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Wash filters with cold water
Wash filters with cold water
at least every month.
at least every month.

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  • Page 1: Operating Manual

    OPERATING MANUAL ASSEMBLY OPERATION click Automatic click WASH FILTERS WASH FILTERS Wash filters with cold water Wash filters with cold water at least every month. at least every month. click REGISTER YOUR FREE 5 YEAR GUARANTEE TOdAY...

  • Page 2

    5 years from the date of purchase, subject to the terms of the guarantee. If you have any questions about your Dyson appliance, call the Dyson Helpline with your serial number and details of where/when you bought the appliance.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Do not handle any part of the plug or appliance with wet hands. Do not use with a damaged cable or plug. If the supply cable is damaged it must be replaced by Dyson, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

  • Page 4: Emptying The Clear Bin, Looking For Blockages

    Operation click Emptying the clear bin Looking for blockages...

  • Page 5: Carpets Or Hard Floors, Attachments

    Carpets or hard floors Attachments Automatic Brush bar clearing obstructions...

  • Page 6: Wash Filters, Base Plate Disassembly

    IMPORTANT! WASH FILTERS Base plate disassembly BRUSHBAR MAINTENANCE disassemble...

  • Page 7: Base Plate Reassembly

    Wash filters with cold water at least every month. The filters may require more frequent washing if vacuuming fine dust. click click click Base plate reassembly BRUSHBAR MAINTENANCE reassemble click...

  • Page 8: Assembly, Cleaning Clear Bin

    USING YOUR DYSON APPLIANCE • If used in a garage, always wipe the base plate, ball and stabiliser wheels with a dry cloth after vacuuming to clean off any sand, dirt or pebbles that could PLEASE READ thE ‘ImPORtANt SAfEtY INStRUCtIONS’ IN thIS DYSON damage delicate floors. OPERAtING mANUAL bEfORE PROCEEDING. VACUUmING ASSEmbLY CAUtION: • Lie the appliance on its back. • Do not use without the clear bin and filters in place. • The cleaner head fits onto the connections underneath the front part of the ball. • Fine dirt such as plaster dust or flour should only be vacuumed in very Slide the cleaner head up into the channels either side of the airway. Push firmly: small amounts. the cleaner head will click into place and the red latch will engage. • Do not use the appliance to pick up sharp hard objects, small toys, pins, paper • Stand the appliance up straight. clips, etc. They may damage the appliance.

  • Page 9: Disposal Information

    – refit the filter on to the ball Helpline staff. – secure the filter by turning it clockwise so the white arrows align. Alternatively, visit (UK) or (ROI) • When refitting the outer cover of the ball, keep turning the central locking dial for online help, general tips and useful information about Dyson. clockwise. When it starts to click it is locked. If your Dyson appliance needs a service, call the Dyson Helpline so we can • To watch a short online video visit: discuss the available options. If your Dyson appliance is under guarantee, and UK – the repair is covered, it will be repaired at no cost. ROI – PLEASE REGISTER AS A DYSON APPLIANCE OWNER BLOCKAGES – THERMAL CUT-OUT To help us ensure you receive prompt and efficient service, please register as a • This appliance is fitted with an automatically resetting thermal cut-out. Dyson appliance owner. There are three ways to do this: • Large items may block the tools or wand inlet. If any part becomes blocked the • Online at (UK) or (ROI). appliance may overheat and automatically cut-out. • Telephone the Dyson Helpline. • If this happens, follow the instructions below in ‘Looking for blockages’.

  • Page 10

    The filters may require more frequent washing if vacuuming fine dust. Dyson Customer Care After registering your free 5 year guarantee, your Dyson appliance will be covered for parts and labour for 5 years from the date of purchase, subject to the terms of the guarantee.If you have any...

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    Telephone Mobile    As a Dyson appliance owner, you can hear about We sometimes ask other companies (such as market researchers) to Dyson inventions, services and products before anyone contact owners on our behalf. We do this to get feedback on ideas or else.

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  • Patricia Shelton Feb 25, 2017 08:01:
    I have a Dyson DC 50. My hand slipped and knocked off the bottom plate of the clear canister. It looks like there are two notches on the now disconnect​ed plate which hook on to the bottom of the canister so it can be closed, but I'm having no luck reconnecti​ng them. Can you advise me what to do? Do I have to buy a new canister for the machine?

  • Feb 25, 2017 05:34:
    We have Dyson DC 50 and it does not have any suction. What should I do.
  • Paul DeFilippes Jan 26, 2017 01:32:
    Hello - we bought a Dyson DC 50 and it doesn't have any suction. It runs hard but no air suction. We have read the manual but can't seem to fix it. Please help.

    Paul DeFilippes​

  • Maggie Jul 25, 2016 05:23:
    Aquí te mando las instructio​ns
  • Sandy Feb 02, 2016 06:22:
    How do you know when you need a NEW filter for the ball part...aft​er washing a few times ?? How long do the filters typically last??