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    Console box Cruise control capabilities and limitations. Cup holders Door-Power back Your dealership and the entire staff of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Doors-Sliding Inc. wish you many years of satisfied driving in your new Sienna. Dynamic Laser Cruise Control 18-19...

  • Page 3: Instrument Panel

    OVERVIEW Instrument panel Overhead console Steering wheel switches Headlight, turn signal and front fog light controls Tilt and telescopic steering lock release Wiper and washer controls Tire Pressure Monitoring (warning) System reset Rear window and outside rearview mirror defogger and windshield Power rearview mirror controls wiper de-icer switch...

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    If indicator does not turn off within a few seconds of starting engine, there may If this light flashes, refer to “Cruise control,” Section 2-4, 2010 Owner’s Manual. be a malfunction. Have vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer. If this light flashes, refer to “Dynamic laser cruise control,” Section 2-4, 2010 Owner’s Manual.

  • Page 5: Engine Maintenance, Fuel Tank Door Release And Cap, Hood Release, Keyless Entry

    OVERVIEW Keyless entry Fuel tank door release and cap Locking operation Unlocking operation Driver seat Pull up Push ONCE: Driver door TWICE: ALL doors Turn Store NOTE: If a door is not opened within 60 seconds of unlocking, all Push doors will relock for safety.

  • Page 6: Automatic Transmission 2

    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Auto lock functions Lights & turn signals Headlights Automatic door locks can be programmed to operate in four different modes, or turned OFF. -Doors lock when shifting from Park. AUTO* High beam -Doors lock when the vehicle speed goes above approximately 12 mph. -Doors unlock when the engine key is turned to the “ACC”...

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Windshield wipers & washers Windows Front Driver side Window lock switch Single wipe Adjust frequency* Down Interval wipe Down Pull to wash and wipe Slow Fast Automatic operation (driver side only) (If equipped) Push the switch * Intermittent windshield wiper frequency adjustment completely down or pull it completely up and release to fully open or Rotate to increase/decrease wipe frequency.

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Doors-Sliding Console box (if equipped) ON/OFF switch Remove Install Front seat Instrument panel Second row seat Lock release Push lever Opening/Closing Center pillar Front overhead console Auxiliary box The console box can be removed and installed between the front or second row seats.

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Seat adjustments-Front Seats-Head restraints Manual seat Power seat Front Rear Lock release button Lock release button Seat arrangements (examples) Seat position (forward/backward) Height crank (driver side only) Seatback angle Lumbar support (driver side only)(If equipped) Seat position, cushion angle and height Seatback angle Seat adjustments-Rear Second row seat...

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Seats-Stowing third row seats Seats-Tumble/Remove second row seats (power)(if equipped) Lower Push Stowing seat Returning seat Third seat fold Third seat fold incomplete warning light* incomplete warning light* Push and hold Push and hold (1) Lower the head restraint and slide the seat to the rear-most locked position.

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Cruise control (if equipped) Distance control mode Turning system ON/OFF Push System ON/OFF System ON/OFF The distance control mode will cruise at a set speed, decelerate to maintain a selected distance from a slower vehicle traveling in front of you, and accelerate back up to the selected speed if the vehicle in front changes lanes or speeds up.

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Audio Steering wheel switches (if equipped) Type 1 Volume control Preset buttons - functions in other modes indicated above number. Eject CD Push to adjust tone & Push to turn balance ON/OFF “ ” -In radio mode Push to select a preset station; push and hold to seek Seek station/ Push to skip the next strong station.

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    FEATURES/OPERATIONS Air Conditioning/Heating Front automatic Air Conditioning Front manual Air Conditioning Temperature selector (driver side) Temperature selector (front passenger side) Air Conditioning ON/OFF Air Conditioning ON/OFF Synchronizes front and rear temperature settings Fresh or recirculated cabin air Airflow vent Airflow vent In “...

  • Page 14: Bottle Holders

    Front doors Sliding doors Refer to “Garage door openers,” Section 3-7 in the Owner’s Manual for more details. For programming assistance, contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331, or visit Change display information Garage door opener indicator Information display Compass Note: Do not place open containers in the sliding door bottle holders.

  • Page 15: Console Box, Cup Holders, Door Locks, Doors-child Safety Locks, Seatbelt Comfort Guide

    SAFETY AND EMERGENCY FEATURES FEATURES/OPERATIONS Cup holders Door locks Instrument panel Lock Unlock Doors-Child safety locks Front side table Rear door Third row area Moving the lever to “LOCK” will allow the door to be opened only from the outside. Seatbelts-Shoulder belt anchor Console box Push up, or squeeze...

  • Page 16: Spare Tire & Tools, Tire Pressure Monitoring (warning) System

    Four-wheel drive models If the tire pressure indicator flashes for more than 60 seconds and then remains on, take the vehicle to your local Toyota dealer. Note: The warning light may come on due to temperature changes or changes in tire pressure from natural air leakage. If the system has not (1) Remove the lid.

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    CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CENTER 1-800-331-4331 Printed in U.S.A. 4/09 08-TCS-03079 00505-QRG10-SIE...

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