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CP 059 MD (X) AUS
CP 859 MT (X) AUS
Mixed cooker
Instructions for use and installation

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    CP 059 MD (X) AUS CP 859 MT (X) AUS Mixed cooker Instructions for use and installation...

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Congratulations on choosing an Ariston appliance, which you will find is dependable and easy to use. We recommend that you read this manual for best performance and to extend the life of your appliance. Thank you. 1. This appliance has been designed for private, non- 8.

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    COOKER DESCRIPTION CP 059 MD (X) AUS CP 859 MT (X) AUS fig.1 A Auxiliary gas burner B Semi-rapid gas burner C Rapid gas burner DC-DR gas burner/Triple ring gas burner E Ignitor for Gas Burners F Safety Device - Activates if the flame accidentally goes out (spills, drafts, etc.), interrupting the supply of gas to the burner.

  • Page 4: Instructions For Use

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Gas burners Burner ø Pan Diameter (cm) On the control panel, the following symbols are indicated A.Auxiliary 6 – 14 around each knob "M" or on the knob itself: Cock B.Semi-rapid 15 – 20 C.Rapid 21 – 26 I.Triple ring 24 –...

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    THE "MAXIOVEN" • Grill operation: a high heat output is used for grilling, so The oven gives nine different heating element combinations; that the surface of the food is immediately browned; this so the most suitable type of cooking for each dish can is particularly indicated for meats which should remain therefore be chosen, with convincing results.

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    HOW TO KEEP YOUR OVEN IN SHAPE cleaning. It is also a good idea to dry any water spills; Important: The appliance should be disconnected from • Never line the bottom of the oven with aluminium foil the mains supply before starting cleaning operations. because the buildup of heat will not only impede the To ensure a long life cycle for the appliance, it is essential cooking process, but could also damage the enamel.

  • Page 7: Cooking Tips

    COOKING TIPS Cooking times may vary according to the nature of the foods, their homogeneity and their volume. When cooking a certain food for the first time, it is advisable to choose the lowest values in the cooking time range given in the table and then increase them if necessary.

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    TIMER The programmer makes it possible to preset the oven and When "auto" is lighted, it indicates that the length and end the grill in terms of: cooking time have been preset to operate in automatic • delay start with a preset length of time for cooking; mode.

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    INSTALLATION The following instructions are provided for qualified installers so that they may accomplish installation, fig.7 adjustment and technical maintenance operations correctly and in compliance with current regulations and standards. Important: the appliance should be disconnected from the mains electricity supply before any adjustment, maintenance, etc.

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    INSTALLATION Gas supply connection • Check that the appliance is set for the type of gas available and then connect it to the mains gas piping or the gas cylinder in compliance with current regulations and standards. • This appliance is designed and set to work with the gas indicated on the label situated on the actual hob.

  • Page 11: Electrical Connection

    0.80 2.75 Medium Burner 1.10 0.64 2.75 Small Burner 0.80 0.50 2.75 Total NHGC (only for CP 059 MD AUS) 42.4 42.0 Total NHGC (only for CP 859 MT AUS) 38.6 38.5 Oven size width mm. 590 depth mm. 385 Height mm.

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    Merloni Elettrodomestici...

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