 3

    It is your responsibility to choose, maintain and match the hardware and software components of your computer system. Thus, Canon does not guarantee uninterrupted service or correction of errors or that the functions or performance of the SOFTWARE will meet your requirements. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, CANON AND ITS SUPPLIER PROVIDE THE SOFTWARE “AS IS”...

  • Page 4

    Agreement. In the event that this Agreement terminates for your failure to comply, you must promptly destroy the SOFTWARE including any and all copies thereof. In addition, Canon may enforce its other legal rights. U.S. GOVERNMENT RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE The SOFTWARE is a “commercial item,”...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Read Carefully Before Using ....................2 Read This First ........................6 Canon camcorder compatible with DV-PC Recorder............6 Required Accessories ......................6 System Requirements ......................7 Installing the Software ......................8 Connecting the Camcorder to the Computer ..............10 Starting DV-PC Recorder ....................

  • Page 6: Read This First

    Read This First DV-PC Recorder is a software that enables you to record on the tape in the camcorder and on the computer hard disk by connecting a camcorder equipped with the DV CONTROL function to a computer using a IEEE1394 (DV) cable. This allows you to start editing the video on the computer right after recording (optional editing software required).

  • Page 7: System Requirements

    System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional (installation of Service Pack 1 recommended) Proper operation is not guaranteed on Windows XP that has been upgraded from a previous version. Pentium III 800 MHz or more (Pentium 4 or later recommended) 128 MB or more (256 MB or more recommended) Free Hard Disk Space For installation...

  • Page 8: Installing The Software

    Read the license agreement and click [Yes]. Confirm the target folder and click [Next]. • If a warning message regarding the installation appears, click [Continue Anyway]. • If a dialog appears asking you whether you wish to create a shortcut of DV-PC Recorder, click [Yes].

  • Page 9

    Installing the Software Click [Finish]. • Installation is complete and DV-PC Recorder starts automatically. • A dedicated driver will be installed automatically. If the [Found New Hardware Wizard] window appears, select [Install the software automatically (Recommended)] and click [Next]. If a warning message regarding the installation appears, click [Continue Anyway].

  • Page 10: Connecting The Camcorder To The Computer

    Connecting the Camcorder to the Computer Set the camcorder to a recording program. Activate the DV CONTROL function. For details, refer to the camcorder instruction manual. Connect the camcorder to the computer using the IEEE1394 (DV) cable. • You do not need to turn off the computer. •...

  • Page 11: Starting Dv-pc Recorder

    • When you remove the checkmark next to [Display this window when DV-PC Recorder is launched], this dialog will not appear the next time you start DV-PC Recorder. • The first time you start DV-PC Recorder, the target folder is set as [Windows drive:\Documents and Settings\login user name\My Documents\date]. If Windows is not installed on a NTFS formatted hard disk, the following dialog appears.

  • Page 12: Main Panel

    Tape error. Check the tape status. 5 Option settings Displays the [Option settings] window. 6 Minimize Minimizes the Main Panel. When you minimize the main panel during recording, the [DV-PC Recorder] task on the task bar shows the time code. 7 Close Closes DV-PC Recorder.

  • Page 13: System Menu

    Starting DV-PC Recorder System Menu Clicking on the upper left of the Main Panel (or right-clicking the [DV-PC Recorder] icon on the task bar) displays the system menu. The system menu cannot be displayed while a dialog is shown. 1 Close Closes DV-PC Recorder.

  • Page 14: Camcorder Screen Display

    Starting DV-PC Recorder Camcorder Screen Display The DV-PC Recorder status and the remaining recording time on the hard disk are displayed on the camcorder screen. Icon DV-PC Recorder Status Not started Stop mode Recording Frame dropping occurred ( 23). Cannot record ( Check the setting of the video folder.

  • Page 15: Setting Video Folder, File Name And Recording Mode

    Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode Select the settings such as target folder (video folder), file name and recording mode before recording the camcorder picture on the hard disk. Click Click the [General] or [Record] tab. Select the settings and click [OK]. The settings will be applied, and the [Option settings] window closes.

  • Page 16

    Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode [General] Tab 1 Select the video folder settings. [Video folder]: Shows the selected folder. [Performance check]: Checks whether the selected video folder can be used for saving the recordings ( 18). [Modify]: Selects a different folder. [Create sub-folder]: Creates a subfolder within the folder shown under [Video folder].

  • Page 17

    Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode [Record] Tab 1 Select the mode for recording on the hard disk. [Standard]: A new folder will be created each time you start recording a new scene. [Sequence]: The new scene will be added to the same folder. 2 Select the size of the preview that shows the camcorder picture on the computer screen.

  • Page 18: Performance Check

    [Performance check]. Click [Start]. • The performance check of the hard disk starts. • DV-PC Recorder writes data to the selected folder, evaluates the performance of the hard disk, and shows the result on the graph.

  • Page 19

    Setting Video Folder, File Name and Recording Mode • The performance check takes 30 seconds. • To cancel the performance check, click [Stop]. When performance check is complete, review the result and click [Close]. • A bar below the red line indicates that frames may be dropped during recording (a part of the picture may not be written to the file).

  • Page 20: Recording On The Hard Disk

    • When the sequence number of the file exceeds the maximum value (e.g. “DVPC9999999.avi”). • When DV-PC Recorder is started while using the camcorder with another software. ❍ Observe the followings during recording: • Do not activate any other software. When another software is running, frame droppings may occur.

  • Page 21

    Recording on the Hard Disk • Recording starts on both the tape in the camcorder and the hard disk. • changes to , and the indicator starts moving. • When the tape reaches the end, recording on the hard disk continues. •...

  • Page 22: Recording Panel

    Recording on the Hard Disk Recording Panel Preview Shows the camcorder picture. When you have selected [No preview] in the [Option settings] window, the preview does not appear during recording. When recording in [Sequence] mode, the preview starts when you restart recording or finalize the file by clicking Safe margin Indicates the active safe area and title safe area.

  • Page 23: Frame Dropping

    Recording on the Hard Disk Audio level indicator Indicates the audio level of the channels 1 and 2 of the camcorder. The audio level indicator can be turned on/off by clicking • The audio level indicator appears slightly later on the computer screen than on the camcorder screen.

  • Page 24: Recording History

    The recording history will disappear when you close DV-PC Recorder. When you wish to review the history after you have closed DV-PC Recorder, open the “DVPC.LOG” file in the video folder with a text editor. You can check the file name, recording date, file size, length, file format, and information of dropped frames.

  • Page 25: Reviewing The Recorded Picture

    Reviewing the Recorded Picture You can review the recorded picture by playing back the file. Click the [Playback] tab. The playback panel appears. Select the file you wish to play back from the [File list]. Click the thumbnail of the file you wish to play back. Click (or double-click a thumbnail).

  • Page 26: Time Slider

    Reviewing the Recorded Picture 5 [File list] Lists the AVI files. As the default settings, the files in the selected video folder are shown and the latest file is listed at the top. : Selects a different folder. : Changes the order of the files. Select an option from the displayed menu.

  • Page 27

    Reviewing the Recorded Picture ❍ The slider moves to the end when pressing the [F12] and [End] key on the keyboard. ❍ During playback pause, pressing the [ ] or [ ] key on the keyboard after moving the slider with the mouse allows you to fine adjust the position of the slider.

  • Page 28: Uninstalling The Software

    ❍ You need to log in as an administrator before uninstalling the software. From the [start] menu, select [All Programs] followed by [Canon Utilities], [DV-PC Recorder] and [DV-PC Recorder Uninstall]. On the confirmation dialog, click [OK].

  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Camcorder will not be recognized. ➝ A camcorder not supported by DV-PC Recorder is connected. Check if your camcorder is supported by DV- PC Recorder ( ➝ Another device such as a CD-ROM drive or hard disk drive (or repeater/hub) is connected to the computer’s IEEE1394 (DV) terminal.

  • Page 30

    Troubleshooting The preview will not be displayed. ➝ If the preview is not displayed during recording, it might be set to [No preview] in the [Option settings] window. Select a setting other than [No preview]. ➝ When recording in [Sequence] mode, the preview starts when you restart recording or finalize the file by clicking...

  • Page 31

    PUB. DIE-212-N © CANON INC. 2004...

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