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Who Is Protected; What Is Covered And What Is Not Covered - NEC NECCare Gold Express5800 Manual

Neccare gold warranty program
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Who is Protected?

What is Covered and What is Not Covered?

If service requires the replacement of any parts, components,
or modules, the replacement items become the property of
Customer and the replaced items become the property of
NECAM. The warranty period for the Machine is from its
original Date of Installation; the date on the invoice is
considered the Date of Installation unless NEC notifies you
other wise.
NECAM may use new, used, serviceable, or reconditioned
parts, components, or modules that are in good working order
as replacements. Replacement items shall be of like kind and
quality of those replaced. Spare parts are warranted for ninety
(90) days.
If you do not register your Server with NECAM, you will be
required to present proof of purchase as evidence of your
entitlement for warranty service. Please retain your proof of
purchase with your records.
This warranty may be enforced only by the original purchaser
of the Product and is not transferable.
Except as specified below, this warranty covers all defects in
material or workmanship in this Product. The following are not
covered by this warranty:
1. Any Product that is not distributed in the U.S.A. or Canada
by NEC Corporation of America.
2. Any Product on which the serial number has been defaced,
modified, or removed.
3. Any Product that has been removed from the U.S.A. or
4. Damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from:
Accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, fire, water,
lightning or other acts of nature, improper storage,
unauthorized Product modification, or failure to
follow instructions supplied with the Product.
Alteration, repair or attempted repair by anyone not
authorized by NEC Corporation of America.
SigmaBlade Gold Warranty Program



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