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Introduction; Program Highlights - NEC NECCare Gold Express5800 Manual

Neccare gold warranty program
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Warranty Registration

Program Highlights

NECAM will use commercially reasonable best efforts to provide next day on-site service. NECAM is not responsible for service
calls missed outside the control of NECAM. If your location is outside of a NECAM authorized third party provider's service
coverage area, the response time may be longer and/or an additional travel charge may be assessed. Response times are objectives
and not guarantees. In some cases, on-site service may not be available. All service response times are contingent upon parts
Customer must be able to sign and receive parts as requested by NEC to meet Next Day Service.
Sunday Hardware Repair Support dependent on part delivery.
NEC Corporation of America, "NECAM", offers one of the
strongest warranty programs in the computer industry. This
document will focus on the NECCare Gold Warranty Program
for the Express5800SigmaBlade Server
For efficient service, register your system online at:
Upon receipt of the registration information of your new NEC
product you will be entitled to utilize NEC's online Self-
Support web site. You will find such information as; product
updates, specific warranty coverage for your product or you
can initiate technical support for your questions all from one
NEC Corporation of America's NECCare Gold Warranty
Program offers you the following benefits:
3-Years Gold Warranty coverage
3-Years of Next Day On-site Repair Support, after phone
24x7x365 toll-free hard ware technical phone support in the
continental US and Canada
Next day onsite response is from time of dispatch. An
authorized service technician will be on site the following
day once a service call is deemed necessary following
trouble-shooting efforts between the customer and
24x7 Email Alert Monitoring
NEC Service Management software is enabled and
configured to monitor fatal and recoverable
hard ware errors resulting in Email notifications to
the systems administrator and NECAM Technical
SigmaBlade Gold Warranty Program



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